Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yes folks, it seems that the Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks Patrick Grimm (Putrid Grime) and Chris Womak (Chris Wombat) have decided not to publish my comments anymore. It seems I must have ruffled their little feathers a bit too much with my blatant comments and humorous attacks at these pathetic little clowns.

Both will go on and on about how Joooos suppress free speech and how Joooos control the media and how their sites are where one can find the truth. Yes, they continually go to bat for Ernst Zundel, yet they also try to silence all intelligent rebuttal to their imbecilic posts.

Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y????? But what else can you expect from these raving lunatics?

I don't mind linking their sites and mentioning their names one more time. Because Google searches for Zionist Watch and PC Apostate will bring readers here to begin with.

Click here to view the works of Chris Womak and Curtis Maynard and PC Apostate or Politically Correct Apostate.

And if you must view the paranoid rambling of the nervous wreck who calls himself Patrick Grimm, Zionist Watch can be found by clicking here.

Putrid Patrick Grime (Grimm) is still reeling as his idiotic blog got blacklisted by Google. He especially doesn't like the fact that I picture him as a nervous chain smoker who shakes by his computer while trying to take puffs from his Camel cigarettes. The Joooos made him a nervous wreck ya know. We control him.

Once again. Zionist Watch. PC Apostate. LOL.


Gert said...

"Putrid Patrick Grime (Grimm) is still reeling as his idiotic blog got blacklisted by Google."

Bjay, you sure of this? A Google "Site:zionistwatch.wordpress.com" advanced search (results here) shows 17 indexed pages. That's not much but not the sign of a blacklisted blog. Did you mean blacklisted on Blogger? Or somewhere else?

Even if the blog was effectively banned that would not be a good thing in my view. Grimm is an idiot of unprecedented proportions but having his site banned will only lead to calls of Jooooooos control Google too!. Besides, he's entitled to his idiocies unless of course he really violates the TOS of Google or Blogger...

But going by this he got banned and started up again, this time in WP...

BEAJ said...

I should have been more precise. Google owns Blogger, and Zionist Watch was banned by Blogger.