Monday, October 27, 2008

A Tribute To Jorg Haider

Here is a scene from Little Nicky:

Neo Nazi Jorg Haider, like many of his followers, had no problem getting hammered behind the wheel. And like many of his followers, he dealt with his homosexual urges by transferring his hate for himself, by hating Jews and non whites.
Apparently, his fatal crash followed a visit to a gay bar. It makes sense that he was mellowing out in his later years, by directly acknowledging he was gay, thus he had less reason to hate himself and transfer that hate outwards.

This is funny. Over at Bill White's website ( there is a lot of speculation that John De Nugent is gay. Read the comments.

Please note: I feel very strongly that people are born gay, and most gays deal with it by being themselves. There are those who resent the urges they are born with and some deal with that by irrationally hating other groups.

Speaking of Bill White and his web site, White (see recent blog post) has been arrested and jailed without bond for allegedly threatening a juror on his web site.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jewish Voters Make A Judeophobes Look Stupid, Not That They Need Help

Reading Joooo paranoid internet circus freak's blogs, their websites, and watching their Youtube videos, one would think that the majority of Jews must think the same way that the Talmud taught them to think (I'm really cracking up while I'm typing this). Of course, evidence is never on the JPICF's side:

Jewish Voters Favor Obama Over McCain, 57-30 percent; Many Undecided

September 25, 2008 – New York – With less than six weeks to go to Election Day, American Jewish voters favor Senator Barack Obama over Senator John McCain for U.S. president by a margin of 57-30 percent. At the same time, an unexpectedly large number, 13 percent, remain undecided about their vote, according to a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey.

Regarding the vice-presidential candidates, 73 percent of American Jews “approve” of Obama’s selection of Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate, 15 percent “disapprove,” and 13 percent are “not sure.” In contrast, 54 percent of American Jews “disapprove” of McCain’s selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, 37 percent “approve,” and 9 percent are “not sure.”

AJC’s Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion is the first national poll of Jewish voters since the Democratic and Republican conventions. In addition to questions about the November elections, the survey also gauged the views of American Jews on a variety of other issues.

The complete AJC survey, carried out annually since 1997, is available at

Asked which “one issue would you most like the candidates for president to discuss,” 54 percent of American Jews answer “economy,” 11 percent “health care,” 6 percent “war in Iraq,” 5 percent “energy” and “terrorism,” 3 percent “Israel,” 2 percent “immigration,” “education,” “taxes,” and “social security,” and 1 percent “Supreme Court nominations.”

On the energy issue, 75 percent of American Jews favor developing alternative energy sources as the best way for the U.S. to handle its energy needs.

In terms of party affiliation, 56 percent of American Jews identify as Democrats, 17 percent as Republicans, and 25 percent as Independents.

Among Jewish Democrats, 81 percent favor Obama for president, while 84 percent of Jewish Republicans favor McCain. The Independents are evenly divided, with 41 percent supporting McCain and 39 percent Obama.

Differences between Orthodox and non-Orthodox are pronounced in the support given the presidential candidates.

Thus, Obama has the support of 13 percent of Orthodox Jews, as against 59 percent of Conservative Jews, 62 percent of Reform Jews, and 61 percent of the “Just Jewish.”

Conversely, McCain draws 78 percent of Orthodox Jews, as against 26 percent of Conservative Jews, 27 percent of Reform Jews, and 26 percent of the “Just Jewish.”

Jewish women (60 percent) are more likely than Jewish men (54 percent) to support Obama. Conversely, Jewish men (35 percent) are more likely than Jewish women (25 percent) to support McCain.

On the question of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, 42 percent of American Jews support the U.S. taking military action against Iran, while 47 percent are opposed.

Regarding the Arab-Israeli peace process, 56 percent of American Jews do not think “there will come a time when Israel and its Arab neighbors will be able to settle their differences and live in peace;” 38 percent think such a time will come.

A majority, 68 percent, think that Israel cannot achieve peace with a Hamas-led Palestinian government, while 22 percent think Israel can.

The AJC survey was conducted by Synovate (formerly Market Facts), a leading survey-research organization. 914 American Jews were interviewed by telephone between September 8-21, 2008. The margin of error for the sample as a whole is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Problem for Joooo haters is that Joooos pretty much have the same worries and goals collectively as the rest of Western civilization. This is what makes the Joooo hater irrational. The Joooo hater invents a Jooooish boogeyman, one that does not exist.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Get My Share Of Lunatics Visiting Here

Originally posted on my main blog The Atheist Jew.

I'd like to think that most of my readers are as sane and rational as myself. In fact, I know this is the case because I do read the blogs that have me on their blogrolls.

But I do have nuts that visit. And some of them are so "impressed/shocked/disgusted/etc." by my postings that they write a post about me or at least quote me in their posts.

My site meter is a good source to see if I'm being mentioned, as sometimes I see a few hits from a site I'm not familiar with or a site I normally never get any hits from.
Lots of times a post of mine is linked in a message board. Heck, that is why I blog in the first place. I want to be read by as many people as possible.

I also do a Google Blog search every few days of "atheist Jew." Sometimes I find blogs that have no following write about me (thus no site meter hits), or someone who mentions me but doesn't link to my blog.

