Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paranoid Insanity From Another Internet Circus Freak

These clowns need to make stuff up to finger the Joooo. Anything they perceive wrong in the world is the Joooos fault. They are consistent at least: 1) Whine and bitch about something they don't like. 2) Invent reasons to blame the Joooos for it.

Here is a perfect example from Mathdoktor posted at Chris "there is a Joooo under my bed" Wombat's blog:

First of all, let it be said the multiculturalism is a euphemism for multiracialism. It was sold to Canadians [forced upon them might be a better choice of words], in a classic bait-and-switch con job, as multiculturalism among the various cultures of Europe (English, Irish, Scottish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, etc) but then morphed into the multiracialism we see today.

The following five reasons are not mutually exclusive but each contains a slightly different emphasis:

1. The Jews know that the White race is their only serious obstacle to the Talmudic dream of a one-world state under their control. They seek the displacement, marginalization, and eventual extinction of the White race.

2. In a divided land the most cohesive group will rule. Jews have a high level of racial solidarity.

3. By importing into our lands elements that are racially incompatible with Whites, the Jews hope for the class and racial divisions which will result in social chaos. This will contribute to their overall plan of divide-and-rule.

4. By reducing the White population to a minority the Jews will be able to control and/or eliminate all collective forces not aligned with their own.

5. Multiculturalism destroys a sense of National Community among Whites. It makes difficult, if not impossible, the possibility of finding living space where Whites can live, work, play, and mate among our own kind. Clubs, societies, professional associations, labor unions, schools, hospitals, etc must all, by force of law, be 'inclusive'. They must all be made multiracial. The effect of this is that it destroys our White National Community. Jews are aware of this, which is precisely why they promote it. As it says in The Protocols.

Canada's multiculturalism had nothing to do with Joooos. Canada had French, English, and Indians since the explorer days. If anything, Canada has always been a bit Joooo hostile, though it isn't anymore. And one thing is for sure Canada is not run by Joooos. Not only does Canada have very little influence on the world, Joooos have little influence in Canada.

1. There is no Talmudic dream, you imbecile. No matter how much one repeats a lie, it is still a lie.

2. Italians, Mormons, Fundy Christians, and blacks are unified as much as Jews if not more.

3. First off, Indians were in North America before whitey. Whitey imported slaves. Whitey got the ball rolling when it came to "elements that are racially incompatible with Whites." More importantly, America was settled by people of all sorts of religious backgrounds who looked to escape the religious persecution in Europe, or sought religious freedom in a new land.

4. If Jews can control the USA with a 2% population, why can't whitey control it with a majority. What is whitey's master plan? Oh yeah, The Stormfront Manifesto.
Joooos with a master plan: This is serious paranoia. It is a wonder the mental hospitals aren't full with the Mathdoktor's of the world.

I still don't see the benefits of controlling imbeciles at Stormfront. I don't want the job. Too much lawsuit potential. Every time they stub their toe, they will blame the Joooos in control.

5. The Protocols are a proven forgery. But they need to keep on with lies, because that is all they have.

Humans all come from Africa. We share common African ancestry. That is fact. What is the white culture anyway? What exactly is the difference from what a white person wants out of life and how to live, than a Jew or an Italian?

I can play the game the blame game too:

I think the whitey should ask themselves why the women that they breed are attracted to black guys. Do white women look at whitey and see an inferior man? Or do they look at blacks and see a superior man? Whitey has a flaw in their genes that causes their women to fantasize about Jungle Love. Or maybe the white culture puts so much taboo on it, that the women lust for the black man in their minds.

Maybe just watching redneck Joooo/black paranoid white boys all their lives, white women become repulsed by them and their constant whining and bitching and then seek out anyone who is different.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anti-semites Strengthen Jewish Identity and Support For Israel

David "The Prison Bitch" Duke, Curtis "Shmurtis" Maynard and his little pool boy Chris Womak, Jayne "My Life is Crap" Gardener, Paranoid Patrick Grimm, etc., are too self absorbed in their hatred and envy to notice it, but they are the glue that bonds Jews together, and strengthens support for Israel, not just by Jews, but overall by the masses.

Eugene Volokh, of The Volokh Conspiracy, recently did an excellent opinion piece, published in the Wall Street Journal, called Anti-Semitism: Good for the Jews?.

