Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Who Controls America?

Anti-semitism (I should says anti-Jewish for the idiotic individuals who are trying to change the meaning of the word) is all over internet. Any imbecile can put together a meaningless edited videos while throwing in rhetoric and lies.

Elder of Ziyon did a pretty funny response to the above video:

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Gert said...

It just dawned on me! How could I not have seen the blatantly obvious before? The Joooos and the Arabs are in a temporary cabal, whose objective is world control, with a take-over of the US of A as a primary objective. Jooooo-Arab infighting is nothing but a smoke-screen, a diversionary tactic, a front, if you will.

Once the Jooooo-Arab alliance has achieved supremacy over Xtian Whitey, they will then battle it out amongst themselves in the Battle of End of Days, Armageddon.

It says so in the Bible (but you need to read really closely...). Now I'm off to write a book about it and establish myself as a wannabe pseudo-historian...