Recently, just in the last few days, I've become really popular amongst the nutters.

First, this 9/11 denying nut bar who has a blog named The State Of The Mind (Spreading the Truth about God) dedicated a post to me called 'The Stupidity of "the Atheist Jew"'

Here is what his main gripe is:

Now wait a minute. First of all, there’s no reason to capitalize “Gods,” because “gods” is not a proper noun. Second of all, where exactly do we get the rule that someone is “Jewish” if their mother is Jewish? From Judaism! But what is that to someone who doesn’t believe in Judaism? By accepting this definition of a Jew, he is accepting Judaism as a valid religion, because there is no reason for a non-Jew to accept this definition of a Jew. What an idiot.

I hate atheist pseudo-Jews. I told you: it’s the bacon-eating, Sabbath-violating, don’t-know-much-about-Judaism “Jews” that are the problem; not the real Jews, or those who sympathize with the real Jews. And of course, he’s Leftist in his views. Surprise me not.

Of course, my attempt to explain (in his comment section which he conveniently edited to suit himself) how the concept of an atheist Jew is completely valid was just wilfully denied by this yo yo.

Honestly, I don't think there are too many atheist Jews out there who do not acknowledge themselves as being ethnic Jews. Even by almost every definition, the world, most rabbis, Webster's, Jew haters, my neighbours, and even my God believing family members and friends, I will be a Jew from the day I was born until the day I die.

Even Richard Dawkins recently called himself a cultural Christian. So I think he gets it too.

Lets move on. I recently got a mention from this guy:

'Bill White, is the self-appointed leader of the American National Socialist Workers' Party and the administrator of the antisemitic (and racist) website'

He quoted me in a post named Breaking White Nationalism's Rules. You can almost sympathize with this kook as he seems to realize that he and his ilk have no following. Here is my quote he uses:

The reason you feel censored is because you have no audience.”

I was talking about a different white separatist/supremacist, but you can paint them all with one brush in this instance.

He did say something that I found really funny (funny that it is true and funny that he actually realizes it and doesn't just say to himself, "what the hell am I doing with my life?"):

"I see the morons that compose the “white nationalist” “movement” in this country and I just hand my head in shame that someone might mistake my views for having something in common with them. As I reflected this evening, waiting outside the home of a recalcitrant tenant to collect their paycheck from them when they got home from work, it occurred to me that I’ve done three things wrong in relating to other white-ish activists:

1) I’ve rejected lunacy;

2) I’ve rejected homosexuality;

3) I’ve rejected pedophilia.

If you combine the last two into “queerness”, I’ve only done two things wrong, but with the same effect.

What I have come to realize, having sat in meetings of everything from communists to Democrats to Republicans to white nationalists to all sorts of bizarre offshoots, is that most people who get involved in political groups, regardless of stripe, are lunatics. The question is just whether their lunacy is useful to the people in power, as to how far they get with it. Most rank and file members of the two major parties are as crazy as communists and white nationalists, and one only has to read the DailyKos or FreeRepublic to know it.

What I’ve also come to realize is that by rejecting lunatics and sexual deviants I have written off perhaps two thirds of the white movement right off the top.

He seems somewhat intelligent, but he is totally out to lunch when it comes to his outlook of Jews. You have to wonder what made him turn out that way.

He came to the realization that John de Nugent is a lunatic, maybe he is intelligent enough to look in his own mirror and give himself a slap in the face when it comes to scapegoating Jews. I sum up the insanity of the Judeophobe in this post on my other blog, Judeophobe Watch.

Finally, The Jewish Conspiracy Exposed has written a post about me called "Jewish blogger claims that Judeophobic web sites don't allow critique in their blogs, has all comments moderated by Jewish admin"

This person is a real conspiracy believing nut case:

'Oddly Jews always manage to accuse Goyims of crimes that they do themselves. Now this one Jewish blogger claims that anti-Semites never let God’s chosen ones to refute their claims. But truth is that you cannot see any real critique of Israel or Jews in MSM, which is owned by Jews. But when you visit few blogs and forums that allow

Actually you can go to and be a Jew and debunk, refute, chastise and debate with them. I have no moderation at all in this blog, only spam filter that might caught suspicious postings. But this Jew who says that anti-Semites don’t let Jews to debunk is just typical Ghetto Jews, full of Jewish lies. Jews have given me death threats thru my comments, and I didn’t start to moderate comments. I think it’s good that kikes will post to my blog, and then people will see what soulless creatures they really are.'

I pointed out many anti-semitic web sites that don't allow my comments. I also explained why I used comment moderation for the longest time.

Like him, but for different reasons obviously:), I like it when I get nutters to comment on my blogs, and I always publish them as long as they are on topic. These whackjobs make for excellent entertainment, and I want as many people as possible to be informed they actually exist, and get entertained at the same time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Curtis Maynard Admits He Has The Mind Of A Nine Year Old Girl

If you don't believe me, check this out. Read about him gloating about his life long mental abuse of his daughter: turning the poor girl into an irrational hating machine; a chip off the ole block.

