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Venom From The Babes Of Zion

Note: I'm not too sure if this person is just a long winded rhetorical imbecile, or if he is a dimwitted anti-semite who doesn't have a clue how Jooooo paranoid he is. I was wrong about him not publishing my comments, so he is at least a step above slug shit Mark Glenn. It is highly unlikely the 14 year old boy was anything but a shill. But what I know for sure is that Mark Glenn edits comments to suit his agenda, and mostly doesn't publish comments. I also know that he is allowing his 14 year old daughter to take credit for the Goldstein's article whether she wrote it or not. Either way, it is child abuse.

Venom from the Babes of Zion
April 17th, 2007
by pittershawnpalmer

This young person is 14 years old. If we weren’t sure before, we see without question now that there is a definitive hate within the zionist community for anyone who is a non-jew. It is mind boggling how the world cannot see this. People everywhere are truly asleep. I would venture to say they are catatonic.

See entire piece here:

Those Who Dare To Lecture Us
by Mark Glenn

…Other gems I have personally received from some of God’s chosen people, such as this one from a ‘nice Jewish boy’ named Ori who lives in Israel and who can be reached at–

“I am a Jew, I am an Israeli, I am a Zionist, and I am both racially and intellectually superior to you, the non-Jew. For your lies, your pathetic stupidity, and your anti-Semitism, your people will suffer under the punishment of the world’s future super-power, Israel. Jews are superior to dirty-blooded non-Jews like you. While your ancestors were sleeping with the swine in the forests of Europe, my ancestors were building the city of Jerusalem. I am a Jew, you are not. I have the privilege of having god by my side, as well as the world’s supreme nation. Perhaps you do not yet see that the worst is awaiting your kind, in the face of the coming Islamo-Christian War, from which my kind will arise victorious. I am only 14 years old, but I have enough wisdom to see that you are nothing but a piece of gentile filth. No matter, perhaps god will find it suitable that a terrorist attack will end your misery. I shall personally pray for it to be so.”

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6 Responses to “Venom from the Babes of Zion”

1. The Atheist Jew Says:
April 18th, 2007 at 3:08 pm
That letter is not from a Jew. Just more BS coming from the Islamonazis.

Mark Glenn’s daughter at 14 has been brainwashed to hate. You should write a piece about her.
You probably won’t and you probably won’t publish this comment either.
You will take the cowardly approach, I’m almost sure.

2. pittershawn Says:
April 20th, 2007 at 1:48 pm
My dear Atheist Khazarian, it seems you have mistaken me for the angry and hateful people you associate with. The difference between you and I is that I am able to see the truth, even through those who are angry. Whereas you, all you see is what you want to see. And you see it clouded by bias and anger.

So let me see if I’ve got this right. Bare with me, because I may not get it right. As you would believe, I’m too biased to see the truth, right? But you, my dear, you are objective! Right?

Ok, based on YOUR words, it is IMPOSSIBLE for that note to be from a Jewish boy, but highly probable, if not most likely, that Mark’s daughter is hateful? Is that right? I don’t know here, maybe it’s my logic. Let me try that again for my own edification. The only possible scenario, in your estimation, because nothing else is at all possible, is that that letter was not from a Jewish kid, but Mark’s daughter is hateful.

Ok folks, is it me? Am I the only one who sees the glaring problem with this train of thought?

Khazarian, I would have had far more respect for your angry ramblings if you had given me a few other possible scenarios, such as:

1. That letter was from a Jewish kid, it was evil and self righteous, but Mark’s daughter has been equally venomous in her commentary, so that poor boy shouldn’t be the only one put on the block.

2. That letter probably was from a Jewish boy, but because of bias, you can’t admit to it, even though Mark’s daughter has done nothing or said nothing that was equally offensive (such as threaten or wish death upon all non-Jews).

3. That letter was probably from a Jewish boy, and Mark’s daughter is probably only angry as a response to the bad behavior she’s been observing in the Jewish community—specifically Zionist community.

4. That letter was not from a Jewish boy, and Mark’s daughter is also being framed by someone hateful, in an effort to make her look bad because of Mark’s commentaries. Hence, both of them are being wrongly accused because of a group’s agenda.