Basically, what he concludes is that moderated free speech by anti-semites actually increases support for Israel and enhances Jewish identity in light of the fact that growing assimilation (including increased secularism) in the America (the West) should create less support for Israel and less Jewish identity:

"American help for Israel--especially private help--is also undermined by any decline in American Jews' emotional connection to Israel, a decline that can stem from (1) growing assimilation, (2) a declining sense that Israel is unfairly embattled and (3) a declining sense that Jews are unfairly embattled and need Israel as a defender and retreat of last resort. Likewise, what these days most undermines the welfare of the American Jewish community as an independent community (rather than just as individual people)? My sense is that the answer is assimilation and declining sense of common fate, rather than an unwillingness to identify as Jews for fear of ostracism or violent reprisal (a fear that was more serious some decades ago).

Modest amounts of anti-Semitic speech and unfair criticism of Israel, it seems to me, can strengthen American Jews' self-identity as Jews, and thus indirectly both support the preservation of the American Jewish community as a community, and strengthen support for Israel. Feeling embattled as a group tends to strengthen group solidarity. Hearing unfair criticisms for Israel tends to strengthen the sense that Israel is unfairly embattled and deserves more support. Feeling some fear of anti-Semitism reminds American Jews of the value of preserving American Jewish institutions. And it reminds American Jews of the value of protecting Israel, in case one day American Jews may need refuge somewhere just as European Jews once did. ("Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.")

If anti-Semitic speech became too common, these community-strengthening effects may be decreased (for instance, if American Jews became afraid to be publicly identified as Jews) or might be swamped by harmful effects (again, such as violence, ostracism, discrimination or fear suffered by individual Jews). But my sense is that at modest levels, the existence of this speech in America is a net positive (not an unalloyed positive, but a net positive) both for Israel and for the American Jewish community. And we are talking these days about such modest levels, if one looks at the big picture of Jewish existence in America today."

I really liked the piece because it rationalizes why I have this blog, Judeophobe Watch. Near the end Mr. Volokh states "if you think that increasing group solidarity is on balance one important thing (either as an end or as a means), the First Amendment rights of American anti-Semites help you rather than hurt you. You shouldn't be demanding speech codes; you should be shipping in more video cameras (and of course demanding protection from violence for those who use them), and publicizing the bad speech that you find."

So to the Judeophobic Internet Circus Freaks, Israel thanks you. And I thank you too, because you keep reminding me about why Israel needs to exist and why I need to support it, even as an atheist. You also help keep the memory of the Holocaust alive by mentioning it so much.

I guess the joke is on you. Are you sure you aren't a bunch of Zionist agents?, I know you occasionally accuse your own ilk of being such. Anyway, keep up the good work stooges.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Anti-Semitism As A Moral And Intellectual Defect

I just found the following post which was translated from Spanish. It actually goes to the root of why Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks devote so much of their life obsessing about Joooos.

It is pretty clear upon reading the post that anti-semitism is in fact a pathological disorder which most likely derives in individuals who are self loathing blamers and whiners who are living a pathetic life, looking to invent a way why their lives are so shitty:

Sunday, 17 June 2007


Anti-semitism as a moral and intellectual defect

First published in O INSURGENTE on April 25, 2007


1. Anti-semitism, like any other xenophobic mania, is a sickness of the soul because it corrodes and undermines our feelings of human solidarity.

2. Anti-semitism is, however, the worst of these sicknesses because it is the oldest and the one which has caused the most damage both to its victims and to its authors.

3. Prejudice against the Jews originates in the persistent hatred of pre-industrial society for capitalism.

4. The Jews, having been expelled from their land by the Romans in punishment for revolting against the empire, spread all over the known world and survived through trade.

5. Being a literate people they were very successful in commerce.

6. Being a monotheist people with their divine scriptures they had a powerful cement for conserving their identity and links among their communities.

7. Peasants generally hate and envy traders and intruders.

8. Unproductive nobles devoted to hunting and war always sought loans where there was money, that is to say among the Jews.

9. The debtor generally dislikes the creditor.

10. The best way to liquidate debts was to incite the peasants (who also had their own debts) to plunder and expel the Jews. Hence the frequency of pogroms.