I wonder if Curtis' dad mentally abused him too.

Honestly, Maynard and his crowd of Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks resemble nothing more than little kids who never grew up.

Their obsession with skin colour is beyond ridiculous. White Power? Why not Pink Power. Their skin is pink in most cases. To put emphasis on skin colour is so freakin silly.

Skin colour doesn't make for ideology. Neither does ethnicity. But these children are too obsessed to get it.

Joooos, who rule their minds in most cases, have very little in common with each other.
There are Orthodox Joooos, Reform Joooos, Atheist Joooos, etc.

There are Joooos who vote Republican, and those who vote Democrat. There are those who don't vote.

There is no Jooooish ideology.

Too bad for Curtis and his buddies, he will waste his entire life on his obsession. Curtis is a mere child who never grew up. Feel sorry for him, if anything, and pity his poor daughter.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's The Jews, Stupid

"The uniqueness of anti-Semitism lies in the fact that no other people in the world have ever been charged simultaneously with alienation from society and with cosmopolitanism, with being capitalistic exploiters and also revolutionary communist advocators. The Jews were accused of having an imperious mentality, at the same time they're a people of the book. They're accused of being militant aggressors, at the same time as being cowardly pacifists. With being a Chosen people, and also having an inferior human nature. With both arrogance and timidity. With both extreme individualism and community adherence. With being guilty of the crucifixion of Jesus and at the same time held to account for the invention of Christianity."

- A speech about the irrationality of anti-Semitism
by professor Michael Curtis, of Rutgers University, 1987

Reminder to self: Never shake hands with Curtis Maynard. Smelly armpit sweat bacteria can be contagious.

Symptoms of Judeophobia - Fear of Jews:
breathlessness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, heart palpitations, inability to speak or think clearly, a fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, a sensation of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack.

You are not the only one to suffer from this phobia. Most sufferers are surprised to learn that they are far from alone in this surprisingly common, although often unspoken, phobia.

Judeophobia is an intense fear of something that poses no actual danger. While adults with Judeophobia realize that these fears are irrational, they often find that facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety.

There is a Way Out

Imagine what your life will be like when you know that you are not "defective". When you can be confident and at ease in situations where you used to feel your phobia. And when you can talk about your former fear symptoms as though you are describing a movie where the character is someone else, not you.

Treatment Options


Hypnotherapy helps to reprogram your subconscious "programs" that may be part of your fear. When these programs are "de-bugged" the symptoms of Judeophobia often are minimized. However, some people don't like the feeling of loss of control in allowing someone else to play with their personal "software". Hypnotherapy is save and works fast.

Hypnotherapy Solutions

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is basically the study and practice of how we create our reality. From the NLP viewpoint, a phobia is the result of your programs or "constructs" that you have created that don't work very well. With NLP, these constructs are revealed and "re-programmed" so that the Judeophobia is minimized and often eliminated. Usually the interventions are quite rapid and effective.

NLP Solutions

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is emerging as an excellent therapy for fears and phobias because in studies it is shown to be rapid, safe, effective and long-lasting. It is based on a theory and practice that has been around for a couple of thousand years. It has the same foundation or roots as acupuncture, except in this case there are no needles used. You could call it emotional acupuncture - without the needles. Recent scientific studies have shown it to be very effective.

Energy Psychology combines the benefits of the above treatment therapies.

* You quickly and easily change your behaviors.
* Your thought patterns change, often very quickly.
* You are able to relax.
* You develop skills and techniques that are useful for a lifetime in all situations.

A Dialog About Anti-Semitism by Sam Vaknin

Rabid anti-Semitism, coupled with inane and outlandish conspiracy theories of world dominion, is easy to counter and dispel. It is the more "reasoned", subtle, and stealthy variety that it pernicious. "No smoke without fire," - say people - "there must be something to it!".

In this dialog I try to deconstruct a "mild" anti-Semitic text. I myself wrote the text - not an easy task considering my ancestry (a Jew) and my citizenship (an Israeli). But to penetrate the pertinent layers - historical, psychological, semantic, and semiotic - I had to "enter the skin" of "rational", classic anti-Semites, to grasp what makes them click and tick, and to think and reason like them.

I dedicated the last few months to ploughing through reams of anti-Semitic tracts and texts. Steeped in more or less nauseating verbal insanity and sheer paranoia, I emerged to compose the following.

The Anti-Semite:

The rising tide of anti-Semitism the world over is universally decried. The proponents of ant-Semitism are cast as ignorant, prejudiced, lawless, and atavistic. Their arguments are dismissed off-handedly.

But it takes one Jew to really know another. Conditioned by millennia of persecution, Jews are paranoid, defensive, and obsessively secretive. It is impossible for a gentile - whom they hold to be inferior and reflexively hostile - to penetrate their counsels.

Let us examine anti-Semitic arguments more closely and in an unbiased manner:

Argument number one - Being Jewish is a racial distinction - not only a religious one

If race is defined in terms of genetic purity, then Jews are as much a race as the remotest and most isolated of the tribes of the Amazon. Genetic studies revealed that Jews throughout the world - largely due to centuries of in-breeding - share the same genetic makeup. Hereditary diseases which afflict only the Jews attest to the veracity of this discovery.