Now, if you had honestly had the above kind of discourse, with us hashing out all the OTHER logical possibilities, including admitting to your bias (and the fact that you really don’t want to believe that a Jewish boy could have written that), then I would have had more respect for what you had to write. Bet if that note was all sweet and flowery, you would have had no problem believing it was a Jewish boy, right?

But as it stands, it seems you are typical of most angry Khazarians, determined to spin life and situations only to your advantage, in an effort to make everyone else in the world look hateful except you and the rest of your converts; who, by the way, are only angry because you can’t cover up that fact any longer. What fact is that? That you are NOT the chosen people by birth, but a group who have taken on the religion in an effort to find what you did not have in your Khazarian Empire.

As for who is a coward, it seems people like you are the only cowards. Rather than openly doing your dirt, you will no doubt, like the coward you really are, send your cronies to pick me off in a most unusual manner. Tell me how you will get rid of me, Khazarian. A convenient car accident? A random robbery on the street, or a break in into my home by an armed gunman? Tell me Khazarian. You will find some doctor within my circle to give me something that will induce a heart attack, or some terminal illness. Oh wait, you will find a way to get people to believe I am someone who spits hate, and set up a showdown between me and your cronies. Or how about this one, you will plan for the next year to set it up so it looks like I committed suicide. Who will write my suicide note, you? Tell me my dear Atheist Khazarian, what cowardly method will you use to get rid of me and those like me who know the real deal about people like you.

There is only one saving grace…that all Jews are not like you. I THANK the universe that there are some good and decent Jews whom I’ve met, Orthodox and others, who have denounced people like you as Zionists with an agenda. It is these same exemplary and spiritually centered Jewish men and women who have made every effort not to desecrate the religion—and communicate kindly and peacefully. And it is them who are in the real struggle to bring all the hateful Jewish people in the world to the carpet. They are the only ones I will stand behind and struggle with. I share their voice of disappointment in those who have no respect for religion or human life and dignity.

I’m sure after this message, at some point before I reach 80 years old, you and your other angry Khazarian converts will find a way to neatly shut me up—that is what you do with all non-jews, no? Because YOU, my dear, are the cowards. You don’t want anyone to know that people like me are on to you. And now that I’ve put this out there, I’m sure if you don’t pick me off like an antelope, you will no doubt find other ways to destroy me—maybe financially, socially, pin me with a crime even (petty or major, doesn’t matter), nothing would surprise me at this point. And why? Because that is all you can do. You are spiritually powerless and spiritually dead, so you use the evil machinations of the world to ruin people by telling lies and being deceitful—and sometimes, using our human and insignificant imperfections against us by creating a mountain out of what usually would be dealt with without fanfare. You and those like you are dishonest.

I have no need to check to see if Mark’s daughter is taught hate, because if she in fact is, then you and that nice Jewish boy and her are all in for the same spiritual fate. Karma ignores no one.

I don’t have to agree with the method of delivery of every message, not even Mark’s, to see the value in it. And I respect Mark’s candor by the way. You should make attempts to be even remotely open in that regard—look beyond your evident bias. Bottom line, why didn’t you include in your message one of her notes of hate? You should have, because then your comment would have been better received. But you talk without producing anything. Produce it, and then we can have a constructive debate around the wrongs of children who hate. Then you and I can make an effort to share ideas on where the chasm is in this world between people of different faiths and belief systems. But you do not want that discussion. You want to leave empty notes that do nothing more than show your bias…. ‘a Jewish boy didn’t write that.’ Is that all? And you expect me to take you seriously when you are not grounded in logic? Just admit that you believe that because it was a Jewish boy attached to that message of hate, not because it is impossible. For all you know, one of your undercover family members wrote it and there would be no way for you to every know it. Maybe you wrote it and are too cowardly to admit that you believe everything written in that note.

