Sunday, September 2, 2007

Judeophobic Sister On Youtube Is A Cop

In a recent post I showed how ridiculous a couple of Judeophobic sisters were. I didn't have to say much, the video I posted did all the talking for me.

Well it turns out that one of the sisters is Susan L. Purtee. As is turns out, she is a patrol cop with the Columbus police force.

The sisters post on Youtube as the Subie Sisters aka The Patriot Dames.

Purtee has been a cop now for 15 years and is apparently close to retirement and a pension. Why she was hired in the first place is a mystery. Back in 1991 the following report was made:

"Undependable, walks off the job (quits) when things don't go her way; job history is deplorable, has not had a steady job for any length of time; several references of insubordination. She claims that she has had so many jobs because she doesn't like direction…

"Has worked 20 years and has nothing to show for it (heavily in debt)," he continued. "Applicant is shallow and does not accept criticism well."

The board's opinion, dated July 31, 1991, was unanimous: Purtee was not acceptable.

On Nov. 10, records show, the city hired her anyway.

She was 100th in her class of 116 at St. Francis DeSales High School, and at the time of her interview was driving an uninsured car.

"Seems to use poor judgment on big decisions," wrote Kim Jacobs, now a division commander.

"Does not like people telling her what to do," wrote Lt. Rickert M. Shewring. "Very opinionated. Is judgmental about people."

Board members noted that she had married and divorced twice, once to a man 32 years her senior and then to a man she met at her first husband's funeral who "left country due to immigration problems," in the words of one reviewer.

After a year of marriage, that husband borrowed all of Purtee's money, $1,500, and left the country because he didn't have his green card, the background report said. They divorced in 1986.

I don't understand why this hasn't made cable news or network news yet. I thought, according to the Subie sisters at least, that the Joooos controlled the media:)

The Utube Blog reports that Purtee has been reassigned to a desk job for now and offers the following opinion about Purtee and free speech:

Analysis: I was interviewed yesterday by a local radio station about whether the officer can be disciplined or whether her speech is protected by the First Amendment. The short answer is: Under Supreme Court case law, I believe the Columbus Police Department can discipline Officer Purtee — even fire her — without any First Amendment problem. (I can’t speak to the City’s internal employee regulations or code of conduct.)

The test under the First Amendment for speech by a public employee is twofold: (1) “Whether the employee spoke as a citizen on a matter of public concern,” and (2) if so, “whether the government entity had an adequate justification for treating the employee differently from any other member of the general public,” such as restricting “speech that has some potential to affect the entity’s operations.” Garcetti v. Ceballos, 126 S. Ct. 1951, 1958 (2006).

In this case, it’s at least debatable whether the speech in the videos involve a “matter of public concern.” If they don’t, then there’s no First Amendment claim for the public employee. But even if they do involve matters of public concern, the government has discretion to restrict speech that has some potential to affect the entity’s operations. In this case, the Columbus Police Department would have a very strong basis to conclude that racially incendiary videos disseminated by a police officer — even while off-duty — can undermine the public’s trust and confidence in the police department, and in the fair and equal administration of law enforcement. Courts would give a lot of leeway to the police department in this kind of case.

In an audio available at the Vanguard News Network. One idiot white supremacist admits to be in contact with Purtee by email, and stated that in the near future he expects the Subie Sisters to be featured on the network. Vanguard's motto "No Jews, Just Right."

What do you think about Purtee still being on the force?

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Picture courtesy of PC Apostate. Thanks Chris.


Skeptodox said...

The reason this hasn't made any news is because it's simply too crazy. People like the cut and dry fire or murder. You-tubing Jew-hating sisters? No way!

pcapostate said...

The reason you haven't heard much about this on television after the inmitial blitz is because Purtee has already stated she won't apologize, thus the Jews are dropping the whole matter ASAP. An unapologetic female cop isn't going to help their disinfo cvampaign - she'll continue to say "It's the Jews Stupid," which might cause Goyim to start scrutinizing kikes closely and ya'll can't afford that can you?

BEAJ said...

PC, you really are paranoid. There is no disinfo campaign. It is known that fringe imbeciles like you and Purtee exist. I think it would be great to see her ridiculed on TV. I think I'm going to send the story to CNN and Fox today just to prove you wrong.
Honestly, you are like a child. Scrutinizing kikes? Grow up. Or don't. Keep being a paranoid waste of space.
You are a conspiracy theorist nutjob. Part of America's lunatic fringe.

Gert said...

Not sure about the 1st amendment thing. It's deplorable that someone like Purtee has the power to arrest people, including those whom she abhors: it's hard to see how detainees from black, Hispanic or Jewish backgrounds could get a fair treatment at her hands. I guess it's that that would have to be proven in court and that's hard to do. My guess is that she would have to act demonstrably racist on the job for any legal action to stand a chance of success. So, in principle the whole thing's an outrage but not that easy to act on legally, IMHO...

Let's face it: other officers may have other less obvious biases (towards "liberals" or "conservatives" for instance) and these biases may also shine through in their work. Where does it end? I know of one Jewish American blogger and law enforcement officer who considers anyone who disagrees with him to be a "communist". Would he treat suspects fairly if he also suspected them of "communism"? Someone who openly (but anonymously) claims all "communists" are traitors and should be banned from the USA? It's a can of worms...

"I think I'm going to send the story to CNN and Fox today just to prove you wrong."

Good luck with that one... Let us know how you get on.

Gert said...


Did you see the SS (Subie Sisters) video being wheeled out on Bill Orally (Shox Noise) last night? For once I find myself more or less agreeing with the Giant Head (about Purtee)... (Doh!) I haven't found a YouTube clip of it yet.

BEAJ said...

I missed it. There is a CNN interview available with one of the sisters on Youtube. It was pretty boring and the interviewer could have used specific examples to bury her.
I wonder what O'Reilly said that made you agree with him. I'm sure they weren't discussing a two state solution.

Gert said...

I doubt if the Two State solution is a concept that would get through to the thick skull of Bill-O: it's too busy denouncing Britney Spears as the end of American culture...

No, he basically said (with characteristic gesticulation) that Purtee shouldn't be a police officer. In principle I agree with that (grumbling...)