Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Curtis Maynard, Whatever Happened To Free Speech?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
No More Comments at Curt Maynard's Blog

Sadly I've decided to remove commentary from my blog. The reason for this is that ADL and SPLC activists associated with the Bacon Eating Atheist Jew are spending an inordinate amount of time posting comments that distort the meaning and purpose of the articles on this site.

It isn't a happy coincidence that most of their attention has been spent spreading their lies on the post "There's The Big Lie And Then There's The Really Big Lie," an article I wrote some time ago proving that when Adolf Hitler wrote about the "Big Lie," he wasn't advocating its use, but was instead describing how Jews use the "Big Lie" when they are spreading lies and disinformation.

If you have a hard time understanding how this could be true, you haven't seen this information HERE. [It isn't necessary to resort to lies when facts and the truth work better].


Wow Curtis, I didn't realize that I was associated with the ADL or the SPLC. I even had to look up what the SPLC is, and I'm thinking you mean the Southern Poverty Law Center. Honestly, I've never heard of that organization before. Your tin foil hat takes you to unbelievable places Curtis. Too much meth?

Curis, you have to get over the fact that your ilk is not liked by a whole lot of people. Live with it. I know you need to make stuff up to keep your fantasy world intact, but rational human beings either laugh or shake their heads in contempt at your idiocy and paranoia.

Oh, and your hypocrisy reigns supreme as well. On one hand you are all for free speech and free Ernst Zundel, yet you are denying free speech on your blog. Pretty pathetic if you asked me.

One more thing, I visited your blog today on my own, none of my operative alerted me of your post which mentions me:)

How long before enough normal people are disgusted by your blog's content, before it too gets shut down? And I have nothing to do with it by the way. I'd rather have your kind out in the open, wasting their time ranting about the Jooooish boogeyman for the world to see. It sort of makes me feel more powerful than I really am.