Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jackie Mason, The Ultimate Jew On Youtube

Jackie Mason (The Ultimate Jew) has a Youtube channel and he posts twice a week. I posted the following video on political correctness on my Atheist Jew blog as well, but felt it needed to go here because of all the paranoid Joooo obsessed lurkers I have here:

The reason I posted this here is to further make fun of the Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks like Putrid Grime and Chris Wombat. Oh, and I notice that Putrid Patrick has moved his blog to Wordpress at the same time his paranoia has reached massive proportions when it comes to Google and Joooos. LMAO. This clown is a riot. I picture him smoking Camel cigarettes wearing a tin foil hat while he shakes at his computer reflecting about his worthless life.

Oh, back to Jackie Mason. In the video, Jackie does tell it like it is. A white American walks on eggshells because of political correctness. He is against political correctness and so is most people that I know in the blogosphere.

That being said, I can just see how the paranoid freaks are going to spin this video:
"Jackie Mason is pretending to befriend the goyim (ed. note: cattle, LOL, I'm laughing while typing this, ha ha). This is how the Joooos win over whitey, by pretending to stick up for them, while in private they are using this trust to exploit whitey while planning to end the "white race." Yes, the more "white people" like the Jackie Masons and Jerry Seinfelds of the world, the more the Joooos are able to take over the media and push their agenda to take over the world, as written in the Talmud and the Jewish handbook, The Protocols. It is obvious, Mr. Mason is a Zionist shill. He does what Joooos do best: Power through deception."

Hey, it is easy to figure out these paranoid imbeciles. They are hysterical.

Their blogs are disappearing. The tide must be turning. ROFLMAO. Poor Paranoid Putrid Grime, Blogger didn't want to be associated with his hateful paranoid whinings anymore:)


Joe said...

love the postings, love the listings of all those shmucks, thanks for all the hard work, keep it up.

DoubleTapper said...

If Jackie Mason is The Ultimate Jew, what am I? Chopped liver?

Seriously though, this may be a little off topic but, what's with the 72 virgins anyway? Has anyone ever seen them?

I've been around and I know what their ideal woman looks like. Yuck!

I've got a better offer for them. Don't blow yourself up. Repent, and come visit us in Israel.

Here are 72 of our finest waiting to show you true paradise. No painful suicide required!