Monday, October 27, 2008

A Tribute To Jorg Haider

Here is a scene from Little Nicky:

Neo Nazi Jorg Haider, like many of his followers, had no problem getting hammered behind the wheel. And like many of his followers, he dealt with his homosexual urges by transferring his hate for himself, by hating Jews and non whites.
Apparently, his fatal crash followed a visit to a gay bar. It makes sense that he was mellowing out in his later years, by directly acknowledging he was gay, thus he had less reason to hate himself and transfer that hate outwards.

This is funny. Over at Bill White's website ( there is a lot of speculation that John De Nugent is gay. Read the comments.

Please note: I feel very strongly that people are born gay, and most gays deal with it by being themselves. There are those who resent the urges they are born with and some deal with that by irrationally hating other groups.

Speaking of Bill White and his web site, White (see recent blog post) has been arrested and jailed without bond for allegedly threatening a juror on his web site.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jewish Voters Make A Judeophobes Look Stupid, Not That They Need Help

Reading Joooo paranoid internet circus freak's blogs, their websites, and watching their Youtube videos, one would think that the majority of Jews must think the same way that the Talmud taught them to think (I'm really cracking up while I'm typing this). Of course, evidence is never on the JPICF's side:

Jewish Voters Favor Obama Over McCain, 57-30 percent; Many Undecided

September 25, 2008 – New York – With less than six weeks to go to Election Day, American Jewish voters favor Senator Barack Obama over Senator John McCain for U.S. president by a margin of 57-30 percent. At the same time, an unexpectedly large number, 13 percent, remain undecided about their vote, according to a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey.

Regarding the vice-presidential candidates, 73 percent of American Jews “approve” of Obama’s selection of Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate, 15 percent “disapprove,” and 13 percent are “not sure.” In contrast, 54 percent of American Jews “disapprove” of McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, 37 percent “approve,” and 9 percent are “not sure.”

AJC’s Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion is the first national poll of Jewish voters since the Democratic and Republican conventions. In addition to questions about the November elections, the survey also gauged the views of American Jews on a variety of other issues.

The complete AJC survey, carried out annually since 1997, is available at

Asked which “one issue would you most like the candidates for president to discuss,” 54 percent of American Jews answer “economy,” 11 percent “health care,” 6 percent “war in Iraq,” 5 percent “energy” and “terrorism,” 3 percent “Israel,” 2 percent “immigration,” “education,” “taxes,” and “social security,” and 1 percent “Supreme Court nominations.”

On the energy issue, 75 percent of American Jews favor developing alternative energy sources as the best way for the U.S. to handle its energy needs.

In terms of party affiliation, 56 percent of American Jews identify as Democrats, 17 percent as Republicans, and 25 percent as Independents.

Among Jewish Democrats, 81 percent favor Obama for president, while 84 percent of Jewish Republicans favor McCain. The Independents are evenly divided, with 41 percent supporting McCain and 39 percent Obama.

Differences between Orthodox and non-Orthodox are pronounced in the support given the presidential candidates.

Thus, Obama has the support of 13 percent of Orthodox Jews, as against 59 percent of Conservative Jews, 62 percent of Reform Jews, and 61 percent of the “Just Jewish.”

Conversely, McCain draws 78 percent of Orthodox Jews, as against 26 percent of Conservative Jews, 27 percent of Reform Jews, and 26 percent of the “Just Jewish.”

Jewish women (60 percent) are more likely than Jewish men (54 percent) to support Obama. Conversely, Jewish men (35 percent) are more likely than Jewish women (25 percent) to support McCain.

On the question of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, 42 percent of American Jews support the U.S. taking military action against Iran, while 47 percent are opposed.

Regarding the Arab-Israeli peace process, 56 percent of American Jews do not think “there will come a time when Israel and its Arab neighbors will be able to settle their differences and live in peace;” 38 percent think such a time will come.

A majority, 68 percent, think that Israel cannot achieve peace with a Hamas-led Palestinian government, while 22 percent think Israel can.

The AJC survey was conducted by Synovate (formerly Market Facts), a leading survey-research organization. 914 American Jews were interviewed by telephone between September 8-21, 2008. The margin of error for the sample as a whole is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Problem for Joooo haters is that Joooos pretty much have the same worries and goals collectively as the rest of Western civilization. This is what makes the Joooo hater irrational. The Joooo hater invents a Jooooish boogeyman, one that does not exist.