11. Marx himself said that the Jews took to capitalism like ducks to water.

12. It was the flowering of capitalism that brought emancipation to the Jews.

13. Nostalgia for the pre-capitalist Middle Ages often goes hand-in-hand with anti-semitism.

14. The expulsion of the Jews from the Iberian Peninsula was one of the main causes of the decay of the two once-great powers: it signified the expulsion of its middle class. Those who benefited were the Netherlands and England.

15. The material, moral, cultural and scientific contributions made by the Jews to the progress of humanity in proportion to their number far exceeds that of any other people.

16. The disease of anti-semitism, when encountered among educated people usually has its origin in a sentiment of envy and consciousness of mediocrity. These atavistic impulses explain the anti-Jewish hysteria of islamists.

17. The expression anti-anti-semitism is nonsense. What exists is aversion to anti-semitism, a perfectly justified position and one that is shared by all people of good sense. Which is not to say that it is desirable that this aversion be translated into legislation. It is impossible to legislate about prejudice and imbecility.

18. Jews everywhere are the best immigrants, with the lowest rates of criminality and the highest of productivity.

19. Israel is a tiny island of the western world in a medieval ocean.

20. It is the duty of all people of good will to defend Israel and its people.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are You A Joooo Obsessed Paranoid Internet Circus Freak

Gert, over at Developing Your Web Presence has devised a short quiz for normal intelligent people to laugh at, and for mentally ill people to take seriously.

Gert there is one correction I would like to make. The word Joooo only has four o's:

Are you a Jooooooo obsessed paranoid Internet circus freak?

Considering that there seems to be a resurgence of anti-Semites of the more comical variety on the Tinkerwebs, I'm offering anyone who might be in doubt a simple test to figure out whether he or she belongs in that category. It involves answering a few simple questions: test your knowledge. Scoring at the bottom of this post.


1. The Holocaust didn't happen. It was invented by Jooooooos, so that said Jooooooos could seize Palestine and make it the HQ of Joooooooish World DominationTM. True or false?

2. The Holocaust did happen but it was perpetrated by the Jooooooos. They sacrificed "a few of their own", so that said Jooooooos could seize Palestine and make it the HQ of Joooooooish World DominationTM. True or false?

Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

1. The Protocols are not a hoax, they are an authentic document, pertaining to Joooooooish World DominationTM. True or false?

2. The Protocols are a hoax committed by Jooooooos and used as a trap to identify non-Joooooooish anti-Semites, thereby ostracising the latter for the greater good of Joooooooish World DominationTM. True or false?

Scoring: if you answer one or more of these questions as "True", then in all likelyhood you are a Jooooooo obsessed paranoid Internet circus freak. Please form an orderly queue so we can insert you at Judeophobe Watch's pantheon of Jooooooo Paranoid Imbeciles and Internet Circus Freaks (scroll down the right sidebar, you might already be up there...). Thanks for participating!

Monday, June 11, 2007

National Vanguard Leader, Kevin Alfred Strom's Computer Full of Kiddie Porn

What is it with white "supremacists" and kiddie porn and meth? I wonder what is on the hard drive of Patrick Grimm, Shmurtis Maynard and Chris Wombat? What a bunch of losers. They'll find a way to blame the Joooos for this. LOL

More charges for white supremacist

Feds seize another hard drive, allegedly full of kiddie porn


Dressed in the standard black and white prison stripes and girded in shackles, Kevin Alfred Strom strode into the U.S. District courtroom with a beatific smile, and then noticed an elderly couple amid the 10 or 15 people in the audience. “Thanks for coming,” he said to them. “I love you. Tell the kids I’m staying strong.” He then took a seat as U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon strolled in to consider the arguments before him.

Strom—a well-known white supremacist and leader of the National Vanguard—was arrested in January of this year and initially charged with two counts of possession of child porn and witness tampering. In April, the prosecution brought forward more charges, including a count of child solicitation.

At the May 30 hearing, prosecutors revealed that they will soon be adding more charges as the result of new evidence gained from a computer hard-drive. In a motion to sever the new evidence from the current case, Strom’s attorney, Assistant Federal Public Defender Andrea Harris, disputed whether the images seized from the computer are of children under the age of 18. “There is no evidence that the images referenced in the superseding indictment from the 40 GB depict minors, and other evidence indicates that those images in fact depict adults,” reads the motion filed by Harris.

