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After making my post on the disastrous No More Wars For Israel conference, I was contacted by The IJO LLC(The International Jewry Organization LLC, headquartered in Roanoke, VA). I was then given mounds of information on John De Nudnick aka John De Nugent. I've decided to reprint the following email with The IJO's blessing:

Dear Atheist Jew:

The nazi party, the VNN and the Stormfront community are a real source for psychiatrists. Looking at the list of the members, we can see that an unusually high percentage of them suffer from mental problems. Just look at their leaders for example.

Joe Fields is a child molester and John De Nugent spent several months in a psychiatric hospital in France after spending many years with psychiatrists in Massachusetts. And who can forget kiddie porn collector/wife beater Kevin Strom, the former leader of the National Vanguard.

These three cases are not isolated, just by reading police reports, each time a nazi wannabe is arrested, you have an idea of the mental level of the members. Hitler, their mastermind, was mentally sick, just like his all circle. But what is funny is that the nazi wannabes deny the horrors performed by Hitler and his cronies. The actual nazis were so proud of their camps, of all the atrocities their sick minds, so proud seeing people dying of hunger, diseases, so proud killing babies, young kids, elderly people, so proud to kill people suffering of mental disease... just like themselves! And now, the actual nazi wannabes say all this is a big lie! That in fact the camps were not extermination camps and the gas chambers never existed!
Sure... they were fairgrounds, huge camping places. All one has to do is talk to the real survivors and listen carefully what they have to say. In fact, all one has to do is look at the archives left by the meticulous nazis.

Let’s talk about John De Nugent and his interesting case. He wants to run for congress? Here is some information on the sick basturd:

He claims to be a former Marine. True, he was a Marine but he had to resign, and only his father’s reputation saved him from jail and he never mentions that he is still alive thanks to a Jewish officer that saved his life when 4 Marines wanted to send him overboard in the ocean. He claims to be a former translator for the secret services of the Marine Corps. This is a total lie. He never conducted any interrogation and never belonged to the services he claims. He resigned just to avoid jail.

He was arrested in France and sent to the psychiatric emergency for 3 days and after a psychiatric evaluation. He was not released, but sent for 4 months in a psychiatric hospital. Diagnosed with heavy mental diseases.

Then, he had the choice to go back willingly to the USA (to be deported – handcuffed and delivered to the US authorities), or to go to jail in France for death threats against his former wife. She got the annulment of the marriage for fraud and there is still an active complaint for death threats and possible attempted murder.

Even his family is ashamed of his activities and ashamed of all the false allegations he spread about his own parents.

He is so sick that he thinks the Mossad, the CIA, the FBI, the former KGB, the secret services of the whole world are looking after him and kill him because he is a threat to all the governments... He is the savior of the world, only he can save the world, in his own demented mind

He believes the secret services want to kill him it is because he knows the truth about Kennedy’s assassination.

It is really funny to read his written diaries about politicians having mental issues! He transfers his owns problems on others. He accuses others in order to try to hide his own problems but he can’t fool anybody (except for nazi wannabes in his small group, who generally have IQ's well below normal).
He claims to be a great neo-nazi. Do the people of his group know he asked for a pardon from the ADL? That he tried to join some Jewish organization? That he claimed to be a democrat? That he proposed to give all the information about the nazi groups in the USA and their contacts abroad?

And it is this kind of person that thinks to run for Congress? The only reason De Nugent is considered one of the leaders in the white supremacist/Jew hating community is because he is one of the very few who is able to publicly speak. Their leaders are the ones with IQs close to 100. They are considered geniuses to the rest of the Stormfront/VNN crowd.


IJO Agent Z236

Once more, I'm not going to take the time to try to authenticate any part of the letter above. But it sure sounds true. Just check out his profile on Youtube:

Videos to promote the civil rights of European-Americans, the modern Solutreans; comments at john@johndenugent.com
Name: John de Nugent
Age: 53
I finally triumphed, recently, over the devastation -- as a defenseless boy -- of being molested by psychopaths for years. I've come to realize that sociopaths or psychopaths -- a whopping 4% of the U.S. population according to Harvard scientist Martha Stout, that is, over 12 million individuals -- regularly inflict life-searing trauma (as I estimate from my years teaching high school and my life experience) on about 50% of the people walking around out there. The whole world has been harmed, pained and distorted by them. My life is now dedicated to getting psychopaths out of society, especially by identifying them and by purging our politics and our "mainstream" media of their sadistic, lying egos. So many decent people have been humiliated, bullied, terrified, degraded, crushed, and even raped or killed by the sneering, smirking sociopaths, or psychopaths, lurking in both high and low places in our country, including the boss from hell and the truly vicious "ex." I feel for all our boys being brought back mutilated, dead or as damaged, psychological hair-trigger personalities because of the war in Iraq -- a conflict started by a malignant, cokehead moron who stole both elections for president. It gives me, however, great joy to bring hope to others, especially the discouraged, to know my duty and to fulfill it. I love Cyndi Lauper's 1984 song "Time After Time" and her lyrics that express the leadership I offer to Americans today: "If you're lost, you can look--and you will find me, time after time/If you fall I will catch you—I WILL be waiting -- time after time." I want to be there for all, of all decent races and peoples, who want a healed world. Though some might say, as in the Lauper song, "I'm walking too far ahead," I reply: "Then you say 'Go slow'-- I fall behind-- the second hand unwinds." We have no time to waste by going slow, when every value we have, including personal freedom itself, is being assaulted by a soulless money machine, a pitiless industrial war machine, a near-police state into which this System has made our once-great, once-beloved, once-respected America. I pick up the gauntlet; we fight back.
City: Alexandria, Virginia
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Country: United States
Occupation: former Marine; aspiring political leader, speaker, writer, mentor
Companies: barnesreview.org
Interests and Hobbies: reading great literature and poetry in various languages, and also works of psychology; weightlifting; emailing friends worldwide; keeping up with Marine Corps news, and talking with all our fighting veterans who return from Iraq
Movies and Shows: HBO series Rome; 8 Mile, with Eminem, who stands up for himself as a European-American on the black rap scene, and overcomes a rough childhood; YouTube's - Illegal Immigration www.octobersunfilms.com - (full length: The Illegal Immigration Invasion, video.google.com); Ice Age Columbus (Discovery Channel about Solutreans); Jerry Maguire, a hotshot becomes a caring man.
Music: Sons of Sommerled; Time After Time/Cyndi Lauper for both music and lyrics; Pachelbel's Canon in D; folk music by by the Kingston Trio; Preussens Gloria military march; Nessun Dorma, sung by Pavarotti (a real goose-bumper; Ah, May the Red Rose Live Alway, art song by Stephen Foster, sung by Margaret Huffstickler; Russian national anthem and America the Beautiful.
Books: The Secret Sales Pitch, by August Bullock, exposing psychological manipulation and the horror filter; the Bhagavad Gita; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; Goethe's Faust; The Barnes Review magazine; plays of Edward de Vere, who for me was certainly the true Shakespeare.
Website: http://www.libertyforum.org/

Margaret Huffstickler is his new fiancee. She is just as ugly inside as she is on the outside.

John de Nudnick in his own words can also be found here on the Liberty Forum. Notice how he doesn't mention Jews in his biography on Youtube, but he holds nothing back in the Forum or on his videos.

And in more news it seems Chris Wombat (Chris Womak) and Shmurtis Maynard (Curtis Maynard) were given the boot from Blogger, and just like Putrid Patrick Grime (Patrick Grimm), were forced to move to the PC Apostate blog to Wordpress. I'm sure The IJO LLC, had something to do with it. LMAO at these paranoid freaks.

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