Thursday, October 25, 2007


Whoever said whites have no rhythm is obviously wrong. But one has to wonder if the average black cockatoo couldn't dance circles around the average white cockatoo.

Maybe Snowball (the cockatoo in the video) is some sort of anomaly. Probably not. Whitey has been searching for something they stand out in other than bowling. Well, it looks like the search is over.

Of course, Snowball must be a pretty smart bird, and he towers over the majority of Stormfront members intellectually, but then again, so does pond scum (no offense to Snowball).


Gert said...

Cockatoos and parrots are just great birds, I love'm, white or black... That bird's got rythm!

OT: I see IP blocker has cancelled your account too, huh?

BEAJ said...

I guess so. I haven't been paying attention, and I only had it there to screw with Rickey.

I did get the boot from Blog Rush on both blogs. But it seems that all atheist blogs got the boot, as well as any anti-Muslim pro-Israel blog.

I wonder if the Christian left or the Saudis are funding this venture.

Gert said...

"I did get the boot from Blog Rush on both blogs. But it seems that all atheist blogs got the boot, as well as any anti-Muslim pro-Israel blog.

I wonder if the Christian left or the Saudis are funding this venture."

Did BlogRush notify you? And how?

I had 49 referrals in my network, 9 direct, the rest were second and third generation referrals. A few days ago I noticed it had dropped to 41 (although it went back up to 42 yesterday). BlogRush had announced quite a few blog accounts were going to be deleted because there was (predictably) a lot of cheating (generating false page views to earn credits, that sort of thing) going on, as well as non-English blogs and porn blogs signing up.

I signed up one definitely "pro-Israel" (I use quotes because all this "pro-"/"anti-" stuff just gets on my wick) blogger and his widget is still there.

John Reese (owner of BlogRush) is a typical American netpreneur, I doubt if he's bothered at all about politics. He will want to monetise the network by selling link impressions to those who want to buy blog traffic, once the network has reached critical size and the kinks have been smoothed out. I've seen countless of these ventures come and go, back in my own Internet marketing days (oh, Halcyon days!)

So forget about the Christian left (the what left?) or the Saudis...

Strange though that both your accounts got deleted. I wonder if it's because you chose "entertainment" for JudeophobeWatch...

BEAJ said...

Read this post Gert. I got the same notification.

Gert said...

Sorry, but after having read that post and the comments, I've gotta laugh how easily these "rational" atheists fall for a self-serving belief system (i.e. that atheist blogs are being discriminated against). To test and prove that hypothesis you'd really need to look closely at the total population of deleted BlogRush accounts.

Nought queerer than folk, as we say in Y'shire...

I bet they deleted some Christian blogs too, and they will have formed a similar hypothesis: Leftwing Media Bias!!

Gert said...


The reasons why BlogRush has deleted (according to them) some 10,000 accounts are multiple and sometimes co-current. Remember that although this service is free, Reese's goal is ultimately to sell targeted, quality traffic.

I'm guessing, based on past experience, what might be the criteria used for acceptance/deletion of a BR account:

1. Poor content: infrequent posting, strong/obscene language, non-English, pornographic etc.
2. Poor placement of the widget: many bloggers decided to "bury" the widget near the bottom of their pages or even not on the homepage. These guys were looking to receive a little traffic without giving anything back.
3. Widget competing with multiple other widgets: this seriously reduces BR clickthrough rates.
4. Widget competing with tens if not hundreds of outbound links: again this seriously reduces BR clickthrough rates.
5. Overly commercial blogs: they stated that they have no problem whatsoever with "money making blogs" but that some of these contain almost no content and only advertising. Such blogs incidentally also get penalised by Google and other SEs.
6. Poor categorisation: choosing the right category is BR's only targeting mechanism.

Based mainly on those criteria (I believe) BR editors will decide whether a blog is of interest to them or not. Is it possible that some editors are guided also by personal biases? It is but I doubt very much if there is a systematic bias towards atheists at all.

My main beef with BR is that traffic generation is decidedly slow but I kind of more or less expected that, based on past experience with similar traffic exchange programs. I have some 15,000 credits (earned from referrals) waiting for me but no sign of delivery any time soon. But either they deliver or they'll perish: people will start eliminating their widgets soon, if they don't deliver on their promises.

And as I said before my own BR dedicated blog wasn't accepted by BR, probably because of lack of new content. That blog will soon be deleted.

Lexcen said...

I always thought cockatoos were intelligent, since mum had one for many years. This one is obviously talented as well.