Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Patrick Grimm aka Putrid Grime Cracks Me Up

This guy has to be the most paranoid imbecile I've ever seen. He is getting more and paranoid each and every day. I'm still laughing at the following post:

'Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)
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By Patrick Grimm

Frank Sinatra sang these lyrics in 1954 on his watershed Capitol album “Swing Easy”:

When skies are cloudy and grey
They’re only grey for a day
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream your troubles away

Until that sunshine peeps through
There’s only one thing to do
Just wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream all your troubles away

Your castles may tumble (that’s fate after all)
Life’s really funny that way
No use to grumble, smile as they fall
Weren’t you king for a day?

Just remember that sunshine
Always follows the rain
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream your troubles away

Your castles may tumble (that’s fate after all)
Life’s really funny that way
But no need to grumble, smile as they fall
Weren’t you king for a day?

Just remember that sunshine
Always follows the rain
So wrap your troubles in dreams
And dream… dreeaaam your troubles away

These lyrics, taken on their face, sound more like the advice of a quack shrink, a head-case psychotherapist, a loopy “let go and let God” fundamentalist, a Joel Osteen run amuck or a self-medicating counselor on a Prozac bender than a cheery homily or a trite platitude. In truth, they are the words of a Jewish songwriter named Harry Barris, the uncle of game show guru, Chuck Barris, creator of such programs as the Gong Show. What is interesting about an old chestnut of a standard interpreted by probably the greatest popular singer who ever lived as he recorded the second in a series of albums which would unarguably be his high water mark as an artist? Why are these words featured on a site dealing with Jewish extremism?

Look beyond the Tony Robbins “turn lemons into lemonade”, glass half-full of Crown Royal sentiments and you basically have the attitude, the ideology of every Jewish overseer in America. The Ziogentsia has staked out a position of utter nonchalance regarding the rising anger, resentment and hostility they are creating in this country, mainly to fan the flames of anti-Jewish sentiments ever higher so that they can pick the pockets of wealthy Jewish “goer-alongs” still stoked and ardent against the rising tide of what the entry they have penned in Webster’s dictionary would define as “anti-Semitism.”

Harold Barris’ almost delusional Pollyanna lyrics, which could be seen as a “too bad-so sad” swipe at the Gentile majority, could also be read squarely as a bully who has snatched your lunch money and your new watch and who then gives you nothing but discomposure as he snidely taunts “Grin and bear it!” I am not saying that Barris intended this catchy little rhapsody to be encoded with the message stating that one should literally grin like an idiot as one’s “castles may tumble” and one’s accumulated livelihood and treasures disintegrate like a mound of rubble. But the undertone is present nonetheless, or maybe I just enjoy dissecting the mundane a little too much.

“Weren’t you king for a day?” Barris asks pointedly and Sinatra croons as smooth as a spool of silken cloth. Yes, we were kings once, for a day, if as the Bible says, a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day. The great white colossus, the great European man once was king, lord of his own house. Yet “that’s fate after all” could mean that all great empires fall in eventuality (they do and have) or that an inside force, an alien cadre helps and hurries their collapse, their implosion from within the gates and in the dark of night as the Jewish Fifth Column has struggled to do, smothering economies and producing wars for the profiteers in their ranks. Cicero crystal ball par excellence.

Oh, but there’s “no use to grumble, smile as they fall” Barris writes out, and the Chairman of the Board almost makes us inhabit the line, no matter how unlikely, with our emotions as he was wont to do with his staccato phrasing and rich tone, vibrato-riddled with pin-point artistry and vocal majesty. No, we should “smile” as everything we have constructed transforms to naught, thanks to Big Jewry’s juiced up political machinery. “Grin, Goyim, grin, or we will end you! You better fleck on that Cheshire cat, canary-down-the-gullet, briar-loving mule grin or it’s going to be curtains!” all the hosts of hellish Judaism salvo out in sync. “You better learn how to kneel and say goodbye to anything but the monochrome monstrosity we have made of your once comely earth! Your sons and daughters will worship us, and you won’t even grimace as they bend to ‘Manifest Destiny’! You aren’t even permitted that much! You will ‘smile as they fall’ before our feet! Your offspring, your institutions and your futures are ours, sunshine be damned!”

Oh, but if the Gentile notices the “rain” brought by Jewish enslavement, a nice sunny picture will be painted of the whole thing, like a fake background in an old Western television series that only mimics the look of a spanning prairie, but really only ends at a cardboard wall oil-colored up by a Bob Ross look-a-like, a red diaper baby Jew who’s actually pretty good with the shading on the canvas. It’s the Jew Tube, baby! It’s the “bread and the circuses” and the anesthetizing noise.

The Goyim cattle are lowing and the poor knaves awake, the little hoards’ exegesis, yes, they might see the snake. But this can be remedied. Our “troubles” and our disquieted hearts are to be “wrapped in dreams.” Then like a little robot you are to be programmed to “dream your troubles away” meaning you are to be filled with fantasies, shot up with lies and drugs and anything necessary to prevent you from seeing the predicament you are in. The Jews might even ship some Ecstasy out of Israel (postage due, of course) to do the job.