The motion also took issue with the government’s contention that Strom solicited a minor identified only as “A.A.” Strom sent gifts to A.A. and pictures of A.A. were found on one of Strom’s computers. Harris explained that A.A. was a friend of one of his children. Strom also allegedly sent A.A. a sonnet. “There is not a shred of evidence that such ‘sonnet’ was ever conveyed in any way, shape or form to anyone, much less to A.A.,” the motion states.

As the trial was originally scheduled for late June, Harris requested a delay to view some of the new evidence, which includes videotape interviews of two minors. Deferring a decision on the motion to sever, Judge Moon indicated he is likely to grant the delay. The new trial date would likely be set no sooner than the fall.

More on the charges:

Supremacist harassed child, prosecutors say

By Liesel Nowak / | 978-7274
May 25, 2007

A self-proclaimed white supremacist facing child pornography charges previously harassed a local 9-year-old girl, according to a revealing pretrial motion filed Thursday by federal prosecutors.

The filing comes a month before Kevin Alfred Strom, 50, is set to go to trial in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville on charges that he possessed child porn, enticed the girl for sex and tampered with a witness.

Between September 2005 and December 2006, Strom got to know, contacted and eventually harassed the girl, according to the court filing.

Strom went to the child’s school, prosecutors said, and on one occasion hid behind a tree so the girl’s parents would not see him.

The student transferred to another school because of the repeated attempts Strom made to contact her, but the defendant researched and discovered the girl’s new class schedule, prosecutors allege.

Using a pseudonym, the document states, Strom sent the girl gifts, including a CD, a DVD, an angora sweater and a bouquet of roses.

Mark Potok, the director of the Intelligence Project, an arm of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center that researches and tracks hate groups, said Strom has been involved with the neo-Nazi movement for 30 years.

In 2005, Strom split with the National Alliance - formerly the largest white supremacist group in the country - to form the National Vanguard, which he ran from his Greene County home, Potok said.

According to the prosecution’s recent motion, a search of Strom’s personal computer revealed poems, “to be sung to the tune of ‘Here We Come a-Wassailing,’” written by the defendant, including the phrases “my love for [the girl] is not a sin.”

In addition to the prose, hundreds of pictures of the girl and hundreds of images of other children, some unclothed and in sexually suggestive positions, were stored on Strom’s computer, according to the court papers.

An unidentified witness in the case, prosecutors said, caught Strom naked at his computer looking at pictures of young girls. Paperwork filed by the defendant indicates that the witness is the defendant’s wife, Elisha Strom.

As a result of the his wife’s discovery, the couple signed a one-page notarized contract, prosecutors allege, in which Strom agreed to see a counselor until he is “free from being sexually drawn to children.” Prosecutors attached a copy of the document to their motion.

At one point, however, Strom labored under the mistaken impression that his wife had gone to authorities with her allegations against him, according to the prosecution’s motion. Consequently, Strom “accelerated a campaign to intimidate and discredit her,” which included physical assaults and verbal threats, prosecutors claim.

According to defense filings, Strom’s contact with the girl had nothing to do with the pornography charges against him and that it would be prejudicial to try the pornography counts with the enticement charge.

Defense attorneys say that there is “no evidence to suggest that Strom actually touched [the girl] or that she ever touched him.”

“He is essentially charged with attempting to make an attempt to commit sexual battery,” a defense motion states.

A judge will hear arguments on whether the charges against Strom should be divided into separate trials on Tuesday.

Daily Progress staff writer Rob Seal contributed to this story.

No wonder white "supremacists" get along so well with Islamists these days. Mohammed was into 9 year old girls too.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Arab World Suffered The Ultimate Humiliation 40 Years Ago

Free advertising for my friend at Eye on the World.

T-shirts commemorating the Mother Of All Arab Humiliations. Get them and lots of other stuff here.

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Now it seems that white supremacists want to share in this humiliation. I guess some people thrive on being humiliated. The Arab world hasn't gotten over 1967, and the Joooo paranoid white supremacist internet circus freaks only know humiliation. They bow down to the Joooo internally, but try to pretend otherwise.

