Friday, April 23, 2010

Curtis Maynard Murders His Wife and Then Follows His Leader

Curtis Maynard proved without a shadow of doubt that he was insane. Of course, it is no shock, all Jew haters are insane.

Yesterday, Maynard shot his ex wife multiple times before offing himself during a police chase. The cowardly Jooo hating nurse Maynard also shot his 16 year old step daughter who is in the hospital at this time in stable condition.

Maynard used to leave comments on this blog. I tried leaving comments on his blog, but the coward deleted them and then finally moderated so that I wasn't able to squash his insane ramblings.

Maynard wrote well though, even though his thoughts were those of a mental case, and he had a following of equally insane people, who still exist.

What a meaningless life Maynard had. He spent his waking hours railing against the boogey Jew and the black man.

You get one crack at life, and this is how he chose to live it. Again, it takes an insane person to be Curtis Boone Maynard or someone who agrees his lunacy.

He is now worm food, and nobody will miss him.

Incidentally, his wife was an ethnic Mexican, and he was a pro-white Joooo paranoid goofball. An insane white separatist marries a that is crazy. I feel really sorry for what his wife went through, and what the kids had to go through. Hopefully, they will come out of this OK.....eventually.

I wonder if this will serve as a warning to other Joooo haters out there. I think it will for a few. But the mentally unbalanced are hard to cure.

A couple of years ago, another Joooo hating, black hating internet warrior did the same thing. Yankee Jim Leshkevich offed his wife and then himself.

It takes someone with a severe inferiority complex and mental illness to kill a spouse and then kill oneself. But then again, it takes a severe mental illness to blame Joooos for all that is wrong with yourself and the world around you.

I found some comments I read today at various sites amusing. The paranoia of his followers is mind numbing. Some blamed Joooos on Maynard's drinking which lead to him finally snapping.

Elder of Ziyon has a write up on Maynard.

He found this item which is very prophetic. It was written two months ago:

I.D. I couldn't agree with you more. I don't have an account at VNN, but obviously there are a quite a few of us who lurk there on a regular bases, just like I am sure there are a few of them who watch this board.

I would not be surprised if Maynard loses it and decides to go on a "spree" and harms a bunch of innocent people.

I don't know how much you have followed about the guy, but he is a nurse, which means there are people of all races in a vulnerable position under this mentally ill person's care for medications, food, IV's ...

That is the part that bothers me the most.

And it's that piece why I have sort of kept an eye on the guy.

What if this guy decides the JEWS are the reason why his wife won her freedom and successfully was able to save herself and her kids?
And I bet in his twisted pretzel of a mind he has already reasoned some sort of crazy scenario of this sort.

Let's say there are Jewish patients at the hospital where he works and he has the power to now end their lives?

Or now with his anger at his Hispanic wife and his Hispanic lawyer, are Hispanic patients at place of work in danger too?

Are his ex-wife and children at risk?

These are points that have had me concerned about Maynard even before the recent blogging of his divorce drama.

Please note. If you read this blog and you believe what Curtis Maynard believed about Joooos, it isn't too late. Seek help. There are people out there who can help you.

Also, if you are a paranoid Jooo hater worried about how the main stream media will deal with this, don't worry. Maynard was a crackpot, a member of the lunatic fringe. He will not get any notoriety. His life was meaningless....and most importantly, it was meaningless for him.