Go on, cry anti-Semitism. It is your first recourse. But alas, I know this spin as well. What was the name of that gentleman who came up with that in the late 1800s? No matter. Bottom line, to be Semitic begins with language, my dear. There are several aub-groups of languages that fall under the afro-asiatic language group. One of those is the Semitic LANGUANGE. Under the Semitic languages are also several sub-groups of languages. One, out of about five or six groups (I might be off by one) happens to be Hebrew, of which there are about 5 million NATIVE speakers. The other Semitic language, which comprises nearly 400 million speakers is, you ready for this baby…ARABIC. What does that mean, you say? It means someone has been telling lies. Because it seems the largest group of Semitic speakers would be Arabs. Ah, but no one must know, right? You say, what does it matter? Big deal? My dear, it is a big deal, because that would mean the Jewish community is using a false notion to keep people from questioning any action they take in any circumstances. And why you say? Because people who have no behavior want desperately to cover their tracks. So when someone makes a statement about a HUMAN’s negative actions, THEY, certain hypocritical Jews, will have a crutch to say, it HAPPENS to be because they are Jewish, when in reality, it HAPPENS to be because that INDIVIDUAL is a bad person with no moral or spiritual standards.

All said, I have no use for people who are evil. I strive to learn all I can and grow from that. My first stopping point…HISTORY. My second stopping point, spirit.
3. The Atheist Jew Says:
April 25th, 2007 at 3:28 pm

You are wrong about making judgment of me based on edited comments by Mark Glenn.
You were just as wrong as assuming me to be a Khazar (which is just an uneducated assumption) as I was in not in at least allowing for the possibility that the 14 year old was a Jew. But I do know that Mark Glenn edits comments, and mostly doesn’t allow them to go through. I have them saved on cocomment. I am not lying about this. Mark Glenn is an anti-semitic (Jooo hating for the Webster impaired) piece of garbage. He does not allow for honest debate.
He has attacked Jews, not individually but collectively. And you still respect him? Either you are a hypocrite or a liar.
So don’t bother lecturing me, like your shit doesn’t stink.

Jews are not a race, but we are an ethnicity and/or a religion. Mark Glenn and Adolph Hitler have no problem identifying us as an ethnicity. And there was a recent where one third of Jewish females alive today trace back to 4 Jewish women of middle easter descent. Sure there have been conversions in and out of Judaism as well.

All I know is that if I were in Germany in 1939, Hitler and his buddies wouldn’t ask me if I believed in God or not.

And calling me sweetie is very immature.

I find you to be insincere for your respect of the garbage that is Mark Glenn, therefore you are not to be trusted. I would love to see your comments about his post about Judaism though. I want to see how you weasel out of it.
4. pittershawn Says:
April 25th, 2007 at 5:05 pm

You actually have some nerve. You spew hate on my blog, when all I did was point out the shortcomings of Zionists, NOT all Jews, and then you are upset that I defend what I posted? Who is the hypocrite here? You are the only hypocrite on this blog my dear.

As for Mark, I have not known him long enough to experience what you are claiming. So far, he has said nothing but, in what I’ve read to date (because I haven’t read all of his work) that is anything more than an attempt to point out the issues with Zionists, and, sometimes, Jews.

So for me to respect him, at this moment in time, is not hypocrisy. If I discover something later on that shows him to be utterly distasteful, then, and only then, will I amend my views. But at this point, YOU are the only one being disrespectful by coming on my blog and calling me coward and challenging me to post your comments like you are a five year old in a sandbox daring someone.

You are so incredibly self centered that you can’t see that YOU instigated my reply. I said NOTHING to YOU. I posted a blog. And instead of focusing your comments on the issue at hand, you attacked ME by calling ME a coward. You are the worst kind of hypocrite, one who suffers from selective memory.

Don’t presume to tell me what is mature or immature when you come on my blog calling me a coward. Sweetie? Sweetie is immature? And what is it to call someone a coward and play childish games by saying, ‘I bet you won’t post this.’ You sound like my daughters.

Insincere? You have done nothing to see if I am or not. I have not defended Mark on any of the things you’ve alleged he’s done. I can only take your word for it. But wait, let me guess. Because you are superior to me, YOUR word is gold, right? And your word is the only word I should believe, correct? Who is being insincere now?