Judaism is founded on shared biology as much as shared history and customs. As a religion, it proscribes a conjugal union with non-Jews. Jews are not even allowed to partake the food and wine of gentiles and have kept their distance from the communities which they inhabited - maintaining tenaciously, through countless generations, their language, habits, creed, dress, and national ethos. Only Jews become automatic citizens of Israel (the infamous Law of Return).

The Jewish Response:

Race has been invariably used as an argument against the Jews. It is ironic that racial purists have always been the most fervent anti-Semites. Jews are not so much a race as a community, united in age-old traditions and beliefs, lore and myths, history and language. Anyone can become a Jew by following a set of clear (though, admittedly, demanding) rules. There is absolutely no biological test or restriction on joining the collective that is known as the Jewish people or the religion that is Judaism.

It is true that some Jews are differentiated from their gentile environments. But this distinction has largely been imposed on us by countless generations of hostile hosts and neighbors. The yellow Star of David was only the latest in a series of measures to isolate the Jews, clearly mark them, restrict their economic and intellectual activities, and limit their social interactions. The only way to survive was to stick together. Can you blame us for responding to what you yourselves have so enthusiastically instigated?

The Anti-Semite:

Argument number two - The Jews regard themselves as Chosen, Superior, or Pure

Vehement protestations to the contrary notwithstanding - this is largely true. Orthodox Jews and secular Jews differ, of course, in their perception of this supremacy. The religious attribute it to divine will, intellectuals to the outstanding achievements of Jewish scientists and scholars, the modern Israeli is proud of his invincible army and thriving economy. But they all share a sense of privilege and commensurate obligation to civilize their inferiors and to spread progress and enlightenment wherever they are. This is a pernicious rendition of the colonial White Man's Burden and it is coupled with disdain and contempt for the lowly and the great unwashed (namely, the gentiles).

The Jewish Response:

There were precious few Jews among the great colonizers and ideologues of imperialism (Disraeli being the exception). Moreover, to compare the dissemination of knowledge and enlightenment to colonialism is, indeed, a travesty.

We, the Jews, are proud of our achievements. Show me one group of people (including the anti-Semites) who isn't? But there is an abyss between being justly proud of one's true accomplishments and feeling superior as a result. Granted, there are narcissists and megalomaniacs everywhere and among the members of any human collective. Hitler and his Aryan superiority is a good example.

The Anti-Semite:

Argument number three - Jews have divided loyalties

It is false to say that Jews are first and foremost Jews and only then are they the loyal citizens of their respective countries. Jews have unreservedly fought and sacrificed in the service of their homelands, often killing their coreligionists in the process. But it is true that Jews believe that what is good for the Jews is good for the country they reside in. By aligning the interests of their adopted habitat with their narrower and selfish agenda, Jews feel justified to promote their own interests to the exclusion of all else and all others.

Moreover, the rebirth of the Jewish State presented the Jews with countless ethical dilemmas which they typically resolved by adhering uncritically to Tel-Aviv's official line. This often brought them into direct conflict with their governments and non-Jewish compatriots and enhanced their reputation as untrustworthy and treacherous.

Hence the Jewish propensity to infiltrate decision-making centers, such as politics and the media. Their aim is to minimize conflicts of interests by transforming their peculiar concerns and preferences into official, if not always consensual, policy. This viral hijacking of the host country's agenda is particularly evident in the United States where the interest of Jewry and of the only superpower have become inextricable.

It is a fact - not a rant - that Jews are over-represented in certain, influential, professions (in banking, finance, the media, politics, the film industry, publishing, science, the humanities, etc.). This is partly the result of their emphases on education and social upward mobility. But it is also due to the tendency of well-placed Jews to promote their brethren and provide them with privileged access to opportunities, funding, and jobs.

The Jewish Response:

Most modern polities are multi-ethnic and multi-cultural (an anathema to anti-Semites, I know). Every ethnic, religious, cultural, political, intellectual, and economic or business group tries to influence policy-making by various means. This is both legitimate and desirable. Lobbying has been an integral and essential part of democracy since it was invented in Athens 2500 years ago. The Jews and Israelis are no exception.

Jews are, indeed, over-represented in certain professions in the United States. But they are under-represented in other, equally important, vocations (for instance, among company CEOs, politicians, diplomats, managers of higher education institutions, and senior bankers). Globally, Jews are severely under-represented or not-existent in virtually all professions due to their demography (aging population, low birth-rates, unnatural deaths in wars and slaughters).

The Anti-Semite:

Argument number four - Jews act as a cabal or mafia

There is no organized, hierarchical, and centralized worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Rather the Jews act in a manner similar to al-Qaida: they freelance and self-assemble ad hoc in cross-border networks to tackle specific issues. Jewish organizations - many in cahoots with the Israeli government - serve as administrative backup, same as some Islamic charities do for militant Islam. The Jews' ability and readiness to mobilize and act to further their plans is a matter of record and the source of the inordinate influence of their lobby organizations in Washington, for instance.

When two Jews meet, even randomly, and regardless of the disparities in their background, they immediately endeavor to see how they can further each other's interests, even and often at the expense of everyone else's.

