Friday, August 10, 2007

Frank Weltner, Another Joooo Obsessed Paranoid Internet Circus Freak

Frank Weltner, is a librarian without a dental plan. He also runs Jew Watch. It isn't his intention to defame Jews. Yeah, like it isn't my intention to ridicule internet circus freaks likes Frank on this blog. Why can't most Joooo hating imbeciles at least be honest?

Frank Weltner is a crook and a con man. From Wikipedia:
St. Louis City Circuit Judge Julian L. Bush permanently barred Frank Weltner and his site from soliciting funds in Missouri for charitable purposes after it was revealed by State Attorney General Jay Nixon that Frank Weltner had set up multiple websites soliciting funds for Katrina victims and then redirected those wishing to donate to his site that collected money for Jew Watch.[23] A press release from the Attorney General said: "Anyone who takes advantage of the generosity and compassion of his fellow citizens in an attempt to fund his hate-filled Web site should never again be in the position to solicit charitable funds from well-meaning Missourians".[24]

He should have at least spent some of the money he defrauded on his teeth.

Strom actually thinks the Mossad was behind 9/11. He'll buy into any theory that maligns Jews in any way shape or form, no matter if zero evidence exists. He is no different than the other freaks on my Internet Circus Freak list.

He is also a member of the National Alliance, a white nationalist and white supremacist organization. I wonder if he and Kevin Strom shared kiddie porn stories. It is funny, in the following video how he brushes aside NA's mandate:

He has a series of videos on Youtube that seem to be quite popular amongst Muslims and white supremacists (what a combo).

More about Strom. Jayne Gardener take note:

Strom's marriage to his first wife, Kirsten Helene Kaiser, produced three children.[8] Since their marriage ended, Kaiser has spoken out about her life with Strom in several interviews.[8][9] She has also written a book on her experiences with Strom and the National Alliance entitled The Bondage of Self (ISBN 0-9720705-5-9). Kaiser claimed that Strom was an extremely controlling husband who forced her to abstain from meat, forbade her to wear blue jeans, and predetermined her favorite music, Mozart.[9] She has since disavowed the racist beliefs she held while married to Strom and has summarized their years together: "Hundreds of women like me have gotten hooked up with some man from a racist group who controls their lives. I want them to know that if I can escape and regain my soul, they can too."[8]


Distinct Vision said...

Why would America want war in Iraq? When all the gain is for Isreal...Jewish just want terrorise the whole place...thats it...want to be a super power...its impossible for you...its just a will soon know the truth...Israel is country only an occupied state few decade old occupation i shud be clear that indians threw british away after centuries of u r not still permenent...u i'll be out..

And one question!!!!

What right you have to build a country Israel in Arab?

They have not harmed u! If it was in west that u was treated bad...the country should be given there...thts justice...and when videos like this strt bringing the truth out...u'll strt writing things like this it natural!

BEAJ said...

Israel and the Jews have nothing to do with Iraq. If Israel had its way, it wouldn't have been Iraq. What did Israel gain by being in Iraq? More than 50% of Jews in the world are against the war, though the number was higher before the war, because everyone bought Bush and the massive amounts of WMD's Iraq was supposed to have. I have seen no benefit for Israel because of the war. You are a dope.

There is no such thing as Arab land. Land is either owned and/or governed.
What right do 10 million Arabs of Lebanese descent have being in Brazil today? The same right Jews have in being in Israel today.

The Palestine region belonged to the Brits, it was theirs to divvy up, not the Arabs, who only owned 20% of the land.

Are you against migration of Muslims to the West too? Or are you a stark raving hypocrite?

Gert said...

"Dear Scholars and Readers of Jew Watch:" is more or less the opening shot, but then to the average Jew Watch reader, if you can write, you must be a scholar.

Sports also the infamous "Einstein was a plagiarist" by the inimitable and indefatigable Christopher Jon Bjerknes (the one from the Jewish-genocide-of-Armenians-croc).

What a bunch...

Smooth said...

Weltner is a schmuck. The gap between his filthy teeth is not nearly as wide as the one between his ears.

Anonymous said...

The zionist smuck are getting exposed.
You dont no the truth.
The USA getting be the same place like nazi germany.
You know who helped Hitler race to power.
You dont.
The USA and england whit the zionist.
You think i am lying.
Look at the internet the hole story about the Rotshilds,rockefellers,bushes,israel.
The zionst controls today the world.
We are the ants.
Slaves to them.
I give you example's,but 1 is dutch.

Hier komt het vliegtuig van rechts.
En de rook gaat na links.
Is dat niet merkwaardig.

John said...
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