Weasel?? There you go again being superior. There is no “weaseling” out of anything. But you wouldn’t know that. A recent study? From whom? Where? The typical biased resources? Look, forward me the information so I can also assess it for its worthiness. Oh but wait, I don’t need to, right? Because you are superior to me and what you tell me is all that matters, and all I can do is try to weasel out of it rather than have intelligent debate with you, or do research, or check history, or read a book, correct? Because I am not capable of intelligent debate, or the aforementioned, right?

There is an old African Proverb that reads: Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

You behave like a hunter who thinks that his story is all that matters, because that story glorifies YOU. Whereas objective people will listen to both stories and then seek out facts based on both arguments.

I must say, good for you that you’ve at LEAST admitted that being Jewish is not a race like so many of your predecessors would wrongly have many believe. That is a step in the right direction.

Look, once again, in this blog post, you expect me to bow to you after you disrespect me. See, the difference between you and I is that I would NEVER simply defend my culture, race, religion or ethnicity just because something grates against my sensibilities. But YOU, without knowing me, defend a possible comment from a Jewish boy, by virtue of the fact that it was from a Jewish boy. But you have YET to address my question, which was, what if the statement were all flowery and sweet? We would not even be having this silly back and forth, now would we?

You blindly defend. You have no discourse, just blind defense where you take it personally that I posted that. And then, you want to behave as though I am the stupid one. If you had simply said that you don’t think a Jewish boy wrote it, and in a level headed manner expressed your OPINION as to why, WITHOUT the attack that followed, then I would have been a bit more accepting.

As for the link you sent me to for Mark’s post, it seems you read with a closed mind and heart. I did not read anything that was not thoroughly reasoned out. His assessment clearly shows a HUGE divide in the way other religions are seen compared to Judaism. When people were disrespecting Islam based on a few radicals, NO ONE defended them. NO ONE in the news said that it was horrible and grossly disrespectful to their religion in general. But when even the smallest, most trivial thing is said about Judaism, heads role, people lose jobs, are killed, ostracized and called anti-Semites. Please. See, this is the reason I respect Mark’s comments. Because whether I agree or not, he has a DISCUSSION. He engages in well reasoned and logical dialogue. He carefully and meticulously shares his thoughts so any reasoned human being can see where he is coming from without even the slightest room for distortion. And he calls it as he sees it. No pretense.

However, some, whom I won’t name, will put on their dark shades, and decided that they will only see those things that grate at their nerves and go against their self righteous sensibilities.

See, the place where Mark and I differ is that I think ALL religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) are the biggest problems in humanity (notice, I don’t BLINDLY defend Mark or anyone else I don’t know—I only base my thoughts on what I read, and I don’t attack him because we disagree on that point). It just so happens that he has eloquently shown how the OTHER religions are fair play for disrespectful media taunts and social disrespect. But NEVER Judaism. Break out the chopping block if someone had done what they did to the Islamic religion in that cartoon. You and I both know that heads would have ROLLED in America!

You KNOW it’s true. And you should stop denying it. It is your sense of privilege under the flag of Judaism why you feel free to say the things you say in the way that you say them. I would almost bet that is why you have not discarded it even though you are an atheist. It is a blanket of protection, because now, if anyone says anything about you, even if they don’t know you’re Jewish, you have the convenience of crying ANTI-SEMITISM, knowing that you would have the media at your feet, stroking your back and saying ‘poor baby, those bad anti-Semites, we’ll destroy them for you.’

And whether you wish to see it or not, people can feel the weight of privilege that surrounds Judaism. People are terrified in public to make any remarks about how Israelis are murdering the Palestinians. Or if they make a small mention of it, they stay away from generalizing and never say the Jews. But it is thick in the air, because who is running the Israeli government?—Japanese? Chinese? French???

Bottom line, what I read on Mark’s blog was far more objective, researched and observant than you saying, a jewish boy didn’t write that. I don’t agree with all his thoughts, particularly those that seem to elevate Christianity above Judaism, especially since Christianity has a horrible history as well. But for the most part, he makes sense, and what he says is true about the privilege that Judaism enjoys while desecrating other’s religions.

And people wonder why I opt for Buddhism.

Zealots really baffle me.
5. pittershawn Says:
April 25th, 2007 at 7:45 pm

Oh my! I forgot to mention one very important thing.