Still, the Jewish diaspora, now two millennia old, is the first truly global phenomenon in world affairs. Bound by a common history, a common set of languages, a common ethos, a common religion, common defenses and ubiquitous enemies - Jews learned to closely cooperate in order to survive.

No wonder that all modern global networks - from Rothschild to Reuters - were established by Jews. Jews also featured prominently in all the revolutionary movements of the past three centuries. Individual Jews - though rarely the Jewish community as a whole - seem to benefit no matter what.

When Czarist Russia collapsed, Jews occupied 7 out of 10 prominent positions in both the Kerensky (a Jew himself) government and in the Lenin and early Stalin administrations. When the Soviet Union crumbled, Jews again benefited mightily. Three quarters of the famous "oligarchs" (robber barons) that absconded with the bulk of the defunct empire's assets were - you guessed it - Jews.

The Jewish Response:

Ignoring the purposefully inflammatory language for a minute, what group does not behave this way? Harvard alumni, the British Commonwealth, the European Union, the Irish or the Italians in the United States, political parties the world over ... As long as people co-operate legally and for legal ends, without breaching ethics and without discriminating against deserving non-members - what is wrong with that?

The Anti-Semite:

Argument number five - The Jews are planning to take over the world and establish a world government

This is the kind of nonsense that discredits a serious study of the Jews and their role in history, past and present. Endless lists of prominent people of Jewish descent are produced in support of the above contention. Yet, governments are not the mere sum of their constituent individuals. The dynamics of power subsist on more than the religious affiliation of office-holders, kingmakers, and string-pullers.

Granted, Jews are well introduced in the echelons of power almost everywhere. But this is still a very far cry from a world government. Neither were Jews prominent in any of the recent moves - mostly by the Europeans - to strengthen the role of international law and attendant supranational organizations.

The Jewish Response:

What can I say? I agree with you. I would only like to set the record straight by pointing out the fact that Jews are actually under-represented in the echelons of power everywhere (including in the United States). Only in Israel - where they constitute an overwhelming majority - do Jews run things.

The Anti-Semite:

Argument number six - Jews are selfish, narcissistic, haughty, double-faced, dissemblers. Zionism is an extension of this pathological narcissism as a colonial movement

Judaism is not missionary. It is elitist. But Zionism has always regarded itself as both a (19th century) national movement and a (colonial) civilizing force. Nationalist narcissism transformed Zionism into a mission of acculturation ("White Man's Burden").

In "Altneuland" (translated to Hebrew as "Tel Aviv"), the feverish tome composed by Theodore Herzl, Judaism's improbable visionary - Herzl refers to the Arabs as pliant and compliant butlers, replete with gloves and tarbushes. In the book, a German Jewish family prophetically lands at Jaffa, the only port in erstwhile Palestine. They are welcomed and escorted by "Briticized" Arab gentlemen's gentlemen who are only too happy to assist their future masters and colonizers to disembark.

This age-old narcissistic defence - the Jewish superiority complex - was only exacerbated by the Holocaust.

Nazism posed as a rebellion against the "old ways" - against the hegemonic culture, the upper classes, the established religions, the superpowers, the European order. The Nazis borrowed the Leninist vocabulary and assimilated it effectively. Hitler and the Nazis were an adolescent movement, a reaction to narcissistic injuries inflicted upon a narcissistic (and rather psychopathic) toddler nation-state. Hitler himself was a malignant narcissist, as Fromm correctly noted.

The Jews constituted a perfect, easily identifiable, embodiment of all that was "wrong" with Europe. They were an old nation, they were eerily disembodied (without a territory), they were cosmopolitan, they were part of the establishment, they were "decadent", they were hated on religious and socio-economic grounds (see Goldhagen's "Hitler's Willing Executioners"), they were different, they were narcissistic (felt and acted as morally superior), they were everywhere, they were defenseless, they were credulous, they were adaptable (and thus could be co-opted to collaborate in their own destruction). They were the perfect hated father figure and parricide was in fashion.

The Holocaust was a massive trauma not because of its dimensions - but because Germans, the epitome of Western civilization, have turned on the Jews, the self-proclaimed missionaries of Western civilization in the Levant and Arabia. It was the betrayal that mattered. Rejected by East (as colonial stooges) and West (as agents of racial contamination) alike - the Jews resorted to a series of narcissistic responses reified by the State of Israel.

The long term occupation of territories (metaphorical or physical) is a classic narcissistic behavior (of "annexation" of the other). The Six Days War was a war of self defence - but the swift victory only exacerbated the grandiose fantasies of the Jews. Mastery over the Palestinians became an important component in the psychological makeup of the nation (especially the more rightwing and religious elements) because it constitutes "Narcissistic Supply".

The Jewish Response:

Happily, sooner or later most anti-Semitic arguments descend into incoherent diatribe. This dialog is no exception.

Zionism was not conceived out of time. It was born in an age of colonialism, Kipling's "white man's burden", and Western narcissism. Regrettably, Herzl did not transcend the political discourse of his period. But Zionism is far more than Altneuland. Herzl died in 1904, having actually been deposed by Zionists from Russia who espoused ideals of equality for all, Jews and non-Jews alike.

