Friday, September 7, 2007

White Supremacists Hate The Fact That All Mankind Have A Common Ancestor

I left a comment on what of the Subie Sister's Judeophobic videos on the Jews. It had something to do with me questioning "what exactly is white?" while going on to say that all humans alive today in the world are related to a common ancestor who lived in Africa between 60-150,000 years ago.

I then received this hilarious email from a guy named Trent38xx:

Look, you pig eatin', homo lickin', pimple suckin', negro yer head is the shape of an africuns lower anal cavity. You wrote on the you tube video comment about THE JEWS that we all have black rellytives. You kin lick my armpits cleen cause I ain't got no nappy heads hangin' round MY famly tree!!!
I am a pure red blooded, whiskey drinkin', moonshine makin', tobacco chewin', gun totin', city slicker hind end kicker, liberal hatin', anti-colored people, Archy Bunker lovin', flag fyin', fag fryin', mountain lovin', red blooded Christian Amurican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ain't no coloreds hidin' in my wood pile. Never bin to Africa. Never goin. I hate tigers and monkeys. Specially monkeys on welfare and lazy people who refuse to make moonshine fer a livin'. I listen to Hank Williams and I think modern country singers wear panty hose!
My God fearin' anscesters fought proudly, honestly, and bravely to steal this country frum them redskin savages.
I stanf for religious freedom jus as long as you ain't Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, or anything else outside thu true faith. Every inch of my skin is white except fer my neck which gits red frum bein' exposed every day in thu sun whiles I bail hay onto the wagon and drive the tracter.
I went to thu city one day to git a drink at wut I thought was a country bar. A black female came onto me. At first she turned my stomach. Then after a few more beers she started lookin' more like a Mexican. A few beers later she looked a bit like a Europeeean Jew. Thats when I threw her in my tyrunk. I took it home and chained it out back. Now mu goats don't stray all over the mountainside. They jus stay right there matin' with her all day. Her constant screamin' has scared all thu rats otta thu barn. Now since I am usin' her on mu property that should prove I ain't predgydiced. Most folks wouldn't let it on the property. But listen, I AM BETTER THIN MU GOATS! I'd never poke it. I ain't NEVER poked no animal (well maybe a sheep once when growin' up but I was drinkin' and walkin' in mu sleep so that don't count).
No I ain't frum no Afreeca. Mu blood is mountain blood and no monkeys ever shook the coconuts in MY family tree. So you go out and find yerself a pet porch monkey iffin ya want BUT DON'T PROOJECT YER ANIMAL LUSTS OVER ONTO ME!!!!!
I am not black, yellow, or red. I AM AMURICAN!!!!!!!!!


This was by far the funniest email I've ever received. I don't know if this guy is in tune with whitiness so much that he can laugh at it, or if this guy just lampooning whitey. I checked his Favorites on Youtube the day I got the email, and outside finding the 3 videos by the Subies on the Jews, the rest of the videos are a collection of the most provocative sex videos (hot chick vids) that Youtube allows.

Oh, and speaking of the Subies, it seems Youtube pulled The Jews and The Jews 2. The Jews 3 remains......for now. Poor backward hick, Susan Purtee.


Lexcen said...

Definitely the funniest rant I've read in a long time - it can't possibly be serious.

Jack's Shack said...

That is pretty good.

Gert said...

Lampooning, surely...

Well done too...

Sophie on the Aegaen said...

I lol'd. I watched the "Subie Sisters" videos, and was greatly impressed by the high produckshun value--you can hear their TV is still on in the background in a couple of them--and profeshionalizm with which they presernted themselves. They were like a Mad TV skit come to life.