Even if your eyes are not blurred by the falsities and the “dreams” of TV, the kaleidoscope of mass Jewish media and the taunts and threats that follow when your thought train falls off the Jewish track, it matters not. Your own vanity or lack thereof can be played against you, your own brain will be swayed by years of programming to rebound into self-doubt, into the tried-and-untrue mores of a Judaization session assuring you that you are very, very sick, at least in a Freudian sense, for even considering the ideas you are piecemeal picking up, sometimes from lack of total blindness, sometimes from the osmosis of the vibe of Jew overreach and overkill medially (and media-ly) speaking. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Now I may be the only political dissident deconstructing Jewish-composed standards and using the Great American Songbook as ideological hay, but whether Harry Barris put together “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) as a silly, sardonic song of light-hearted buoyancy or an encrypted broadside against the Gentile Middle American majority, it makes little difference. Burrowing into what could be seen by most as the mundane is an intellectual exercise that is always worth the effort expended. It’s as satisfying as ummm, say, promising yourself to “look for the silver lining, when e’er a cloud appears in the blue. Remember somewhere the sun is shining, and so the right thing to do, is make it shine for you.” Friend, may your own intellectual journey be as joyful and eventful as mine has been.'
Yep, the Joooos have taken control of the West by using enhanced subliminal techniques like writing songs that Frank Sinatra chose to perform. Of course, Frank had no say. He was in bed with Jew controlled Hollywood, and one of his bestest friends was Sammy Davis Jr. who was such a Zionist collaborator that he converted to Judaism. Frank was bought by Organized Jewry Central like so many other icons are, and they are a big reason why us Joooos control the world.

Patrick Grimm belongs in an insane asylum. I still have a mental picture of him chain smoking Camel cigarettes while nervously shaking as he types his paranoid rantings that wind up appearing in his Zionist Watch blog.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yes folks, it seems that the Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks Patrick Grimm (Putrid Grime) and Chris Womak (Chris Wombat) have decided not to publish my comments anymore. It seems I must have ruffled their little feathers a bit too much with my blatant comments and humorous attacks at these pathetic little clowns.

Both will go on and on about how Joooos suppress free speech and how Joooos control the media and how their sites are where one can find the truth. Yes, they continually go to bat for Ernst Zundel, yet they also try to silence all intelligent rebuttal to their imbecilic posts.

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y????? But what else can you expect from these raving lunatics?

I don't mind linking their sites and mentioning their names one more time. Because Google searches for Zionist Watch and PC Apostate will bring readers here to begin with.

Click here to view the works of Chris Womak and Curtis Maynard and PC Apostate or Politically Correct Apostate.

And if you must view the paranoid rambling of the nervous wreck who calls himself Patrick Grimm, Zionist Watch can be found by clicking here.

Putrid Patrick Grime (Grimm) is still reeling as his idiotic blog got blacklisted by Google. He especially doesn't like the fact that I picture him as a nervous chain smoker who shakes by his computer while trying to take puffs from his Camel cigarettes. The Joooos made him a nervous wreck ya know. We control him.

Once again. Zionist Watch. PC Apostate. LOL.

Friday, September 7, 2007

White Supremacists Hate The Fact That All Mankind Have A Common Ancestor

I left a comment on what of the Subie Sister's Judeophobic videos on the Jews. It had something to do with me questioning "what exactly is white?" while going on to say that all humans alive today in the world are related to a common ancestor who lived in Africa between 60-150,000 years ago.

I then received this hilarious email from a guy named Trent38xx:

Look, you pig eatin', homo lickin', pimple suckin', negro yer head is the shape of an africuns lower anal cavity. You wrote on the you tube video comment about THE JEWS that we all have black rellytives. You kin lick my armpits cleen cause I ain't got no nappy heads hangin' round MY famly tree!!!
I am a pure red blooded, whiskey drinkin', moonshine makin', tobacco chewin', gun totin', city slicker hind end kicker, liberal hatin', anti-colored people, Archy Bunker lovin', flag fyin', fag fryin', mountain lovin', red blooded Christian Amurican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ain't no coloreds hidin' in my wood pile. Never bin to Africa. Never goin. I hate tigers and monkeys. Specially monkeys on welfare and lazy people who refuse to make moonshine fer a livin'. I listen to Hank Williams and I think modern country singers wear panty hose!
My God fearin' anscesters fought proudly, honestly, and bravely to steal this country frum them redskin savages.
I stanf for religious freedom jus as long as you ain't Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, or anything else outside thu true faith. Every inch of my skin is white except fer my neck which gits red frum bein' exposed every day in thu sun whiles I bail hay onto the wagon and drive the tracter.
I went to thu city one day to git a drink at wut I thought was a country bar. A black female came onto me. At first she turned my stomach. Then after a few more beers she started lookin' more like a Mexican. A few beers later she looked a bit like a Europeeean Jew. Thats when I threw her in my tyrunk. I took it home and chained it out back. Now mu goats don't stray all over the mountainside. They jus stay right there matin' with her all day. Her constant screamin' has scared all thu rats otta thu barn. Now since I am usin' her on mu property that should prove I ain't predgydiced. Most folks wouldn't let it on the property. But listen, I AM BETTER THIN MU GOATS! I'd never poke it. I ain't NEVER poked no animal (well maybe a sheep once when growin' up but I was drinkin' and walkin' in mu sleep so that don't count).
No I ain't frum no Afreeca. Mu blood is mountain blood and no monkeys ever shook the coconuts in MY family tree. So you go out and find yerself a pet porch monkey iffin ya want BUT DON'T PROOJECT YER ANIMAL LUSTS OVER ONTO ME!!!!!
I am not black, yellow, or red. I AM AMURICAN!!!!!!!!!


