Monday, October 27, 2008

A Tribute To Jorg Haider

Here is a scene from Little Nicky:

Neo Nazi Jorg Haider, like many of his followers, had no problem getting hammered behind the wheel. And like many of his followers, he dealt with his homosexual urges by transferring his hate for himself, by hating Jews and non whites.
Apparently, his fatal crash followed a visit to a gay bar. It makes sense that he was mellowing out in his later years, by directly acknowledging he was gay, thus he had less reason to hate himself and transfer that hate outwards.

This is funny. Over at Bill White's website ( there is a lot of speculation that John De Nugent is gay. Read the comments.

Please note: I feel very strongly that people are born gay, and most gays deal with it by being themselves. There are those who resent the urges they are born with and some deal with that by irrationally hating other groups.

Speaking of Bill White and his web site, White (see recent blog post) has been arrested and jailed without bond for allegedly threatening a juror on his web site.


Gert said...

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Anonymous said...

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Baconeater said...

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