Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas To The Joooo Paranoid Internet Circus Freaks

The Super Jew will be in your dreams again tonight as always:

From poster "Kreplach" on the Liberty Forum:

Laugh at the Pathetic Minds of Jew Haters

Bigots are thoroughly intimidated by the Jews presence on Earth. They gape in awe on the accomplishments of the Jews in the last 19 centuries as well as their new subset - the Israelis in just this last fragment of a century. They are desperate for material to tear them down. To make men out of angels. Of course Jews are not angels ; they just have a very intellectual culture! These are the alien Jews who have risen through every culture they have entered. This inspires envy.

So what-to-do. Make fun of individual members and create outright lies to attempt to level the field. But these are efforts of bigots with the minds of children, hence the end result is funny and pathetic!

White supremacists who will lie left and right to defame Jews is the real issue on this board.

Why are they so dedicated? In their hearts THEY believe Jews are superior so their hate fantasy is to drag them down and make them human.

But they are ALREADY human!


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