Sunday, November 11, 2007

John De Nugent (John De Nudnick) Responds; The Paranoid Kook Is Running For Congress

I was told to check out the Liberty Forum from my contact at the IJO. I was told that John De Nudnick has mentioned me. It looks like the info I was told is true as De Nudnick whined away on the forum, trying to deflect the facts. Check out the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic:


On Tuesday afternoon, while I was out of my apartment, unknown individual(s) illegally entered my apartment, bypassing the special Schlage-brand computer-chipped apartment key that my apartment complex issues to all its tenants.

Only the tenant and the rental office have such keys.

When I returned that afternoon to my apartment, the door was wide open, and a red liquid had been sprayed in a silly ribbon pattern over the carpet right at the entrance. (Photo to follow of this foolishness, designed in vain apparently to unnerve me.)

The purpose of this was undoubtedly twofold:

1) to attempt without success to intimidate me a la: "We can enter your apartment at will, and we know when you come and go because we are observing you";
to possible place child porn or another dangerous file on my two computers, a Linux and a new HP laptop with Windows Vista.

This was just before the evening when I gave an important speech to the Council of Conservative Citzens of the National Capital Region, broadcast live on VNN radio at

In this same week, on that exact same Tuesday, a vile Southwest Asian launched a vicious attempt on the Web at character assassination of this American, replete with outright lies and half-truths, on his defamatory, hate-speech website.

I state here and now the following:

1) I served honorably in the US Marine Corps, in whose Reserve I enlisted for six years while at Georgetown University so I could both study and serve my country -- unlike the "Bacon-Eating Jew" lurking in his anonymity and probably without any military service -- with three proud, meritorious promotions.

Some misled Dutch Marines, as I here stated on this thread, from Jew-ruled Holland tried to murder me for my pro-white politics in summer 1979 by cowardly plotting to gang up on me, four-on-one, to throw me overboard at night -- not any of my US Marine brothers.

I was transferred, as i stated on this 21,000-view thread, from Intelligence to an all-black supply unit at Anacostia Naval Air Station in late 1979 -- by my Russian Jew commanding officer, Harvey Philip Gold, who, before my politics were known to him, had awarded me three meritorious promotions and was grooming me for Officer Candidate School.

I further state that Sergeant Jacky Botty, USMC, now of Palm Beach, Florida, stated to me that Gold made homosexual advances to him. Gold also invited me over to his apartment and would show me his Marine Corps gold sword made in England, while stroking it tenderly.

I transferred on my own initiative from the all-black Marine Reserve supply company into which Gold had shoved me to another branch of the Armed Services, the Virginia Army National Guard, where I was honored as Guardsperson of the Year of 1980 in that infantry company in Winchester, Virginia by Captain John Holt, a former Marine himself as well, a fine and charismatic officer who also looked a bit like Errol Flynn.

I was molested for years as a child by a pedophile ring with the active participation of my own mother, who subsequently spent numerous incarcerations at Butler Psychiatric Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, which later told my father that they could not take such a violent patient any longer. She finally found bizarre solace in the Jehovah's Witnesses sect, into which she dragged me until I escaped that fortress-like sect as well, and joined the Marines.

I will write of these horrors of how men and women rape boys, kill small animals to terrify children, and do things so horrific that I passed out four times when memories were triggered -- twice at a Georgetown human reproduction biology class -- but only in an appendix for those who wish to know more; most recoil in horror at any of the details. I recommend Clint Eastwood's film "Mystic River" for a sense of just 5% of what I suffered for years. I am proud that I am still alive, just as a beaten dog may live but always is ready to show his teeth.

I sought various kinds of psychiatric help after 1987, but never mentioned the pedophile abuse out of shame. Finally, I called the United Way of Rhode Island hotline for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse in July 2003.

My then-wife, Brigitte Harle, who did not disclose before our marriage her part-Jewish background from the international Schlumberger family (of France and Texas/USA), persuaded me to obtain a loan for her -- from my then best friend, at whose wedding I was years before the best man -- of $100,000. This was to enable her to purchase a small and failing ski hotel in an out-of-the-way valley of the southern area of the French Alps, while I pursued my wiriting career.

She wasted $45,000 of that loan in multiple incompetent attempts to get French banks to lend her money for the additional sums she needed to buy the hotel.

Once the money was gone, she dumped me -- without conscience, alone and penniless -- in her country of France, in December 2004, without any work permit being thereafter obtainable, and told the whole world there I was a monster and a Nazi.

Without even money to call the US, and finding myself once again in the clutches of a ruthless and ferocious woman, causing me to relive the entire trauma of years of horrors as a boy, I slashed my wrists with a steak knife to leave this horrifying life -- because I was ashamed that my noble and generous friend had lost $45,000 (some of which was taken from his college fund for his kids) due to my own misplaced trust in my part-Jewish Schlumberger wife.