This was by far the funniest email I've ever received. I don't know if this guy is in tune with whitiness so much that he can laugh at it, or if this guy just lampooning whitey. I checked his Favorites on Youtube the day I got the email, and outside finding the 3 videos by the Subies on the Jews, the rest of the videos are a collection of the most provocative sex videos (hot chick vids) that Youtube allows.

Oh, and speaking of the Subies, it seems Youtube pulled The Jews and The Jews 2. The Jews 3 remains......for now. Poor backward hick, Susan Purtee.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Judeophobic Sister On Youtube Is A Cop

In a recent post I showed how ridiculous a couple of Judeophobic sisters were. I didn't have to say much, the video I posted did all the talking for me.

Well it turns out that one of the sisters is Susan L. Purtee. As is turns out, she is a patrol cop with the Columbus police force.

The sisters post on Youtube as the Subie Sisters aka The Patriot Dames.

Purtee has been a cop now for 15 years and is apparently close to retirement and a pension. Why she was hired in the first place is a mystery. Back in 1991 the following report was made:

"Undependable, walks off the job (quits) when things don't go her way; job history is deplorable, has not had a steady job for any length of time; several references of insubordination. She claims that she has had so many jobs because she doesn't like direction…

"Has worked 20 years and has nothing to show for it (heavily in debt)," he continued. "Applicant is shallow and does not accept criticism well."

The board's opinion, dated July 31, 1991, was unanimous: Purtee was not acceptable.

On Nov. 10, records show, the city hired her anyway.

She was 100th in her class of 116 at St. Francis DeSales High School, and at the time of her interview was driving an uninsured car.

"Seems to use poor judgment on big decisions," wrote Kim Jacobs, now a division commander.

"Does not like people telling her what to do," wrote Lt. Rickert M. Shewring. "Very opinionated. Is judgmental about people."

Board members noted that she had married and divorced twice, once to a man 32 years her senior and then to a man she met at her first husband's funeral who "left country due to immigration problems," in the words of one reviewer.

After a year of marriage, that husband borrowed all of Purtee's money, $1,500, and left the country because he didn't have his green card, the background report said. They divorced in 1986.

I don't understand why this hasn't made cable news or network news yet. I thought, according to the Subie sisters at least, that the Joooos controlled the media:)

The Utube Blog reports that Purtee has been reassigned to a desk job for now and offers the following opinion about Purtee and free speech:

Analysis: I was interviewed yesterday by a local radio station about whether the officer can be disciplined or whether her speech is protected by the First Amendment. The short answer is: Under Supreme Court case law, I believe the Columbus Police Department can discipline Officer Purtee — even fire her — without any First Amendment problem. (I can’t speak to the City’s internal employee regulations or code of conduct.)

The test under the First Amendment for speech by a public employee is twofold: (1) “Whether the employee spoke as a citizen on a matter of public concern,” and (2) if so, “whether the government entity had an adequate justification for treating the employee differently from any other member of the general public,” such as restricting “speech that has some potential to affect the entity’s operations.” Garcetti v. Ceballos, 126 S. Ct. 1951, 1958 (2006).

In this case, it’s at least debatable whether the speech in the videos involve a “matter of public concern.” If they don’t, then there’s no First Amendment claim for the public employee. But even if they do involve matters of public concern, the government has discretion to restrict speech that has some potential to affect the entity’s operations. In this case, the Columbus Police Department would have a very strong basis to conclude that racially incendiary videos disseminated by a police officer — even while off-duty — can undermine the public’s trust and confidence in the police department, and in the fair and equal administration of law enforcement. Courts would give a lot of leeway to the police department in this kind of case.

In an audio available at the Vanguard News Network. One idiot white supremacist admits to be in contact with Purtee by email, and stated that in the near future he expects the Subie Sisters to be featured on the network. Vanguard's motto "No Jews, Just Right."

What do you think about Purtee still being on the force?

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Picture courtesy of PC Apostate. Thanks Chris.