The Holocaust was an enormous trauma and a clarion call. It taught the Jews that they cannot continue with their historically abnormal existence and that all the formulas for accommodation and co-existence failed. There remained only one viable solution: a Jewish state as a member of the international community of nations.

The Six Days War was, indeed, a classic example of preemptive self-defense. Its outcomes, however, deeply divide Jewish communities everywhere, especially in Israel. Many of us believe that occupation corrupts and reject the Messianic and millennial delusions of some Jews as dangerous and nefarious.

Perhaps this is the most important thing to remember:

Like every other group of humans, though molded by common experience, Jews are not a monolith. There are liberal Jews and orthodox Jews, narcissists and altruists, unscrupulous and moral, educated and ignorant, criminals and law-abiding citizens. Jews, in other words, are like everyone else. Can we say the same about anti-Semites? I wonder.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Someone Told Me Today That The Holocaust Never Happened

And since this site is getting hit by Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks at this moment, I figure I might as well post this movie:

Thanks for reminding me to remember the Holocaust.

Now this is interesting. On the recently opened up Nazi Archives, Al Jazeera English did the following piece:

I asked a person who was there once (not a Jew) why would someone would deny the Holocaust.
His answer was shame, guilt, but mostly resentment

Thursday, July 10, 2008

White Supremacists Are Turning To Islam?


There is a rumour that Curtis Maynard is a Muslim too. Hmmmm.
Hitler did say that the only religion he respected was Islam according to the freak in the video.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

As Predicted, Mark Glenn Will Only Get Nuttier As Years Go By

Yep, I guess if you are paranoid enough, you can just about "rationalize" and connect just about anything to anything. For the Paranoid Internet Circus Freaks like Mark Glenn, full moons, the sunset, and parking tickets are all tied into a vast Jooooish conspiracy.

Here is a laughable post. Too long though, but Marky does like to ramble on. Most paranoid schizophrenics do ramble.

I really like how Marky has to paint the Yearning For Zion cult as just a rebel religious group, and not one that runs completely against Western morality, in order to get the most out of vilifying the Joooos in his article. But then again, Marky wouldn't mind if there was a mosque on every street corner.

Raid on Texas Religious Community Part of New World Order Psyops? by Mark Glenn

The recent ‘raid’ on the Yearning For Zion religious community by Texas authorities was anything but an accident that just happened to ‘pop up’ out of nowhere. Likewise, the 24-7 attention paid to it by the mainstream media in the US had nothing to do with concern for the well-being of children, nor was it all the result of a slow news cycle. Rather, like most things taking place these days, it was carefully planned and executed in order to achieve maximum psychological effect on the collective American psyche. Astute Americans recognizing that there is a definite, quantifiable and qualifiable agenda at work today in corralling them (as well as their political and financial resources) by interested parties will easily see the hand of powerful forces at work here. The reasons for doing so by these forces are simple to see as well–to convey to would-be enemies of totalitarianism the subtle yet powerful message that ‘resistance is futile’ and if ‘Big Brutha wantsa getcha’ he will, and can do so with the speed and destructive power of a bolt of lightening.

The news coverage of the raid–almost in every single instance–did not hesitate in noting the many similarities between it and what took place over a decade ago in Waco, Texas when militarized federal law enforcement assets assaulted the Branch Davidian compound resulting in almost 100 men, women and children being gassed and burned to death. Besides the fact both events took place in Texas, they also involved separatist-minded religious communities living apart from a ‘corrupt’ world they saw as threatening to their way of life. Both groups were apocalyptic in their theology, pointing to the decline in public morals, the loss of constitutional freedoms and the heavy hand of God that they anticipated coming down soon upon mankind in a big way. In both cases, allegations of child molestation (as well as other out-of-the-mainstream ideas concerning marital relations) were concocted or blown out of proportion and itemized as THE defining characteristics of both groups as if nothing else took place in their communities. And, last but not least, this recent raid took place almost immediately prior to April 19th.

For those who have misplaced the significance of this date, it is one forever associated with clashes between anti-government radicals and the ‘rule of law’. Although hardly mentioned in this context, it is the day American militiamen clashed with British troops at Lexington and Concord, sparking the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ and the American Revolution. Over 200 years later, it was the date federal officials assaulted the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge Idaho, resulting in 14-year old Sammy Weaver being shot in the back and his mother Vicki having her head blown off by an FBI sniper. A few years later, the aforementioned Waco massacre took place, a mere pre-cursor to the same ‘shock and awe’ meted out against Israel’s greatest-perceived enemy in the Middle East, Iraq, and televised before the entire world. A few years later it was the day the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown to bits by one Timothy McVeigh, said to be working with ‘anti-government’ citizen paramilitary groups in the US.

Besides these striking similarities, there is something as well connecting all of these events with the recent raid in Texas, and–surprise, surprise–it just so happens to deal with powerful Zionist groups working for Israel’s interests in the United States.