I did NOT judge you based on ANYTHING Mark posted or didn’t post. In fact, I had NO idea that you and he were having discourse until YOU mentioned it, in MY blog, by commenting that that wasn’t a Jewish boy who wrote that and bringing up Mark’s daughter in the process.

When I replied to you, I did not read ANYTHING about you and Mark (your comments to him or his to you). But again, that goes to show that you think I am influenced and couldn’t have possibly had a unique thought on my own—or like a sheep just follow blindly. You are so INCREDIBLY insulting and you can’t even see that. Were it not for you mentioning your discussion with Mark, I would still be clueless about them.

THEREFORE, my response and “judgment” of you was based SOLELY on your condescending response to my blog post. And then when I condescend back, you are pissed. Hypocrite.

You have no behavior and are so blinded by your anger that you can’t even have a civil debate.

ONE ADDITION: As for my assumption about you being of the Khazar line, actually, some assumptions in life can be made based on historical facts (which can be researched and easily produced) and scientific reasoning (which is how all theories are created), even if there are a few cases where it might not be so. But assumptions cannot be made based on NO information, such as the information I lack about Mark’s daughter, which you have yet to produce. Hence, my assumption about your blood line, even if wrong, is a more valid assumption (because I’ve done my research) than the assumptions you are asking me to make about Mark’s daughter, absent any information or research.
6. pittershawn Says:
April 25th, 2007 at 8:16 pm

It just occurred to me why you made that obvious and silly mistake of thinking I judged you based on Mark. I went back to read the post where I got the quote from.

When I first read that post, I did not know WHO he was discoursing with. You automatically made the assumption, by posting on MY blog, that I would know it was you he was talking about. Why on earth would you do something like that? Do you think you are so popular that I would just know who Mark was referring to? You obviously think I have nothing better to do than read and comment on the internecine warfare of bloggers all day.

Now THAT was a silly assumption, especially since I have never had discourse with you to connect the dots (I don’t go around memorizing everyone’s email address). It is only now that I am making the connection by going back to Mark’s blog. ONLY TODAY!!! And only based on your insane assumption that I judged you based on him.

Let me give you some insight. I NEVER have and NEVER will judge anyone based on what ANYONE tells me, or what I read someone sharing about a person. I always go to the source and read from the horses mouth and come to my own conclusions. So trust that anything I have commented on about you, is from me reading YOUR posts/comments and YOUR blog and, sadly, your comments on MY blog.
7. The Atheist Jew Says:
April 25th, 2007 at 8:43 pm

You are a long winded rhetorical know nothing. You know nothing about me. You know nothing about Jews. You don’t have a clue about what a Zionist is. And your Khazar rhetoric is laughable. The Khazar “history” you know about hardly exists in the magnitude you are accepting You are either wilfully ignorant or just an imbecile.

You have a lot of learning to do. It is obvious from reading your emails to me. You are next to clueless. But you don’t even realize it. I’ve spent enough time on email with you fool. And no, calling you a fool has nothing to do with “Jooooish superiority” It has to do with your ignorance.

You are free to engage in debate at either of my blogs
or here:

In fact, another imbecile brought up Khazars in the comments here:

Anyone who can defend Mark Glenn at all after reading his horseshit article about Joooish mentality has to be either a Jooo hater or mentally deficient. Which is it in your case? Actually just answer me on my blog. I’m done with this email nonsense on you. You don’t seem like you even want to learn.

Lets see if you have enough balls “sweetheart” to leave comments on my blogs.


Rickey said...

Your basic piece of crap
The so called atheist jew [a son of an Arab] wouldn't make a pimple on O'Reilly's arse.

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Submitter: atheistjewfag (news: submissions, diggs, comments)
Topic: News » World & Business » Offbeat News

BEAJ said...

Congrats Rickey, that was your last comment I will publish of yours. You are the only one banned, I will not allow you to ruin my blogs.

Now whine and cry all you want. I warned you fairly. But I knew you are too psychotic to help yourself.

You are a nutcase. Get help.

shlemazl said...

Are you kidding? Of course he is an antisemite.

