Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas To The Joooo Paranoid Internet Circus Freaks

The Super Jew will be in your dreams again tonight as always:

From poster "Kreplach" on the Liberty Forum:

Laugh at the Pathetic Minds of Jew Haters

Bigots are thoroughly intimidated by the Jews presence on Earth. They gape in awe on the accomplishments of the Jews in the last 19 centuries as well as their new subset - the Israelis in just this last fragment of a century. They are desperate for material to tear them down. To make men out of angels. Of course Jews are not angels ; they just have a very intellectual culture! These are the alien Jews who have risen through every culture they have entered. This inspires envy.

So what-to-do. Make fun of individual members and create outright lies to attempt to level the field. But these are efforts of bigots with the minds of children, hence the end result is funny and pathetic!

White supremacists who will lie left and right to defame Jews is the real issue on this board.

Why are they so dedicated? In their hearts THEY believe Jews are superior so their hate fantasy is to drag them down and make them human.

But they are ALREADY human!


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BEAJ said...

I complied with Scott's wishes. Though I must admit reluctantly. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
He asked me to work on you, but I decided it wasn't my business, and besides, I can't get you to change your mind about a lot of the issues in Israel, so I figured it would be futile if you decided to keep up the posts.
I wish you would join me on the Liberty Forum. There are creationist nitwits there that show that you don't have to be very bright to post on the internet.
Check this thread out:

Gert said...

I see. Yes, I too believe he's "reformed" on the Holocaust. But that's one of the reasons I'm not taking the posts down: it's all too easy for someone to say "I've changed my mind, now please remove any offensive material I wrote earlier". Letting them get away that easily is a recipe asking for repetition. We'll see whether his conversion holds or not: it's easy to flip-flop, harder to seriously repent... He's still a baby: he'll survive...

Liberty forum? Nah, I dunno. Seems such a waste of time over there. But then I spend a lot of time talking to the blowhards over at Mad Zionist too. I'll think about it. Of course, if I join you there I'll be called a "gay Jew" again, for some reason these types always think I'm Jewish AND gay... I guess they consider that the ultimate insult.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to send you the link to a website that I believe to have anti-semetic tendencies. Just today, the owner of this site linked to another website which claimed Hitler didnt want to go to war in 1939 but "international Jewery" forced him into it.

This person also frequently links to stormfront and other sites that are clearly spewing forth hatred of Jews.

The website is

Now I suggest you watch the site over a period of a few weeks to a few months, just to get a feel for the patterns in his posings.

Take care.

Kreplach said...

I often debate Jew haters on many forums and groups.In this I have gained much insight to the inner Non-logic of these dangerous people who ive in a magical (unreal) and medieval universe.
As a result I have developed many lines of thought or arguements for thses spreaders of lies On My blog (Blogger and you will see just a few examples.