The police came and gently asked me if I would like to go to a hospital overnight. I said Yes, and I voluntarily entered a hospital in Aix-en-Provence in France (which BTW is a beautiful old city north of the Mediterranean and Marseilles, famous for French Impressionist painters).

I voluntarily stayed there for four months because I was otherwise entirely penniless and homeless. I was never committed against my will, contrary to the lies of the "Bacon-Eating Jew" and Ms. Schlumberger-Harle; I came and went from there as I pleased, and on April 19, 2005 (on the anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution in Concord and Lexington, Mass.) I released myself and flew to Washington DC to become a chief writer, and, for a time, associate editor of, the Barnes Review magazine -- of which I am immensely proud, and to whose financial turnaround I helped contribute with other talented patriots.

At no time, I state to correct the lies of these various lying Jews, was there any attempt by French or US authorities to take me into any kind of custody. A ruthless part-Jewish gold-digger had destroyed my life, and I needed a rest from her and the trauma and financial devastation she inflicted on me.

I subsequently courageously sought out one year of weekly "cognitive behavioral therapy" for survivors of sexual abuse. And, by the way, the special therapist was Jewish, and excellent. There are decent Jews who are not part of the Jewish Mafia terrorizing the world, just as there are good Italian-Americans who are not in the Italian Mafia.) This highly effective "cognitive behavioral therapy" does not delve into or rehash the old trauma, but creates a thought pattern of analyzing constantly how the old trauma seeks to resurface and attempts to keep on haunting, ruining and affecting one's life today in the here-and-now. I recommend it to anyone who has undergone a scarring experience -- which actually is very many of us -- which still sears one's psyche and may even cause nightmares, phobias and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome today. (USA today reported that 30% of US troops returning from Iraq need psychiatric care after the trauma of that Jewish-lie-caused war. Thank you, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and then-Cheney chief of staff Irving Scooter Libby/Liebowitz.)

2) There is no way that there can be any vile, loathsome, child porn on my computers -- unless it was placed there with wicked and felonious intent during the invasion of my apartment on Tuesday by Israelis or their American minions in the police state.

In my race for Congress in 1990, I called for the death penalty for child molesters.

I call for DEATH for all child molesters today. I call for the prosecution of those who invaded my home. I call for the expulsion of all Southwest Asian hate speech criminals and war criminals to a penal island such as Madagascar, which was Hitler's clear intent for the Jews, as confirmed by the Jewish Enclyclopedia.

I call on all Americans to be on eternal guard against the threats to our freedom and safety from our Jewish Big Brother government.

I am hereby putting all LF readers on notice that at 1:15 pm, Saturday, November 10 (which BTW is the Marine Corps Birthday) I am now having a Windows and Linux security expert search my computers for any files illegally put on my computers. I am also searching my apartment for any child porn or other illegal printed materials or videos.

You are my witnesses, in case I am being railroaded.

"You [Jewish leaders] are from your father, the Devil, and he is a liar and the father of the lie." John 8:44, the words of Jesus of Galilee.

And I assure the racist, white-hating Jews who instigated this crime, and the part-Jewish ex-wife, that nothing they do can intimidate me in fighting them every day of my life until our total victory. As they failed to shut down the "No More Wars for Israel' conference they will likewise fail to stop the liberation struggle of the millions of Americans of European heritage, and of our white brothers and sisters overseas on the mother continent, in South Africa, Australia and elsewhere.

No regime built on flimsy lies can long survive, no culture without values, and no economy held together with toothpicks. The "Jewnited Snakes" regime will crash, and we will replace it with a new order of social, economic, and cultural uplift for our beloved white nation, one that has given the world so many marvels of art, science, statecraft, exploration and courage.

This is my answer, home invasion Jews, and defamation Jews, to your intimidation scheme against this here fighting American.


I'm 4th Generation Canadian. One quarter middle eastern and 3 quarter European ancestry. I hope that helps John. I never served. I was never asked to serve, as Canada was not at war when I was growing up.

I actually agree with John regarding what should happen to child molesters. But I can't believe that John is not still in a psycho ward regarding his other paranoid views. He should be.

What is with Aryans being child molesters anyway? The kind of stuff that allegedly happened to John when he was a child doesn't happen much in Jooooish homes.

I can't believe this sick delude paranoid loser is running for Congress. Is this the best the white supremacist movement can come up with?

I found a campaign song that is appropriate for John De Nugent (John De Nudnick)'s political campaign:


Gert said...

Sad thing is, he probably stands a chance to get elected. Wasn't David Duke a congressman (or senator, I forget)?

Then they say with a straight face that racism in the US doesn't exists anymore...

sallie parker said...

John's story sounds very balanced and heartfelt to me. I would mistrust anyone who didn't show occasional volatility of emotions. That includes "Jacko."

Baconeater said...

John is certifiable. I know this for a fact.