I still love the fact they make a big deal about FREE SPEECH, but they don't allow comments on their blogs. Fricken priceless.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pathetic Chris Womak Utterly Humiliated: No Longer Posting Readers Comments

Obsessed paranoid Joooo obsessed internet circus freak, Chris "There Is A Joooo Under My Bed" Womak, has followed his ilks lead and has decided to no longer post readers comments on his Politically Correct Apostate blog:

Thursday, June 07, 2007
The Politically Correct Apostate Will No Longer Post Reader Comments - It's proven to be more of a liability than an asset.
The Politically Correct Apostate Will No Longer Post Reader Comments - It's proven to be more of a liability than an asset.


posted by Chris Womak at 8:56 AM

I love it. "proven to be a liability than an asset," ROFLMAO
Yes, free speech is a liability to these circus freaks. They can't handle rebuttal or civil discussion with anyone with opposing views. They can't handle the truth.

Could it be that Wombat made this decision after he fell for my trap when I posted a link to my post about Shmurtis Maynard resembling a black soccer player? Maybe Maynard whined to him, as he too must have been awfully humiliated by my post. Wombat and Shmurtis are both avowed white supremacists and Joooo hating imbeciles.

What I find really ironic is the constant whining about Ernst Zundel and his right to free speech on one hand, and the near impossibility to debate these same freaks in the comment sections of their blogs.

This is why the Shmurtis Maynard's and Chris Wombat's of the world should only be ridiculed and mocked. And they make it so easy.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Is Mark Glenn Part Jooooish and Curtis Maynard Part Black

Since paranoid obsessed Joooo haters tend to think that everyone who is successful has to be a Joooo, I took it upon myself to do some research on a couple of imbecile internet circus freaks. It was pretty easy to find the pictures of Mark Glenn and Curtis Maynard, so I decided to see what My Heritage comes up with when it comes to celebrity look-alikes.

It seems that Mark Glenn closely resembles Israeli born Joooo Itzhak Perlman. Robert Altman is claimed to be a Joooo by the paranoid freaks, but his ancestry seems to miss out on that front.
My theory is that Mark Glenn's mom needed to pay the rent, so she got a Joooo businessman to pay her rent for her one month, in return for sexual favors. How else would one explain the fact that Marky looks so much like a Joooo.

Now what about Curtis Maynard? It seems Curtis strongly resembles black soccer star Patrick Vieira from Senegal.

I wonder if Stormfront knows about Maynard's black genes. They will probably have to throw him out now. I'm sure his mom knows about his heritage though. She probably thinks it is kind of kinky when she sleeps with Curtis, since he is part black, like his father. Or maybe his mom is the one with black genes. It wouldn't surprise me if both his parents were part black if you look at the resemblence between Vieira and Maynard.

I wonder if Curtis is going to see Doctor Phil now that the truth about his ethnicity has now been uncovered.

Gregory Peck, once played a white guy pretending to be a Jew in the 1947 movie, Gentleman's Agreement. It seems Curtis Maynard is a black guy trying to pretend he is white.

Friday, June 1, 2007

I Love Mocking Joooo Paranoid Imbeciles

Life is great. Pardon my laryngitis. I sound like one of Marge Simpsons sisters.

I put some new links on my sidebar. Check out "Joooo Paranoid Imbeciles" for Joooo paranoid imbeciles.

There are two main types of people in the world: those who strive for success while taking responsibility for their own actions while understanding they are responsible for their own lot in life, and those who blame Joooos for their pathetic lot in life.

The Joooo paranoid freaks in my links are pathological mental cases. It is funny how they blame Joooos for being too capitalistic while also blaming Joooos for being communists. Shmurtis Maynard blamed Jooooos recently for the death of a white couple at the hands of a group of blacks. They will go to tremendous extremes to blame Joooos for everything. It is quite comical.

That being said, I think free speech is great. The internet, for example, puts these imbeciles out there sort of like Barnum and Bailey circus freaks, to be seen and heard by anyone with a computer on the internet. Rational people are either disgusted by them or just laugh hysterically at them. I prefer to laugh.

I used to be for jailing freaks like Ernst Zundel. Not anymore, let the freaks talk.
I have confidence that the truth will prevail. It was harder before, without the internet. But now, imbeciles like Wombat, Mark Glenn, and Maynard just represent the lunatic fringe. They were even able to muster up 35 people in Washington a few weeks ago to protest Zundel's jail sentence. It must suck big time to be them.