There are only two types of people that have such "virulent interest" in Jews and he ain't Jewish.

BEAJ said...

He is definitely lacking on Joooish history and even Israel history, including the history of the Palestine region.

It is almost as if he has been taken aside and given a crash course on Jooooish history by David Duke.

But the only time David Duke associated with African Americans would have been in prison.

Maybe he was Duke's cell mate.

Kidding aside, I really believe he is ignorant and hovering on wilful ignorance. There might be hope though.

shlemazl said...

It's not a "he". It's a "she".

Appears to be a single mother of Jamaian extraction.

Guess life is tough; she does not seem that bright either... Still no excuse for her antisemitism.

BEAJ said...

Oh, that explains her calling me sweetie. Her picture makes it hard to tell. I took her for an effeminate guy.
She is well misinformed, that is for sure.

shlemazl said...

Just to let you know that the post and all comments appear to have been deleted.

I carried on discussion for a bit. One of the regular commentators produced a loooong quotation from Mein Kampf without attributing it to the source.

Do you still have doubts whether it's an antisemitic website?

BEAJ said...

I didn't find any other anti-semitic posts there, but it is without doubt that PS was being befriended by Mark Glenn who originally copied her article on one of his sites.
PS was coming around when being given our point of view and our facts with links.
It doesn't shock me that they deleted the post, because the Mark Glenn crowd do not mix well with the truth being put on their sites or related sites.
PS was most likely coerced to delete the post, or may have deleted upon seeing the light and it may have embarrassed her once I made the David Duke Mark Glenn connection....OK, I'm being optimistic.

Of course her post would attract anti-semites. But the motivation for her to delete the post is still a mystery.

Either way, it is a victory for the Jooooos:)

Gert said...

When you ban Wickey, he comes wafting over to mine again. Waaah. No fair. Boohoohoo...

Anonymous said...

As you observed on my sites, I do not care for negative energy. I have always been able to have opposing discussion of ideas with people without them being attacking. You can't see that you are the FIRST and only group of people who have EVER attacked me.

You, above anything anyone could have told me, tainted my views. You have not made me see any light, but firmly confirmed what I kept imagining could not be true. I kept hoping against hope that what I was reading was wrong. And you and your friend confirmed that you are a very sour bunch.

I have had discussions about the ills of Christianity, Islam, government, cultures, etc., and have never received the kind of hateful and angry remarks as I received from you, a Jewish man. I have always told people not to judge any one group by a few. And even though you have given me the worst experience I’ve ever had with ANY religious person I’ve conversed with, I will not judge all of Judaism by it. But I must say, you have totally given me pause and reason to consider what some have been telling me. It is sad that you cannot see that you have done this and not any book or other person, simply you and your inability to have a decent discussion that opposes what you believe to be true.

I took down my blog because I have chosen, unlike you, to live in a positive space with people, even as we discuss uncomfortable topics. You have no interest in that. So I took it down and have moved it. Thank you for the lesson—but sadly, I don’t think it is the lesson you intended. You have only shown me how angry a Jewish person can be when things don’t show your religion in a good light. You have not changed what I have learned about history in the least, if anything, you have 100% confirmed everything. I learned a long time ago that when someone becomes angered about anything surrounding beliefs or facts, it is because they do not believe it in the core of their spirit, or they are afraid of the implications of what is discovered. So, they find ways to denounce it, dismiss it, “prove” that it isn’t true—and rail against anyone who says otherwise. It is an evident defense mechanism.

I’m sure you will have lots of discussion on your blog from this post. But unlike you, I won’t be back. I have no need to prove to anyone who I am. But I’m sure you do, and I’m sure you will blast me as I exit—or come back to harass me, hence proving who you really are in spirit. But, after what I’ve seen, I expect it. It seems to be your way. But then, I suppose it is the way of all zealots.

Victory. Amazing the things people consider victory. Says a lot about a person…

BEAJ said...

PS, your post and comments were full of derogatory rhetoric against Jooos.
Either you are too stupid to realize it, or you are being deceitful.

Either way, you are one major hypocrite. Your words don't equal your actions.

Don't worry, I won't hold all black women accountable for your hypocrisy and ignorance.