In the case involving the ‘Yearning For Zion’ group in Texas (an offshoot of the large and very powerful Mormon church) Morris ‘Dees’ Seligman and his Southern Poverty Law Center recently named both the church and the church’s former leader Warren Jeffs to the SPLC’s list of ‘extremist’ elements operating in the US. The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (whose activities include spying on Americans and working closely with law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels in ‘advising’ them on who to target in the US) has publicly denounced the Mormon Church in recent years for its practice of ‘spiritually’ baptizing Jews into the church after their deaths. As an interesting side note, the now-infamous 2006 arsons of 9 Baptist churches in Alabama were preceded by the ADL’s public excoriation of the Southern Baptist Convention for its decision to specifically target Jews for proselytizing and conversion to Christianity.

It should be remembered as well that both of these groups–SPLC and the ADL–were deeply involved with ‘investigating’ the aforementioned groups and individuals prior to the events culminating on April 19th of their respective years. Randy Weaver was being ‘watched’ by SPLC for his involvement with the Aryan Nations. Dittoes with the ADL and the Branch Davidians, a fact mentioned in passing by a high-ranking ADL operative a mere few days before the assault began. (In yet another interesting side note, during the run-up to the Waco slaughter various Jewish outlets worldwide made clear their collective outrage over the fact that Branch Davidian leader David Koresh called himself the Messiah and dared to fly a flag at the Davidian compound closely resembling the flag of Israel.) A few months prior to the destruction of the Murrah Federal Building, the SPLC issued in typical screeching tones one of its infamous ‘Intelligence Reports’ warning about anti-government militias operating in the US, and, almost as if by magic, the Mossad-connected group led by Morris Dees Seligman had its dire predictions come to fruition with the detonation of a fertilizer bomb in the back of a rented Rider truck.

Although as of this moment the ‘Yearning for Zion’ church has not said anything publicly with regards to Israel and American foreign policy therewith, what makes it a target for the recent heavy-handed action is that it’s not considered ‘mainstream,’ meaning it marches to the beat of different drum. Like a growing number of Christian communities these days, the YFZ church recognizes (and operates under the conclusion) that the ruling elite are the enemy. Rather than putting their children in public schools where they are robbed of their ability to think critically and where they are taught to base their moral judgments on what the system tells them, the parents of the YFZ church homeschool their children where their minds and consciences are kept safe from the debilitating intellectual narcotic dispensed in America’s public schools.

Other events indicate the timing of this event was carefully planned for maximum effect as well. All the talk of pedophilia and dirty old men in the minute-by-minute news reports just so happened to precede the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to America. With all the trouble the Catholic church has dealt with recently regarding priest sex abuse scandals, the pope (who, based upon his opposition to George Bush’s war-mongering in the Middle East) could have been expected to give critical words to the US President was cut off at the knees before he even arrived. As a result, George Bush was spared an embarrassing lecture by a man whose opinion matters to over a billion Catholics worldwide.

Besides any embarrassing comments from the Pope being kept out of the mainstream, the saturated coverage the Texas raid received resulted in other news being kept off the front pages as well, and once again, it deals with Israel and powerful Jewish interests. In the weeks running up to the raid, a spate of shocking news stories appeared in Israel and elsewhere dealing with the same topics of pedophilia and dirty old men, the only difference being that in this case it was not Catholic priests or Mormon preachers involved but rather rabbis teaching in Yeshivas.

A few weeks before the Texas raid, a story appearing in The Age (one of Australia’s biggest newspapers) detailed a huge scandal that erupted at the Adass Israel Girls’ School involving one Malka Leifer, wife of an orthodox rabbi and a teacher at that school who fled to Israel with the school’s assistance after allegations of sexual abuse were raised. Parents of girls ranging in age from 15 and 16 reported their daughters being molested by the said female teacher. In one case one of the molested girls was so depressed she attempted suicide while another suffered from eating disorders and anxiety attacks. Interestingly, the girls at this school (as with the girls at the Texas church) have their marriages arranged by their religious leaders while they are very young and usually to much older men. Before fleeing, the fugitive teacher stole $20,000, money earned from part-time jobs done by the students and kept in a kitty. The school so far is not talking to anyone, including to the parents of the abused girls and has instructed the members of its community not to talk about the issue at all, citing the religious principle of lashon hara or malicious gossip.

Another story breaking a few weeks before the Texas raid and kept out of sight and thus out of mind involved a Brooklyn yeshiva (orthodox religious school) and its head administrator being sued for $10 million over allegations of sexual abuse by a rabbi who taught there for several decades. This present lawsuit is not the first, but rather the fifth to be filed against Yeshiva Torah Temimah and its administrator Lipa Margulies alleging sexual abuse by Rabbi Yudi Kolko. The molestations are said to date as far back the 1980s and were covered up by the school’s administrator who threatened victims into silence with clear and not-so-clear threats of retaliation.

