Saturday, November 24, 2007

Top Nazi Gets Banned On Internet Forum:) Ron Paul Silent

This is just hilarious:

Done laughing yet. Don't stop. You can continue to laugh at the Joooo obsessed paranoid internet circus freaks like PC Apostate starring Curtis Maynard and Chris Womak, or Patrick Grimm and his Zionist Watch blog. Looks like the Grimester is packing it in for at least the year. Probably, checking back into a mental ward on doctor's orders.
Of course, if you want fun, visit John de Nudnick (John de Nugent) over at the Liberty Forum. The place is full of Holocaust denying Joooo obsessed paranoid nimrods who really need a new hobby and take responsibility for their own lives instead of scapegoating the Jooooish boogeyman.

Again, the reason I link Maynard etc. is because when people Google for him or the others, they inevitably wind up here, and they can see how psychotic these freaks are.

It ensures that these imbeciles won't have much of a political career going. The association these idiots have with Ron Paul as their candidate is political suicide for Paul. And Paul is too much of a coward to address the fact that the David Duke's of the world are behind him and disassociate himself from them. This head in the sand philosophy gives Ron Paul no chance in 2008.


pcapostate said...

Oh come on BEAJ, that post was seriously beneath your potential, it wasn't funny, ammusing, or even educational, it looked like the work of a reactionary rather than the proactive stuff I've seen the BEAJ put together.

BEAJ said...

Very observant of you. I just wanted to feature the video and wrote around it just so I might get more hits by adding Ron Paul to the picture.
The video had me cracking up though.

pcapostate said...

The video is hilarious, I first saw it about 2 months ago. Of course I admire Hitler and won't post it, but nonetheless it had me rolling on the floor.

BEAJ said...

PC, it must be hard living a life where you have to hide who you are like you have on your blog.
BTW, what is it you admire most about Hitler? His one testicle? His homosexual days as a starving artist?, or just his ability to lie to a group of people over and over again?

pcapostate said...


You were at my site earlier today and asked why I hadn't added you to my blogroll, saying that you had added mine to yours. You weren't exactly honest Jew, you're linked to my old and intentionally disabled blog, not the new one at Wordpress.

In any case, I've added you to the PC Apostate's blogrool and will keep the link there for 72 hours at which time I will pull it if you haven't updated your link.


BEAJ said...

I apologize. I know I linked to your new location in a blog post and I thought I made the correction on my blog roll.
I fixed it now.

Geno1998 said...

beaj, why do you bother to communicate with that racist lunatic?

BEAJ said...

Geno, everyone has a mother and was a baby at one time in their lives.
Babies aren't born to hate Joooos or anyone else for that matter. Hatred is a product of environment.
In other words, whatever has led PC to be the Joooo paranoid imbecile he is today, could reverse itself one day. Even if he is a lost cause, the lurkers who read my posts and comments to him and his ilk, will see that his POV is farcical.

Jack's Shack said...