Another story appearing in Haaretz, one of the biggest news outlets in the Jewish state details the frightening tale of Rabbi Elior Chen and his flight to Canada when it was learned he and his sect were being investigated for child abuse. Chen is said to have ordered his followers to discipline their children by beating, burning, breaking their bones with hammers, scalding them with boiling water and forcing them to eat feces. An investigation was opened when one of the children in his ‘community’ was beaten so badly he went into a coma. The paper claims Rabbi Chen chose Canada as a refuge because “Only in very exceptional cases does Canada extradite.” A short time later, another story here in the US revealed Rabbi Edward Schlaeger of Bridgeport, Ct was convicted of possessing child pornography but had his five-year prison sentence suspended, yet another embarrassing scandal for Jewish issues kept out of the mainstream as a result of the blinding, deafening news coverage concerning the events in Texas.

It is also worth mentioning that a search of the SPLC and ADL websites regarding the aforementioned cases involving Jewish sexual abuse of minors and cult-like behavior of certain Jewish religious communities turned up nothing, compared with page after page after page of detailed information concerning Christian and Muslim groups.

In sum, what all of this seems to indicate is that when it comes to Christian groups in America, subversive organizations such as the ADL and SPLC are always there, watching, listening, and slithering about as silently as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Their motto can be summed up simply as this–We’re making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice’ with regards to what is considered ‘acceptable’ dogma in Christian churches operating in America and more importantly, the ‘proper’ view of Israel. Therefore, if someone comes along with any kind of novel ideas that may in the near or not-so-near future threaten to undermine the backwards, demonic tenets of Christian Zionism, they must be crushed and made examples of lest someone else get any funny ideas.

The reason for spying on Christian groups in the US by groups such as SPLC and ADL needs no real elaboration. Christian supporters of Israel and her murderous policies in the Middle East number in the tens of millions, along with a good portion of what’s found in their wallets. Led by false prophets and Judas goats such as John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye and the late (and not-so-great) Jerry Falwell, the financial and political umbilical cord from America to Israel providing the lifeblood needed for the great experiment in Jewish self rule would wither on the vine if Christian support began to wane or disappear. Therefore, Christianity in America, in order to be considered ‘acceptable’ by Israel and her unregistered foreign agents must conform to certain dogmatic positions, a few of them being

(a) the Jews are God’s chosen people

(b) that the land of Palestine was given to them by divine mandate

(c) that the Arabs in the region resisting Israel’s murderous activities are thwarting the will of God, and

(d) that is it the duty of Christians in America to support Israel.

Any fringe groups therefore veering off the paved highway leading to Armageddon, groups that read their bibles instead of having them read to them by the likes of Hagee & Co are considered a treat to maintaining the great Zionist delusion that has rendered so many in America today blind and mad.

The message conveyed in this recent event in Texas was clear–religious groups seeking to divorce themselves from the system will have hell to pay for doing so. As the Book of the Apocalypse predicted, ‘He forced all, both free and slave, rich and poor to receive a mark on the right hand or forehead’ and without which persons or entities could not function.

Can there be little doubt then that this recent event, as well as those sure to happen in the future are but manifestations of this same system?

Marky's audience is pretty small and impotent. He appeals to the Aryan White even though is a mud to them. And of course, he appeals to hypocritical Muslims. The same Muslims who have a high likelihood of believing that Mecca is the center of the earth:
Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth.

A prominent cleric, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawy, said modern science had at last provided evidence that Mecca was the true centre of the Earth; proof, he said, of the greatness of the Muslim "qibla" - the Arabic word for the direction Muslims turn to when they pray.

Marky's audience is a bunch of brain surgeons, I tells ya. They are for the most part, as delusional as Marky himself.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Curtis Maynard, Whatever Happened To Free Speech?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
No More Comments at Curt Maynard's Blog

Sadly I've decided to remove commentary from my blog. The reason for this is that ADL and SPLC activists associated with the Bacon Eating Atheist Jew are spending an inordinate amount of time posting comments that distort the meaning and purpose of the articles on this site.

It isn't a happy coincidence that most of their attention has been spent spreading their lies on the post "There's The Big Lie And Then There's The Really Big Lie," an article I wrote some time ago proving that when Adolf Hitler wrote about the "Big Lie," he wasn't advocating its use, but was instead describing how Jews use the "Big Lie" when they are spreading lies and disinformation.

If you have a hard time understanding how this could be true, you haven't seen this information HERE. [It isn't necessary to resort to lies when facts and the truth work better].


Wow Curtis, I didn't realize that I was associated with the ADL or the SPLC. I even had to look up what the SPLC is, and I'm thinking you mean the Southern Poverty Law Center. Honestly, I've never heard of that organization before. Your tin foil hat takes you to unbelievable places Curtis. Too much meth?

Curis, you have to get over the fact that your ilk is not liked by a whole lot of people. Live with it. I know you need to make stuff up to keep your fantasy world intact, but rational human beings either laugh or shake their heads in contempt at your idiocy and paranoia.

Oh, and your hypocrisy reigns supreme as well. On one hand you are all for free speech and free Ernst Zundel, yet you are denying free speech on your blog. Pretty pathetic if you asked me.

One more thing, I visited your blog today on my own, none of my operative alerted me of your post which mentions me:)

How long before enough normal people are disgusted by your blog's content, before it too gets shut down? And I have nothing to do with it by the way. I'd rather have your kind out in the open, wasting their time ranting about the Jooooish boogeyman for the world to see. It sort of makes me feel more powerful than I really am.