Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dr. Kevin MacDonald: Aryan Jew Expert

Gotta love this interview. At least the first bit, when Palestinian American Hesham Tillawi finds that he bit off more than he can chew by interviewing Dr. Kevin MacDonald, author and psychology professor.

You see, MacDonald has written many books on Jewish social evolution. He is applauded by white supremacist groups all over America and Europe because of his views on how, why, and when Jooooos have taken control of the media, the banks, and have changed "white" culture wherever they went.

You get the idea that MacDonald believes his findings are scientific fact, but they are only based on Joooo paranoid speculation. The only thing scientific about his studies is the FACT that Khazar theory is bull crap. That kind of stuff can be studied scientifically using gene research.

Tillawi obviously didn't research his guest very well. Instead of just piling on the rhetoric that Jooos control the US senate and that is why the US supports Israel, he got toasted by the fact that MacDonald's research has debunked Khazar theory. Tillawi's reaction in the interview is priceless, because the biggest contention the Paliphiles have is their idea that most Joooos are Khazar and their ancestors never set foot in the middle east.

White supremacist sites often quote MacDonald, except for the Khazar part. And MacDonald himself, is a Judeophobe who either won't face up to the fact honestly or is too stupid to realize it. He went to bat for David Irving, on the basis that his mandate to do so, was free speech.

To be honest, I agree with some of MacDonald's findings regarding reasons for success and intelligence, but I think they go way too extreme. What he misses, is that the reason Jews appear to have control is that on major issues regarding ethics and morality, the average Jew meshes very well with Western morals and ethics. At least, what the majority in the West want. The West is capitalistic, and if collectively, they didn't like what the media was saying, or what was on TV, etc. Jews would just go broke:) The main reason that the US supports Israel is because once you strip the irrational Jooo hating, you are left with a state that pretty much represents Western ideology.

Here is an article on the controversy of MacDonald as a university professor.

MacDonald's views on genetic isolation is controversial, but it does carry some merit. Too bad he didn't talk about it with respect to the Arab Muslim world.


The Sentinel said...

I am not sure what you saw, but I think he put his case across very well.

Most Jews are Ashkenazi, and therefore most Jews are merely Khazar converts.

History tells us this, just as history tells us that the Nazis received major funding from Jewish sources.

In his book, I Paid Hitler, Thyssen admitted that the Nazis themselves had been obliged to recognize the services rendered by the Jewish Simon Hirschland Bank in Essen, which had arranged Wall Street loans for Hitler through another Jewish bank in New York, Goldman Sachs & Co. For a long time no-one dared lay hands on the Simon Hirschland Bank, despite pressure from the extremist element of the Nazi Party.

Why would they do that, do you wonder?

BEAJ said...

Sentinel, you must really be a thick wilfully ignorant moron.
MacDonald states explicitly that genetic research proves that the overwhelming majority of Joooos today trace back to Joooos in the middle east.
Here is a paper on the subject.

And as for your other crap you spewed here, give me a source from a non biased site. If that was true, it should easily be verified by a non Holocaust/ non Jooo paranoid web site.

I know you have a hard time handling this because it goes against your retarded agenda.

Good Will Douching said...

Sentinel, did you even WATCH the video? Idiot.

shlemazl said...

Kevin M. keeps mixing some valid points with plain old racist conspiracy theories not that different from the Protocols. His performance at the Lipstadt trial demonstrated what a moron he really is. I certainly wouldn't call him a "scientist".

The Sentinel said...

Yeah, well whatever.

I am sure you wouldn't agree.

And for documentation of Wall Street and the dominant banking there gang financing the Nazis, try Wall Street and The Rise Of Hitler by Anthony C. Sutton.

Or has that been debunked too??!!!

BEAJ said...

"Yeah whatever"
Proof you are a wilfully ignorant Jooooo paranoid imbecile.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
From what I read of the reviews it goes on about how some US firms and Zionist Jooos who were involved in the financing and doing business with Hitler's rise prior to 1933.
It is a known fact that Zionist organizations were trying to swing a deal to get Joooos to the Palestine region. It stopped in 1933. And it is a fact that Henry Ford was a Joooo paranoid retard too, who gave out thousands of copies of the Protocols of Zion. And lots of Americans supported the Nazis, there was an American Nazi Party, I believe.
And if one Joooish firm helped broker a few deals with Nazis prior to 1933, so what? The US did business with the Bin Laden family big time prior to 9/11.

And there were many Americans who were Communists too.

I don't see your point.

You say it is historical. What is your point? Does it mean Jooooos were Hitler's friend and that they knowingly financed the Holocaust, or as I'm sure you put it, the Holohoax?

Joooos occupy your head 24/7, Sentinel. You have a major inferiority complex and you feel you will never be able to compete with the big bad Joooo.

And you can't handle truths like common ancestry evolution and all the evidence in the world won't matter to you. You still think you came from either special creation or a white primate that isn't related to the primates that were the ancestors of non whites.

You will also ignore all evidence that the Khazar theory is crapola.

In other words, you are pathetic when it comes to the truth. Just a small small "human" being.

BEAJ said...

One more thing Sentinel, there is no need for me to go to your blog anymore. Sure, you are as Judeophobic as anyone, but you are an impotent fool who gets maybe 5 hits a day, and the fact that your comments here prove you to be a moron, I'll just let you foam at the mouth about Joooos in your little Joooo paranoid world.
You represent the lunatic fringe of Britain. A waste of space.

Gert said...


Sentinel does indeed represent the lunatic fringe of Britain. Every family's got a Mad Uncle and he's it.

I think Sentinel wouldn't even hang out with his potential buddies in the National Front, because they wouldn't be extreme enough for him. Regarding Joooooos, Sent will buy into any conspiracy theory that confirms his sterile beliefs regarding Jewish perfidity/inferiority/superiority/whatever.

In Victorian and Edwardian times anti-Semitism was rather rife in Britain. Early eugenics was also developed in Britain and soon became popular throughout Europe. Sent may well be drawing on that "tradition".

The Germans enthusiastically embraced these ideas [eugenics] in Namibia and later the Nazidiots went to Tibet (lol!) to find their Aryan Master Race. Eugenics was also used as a justification for the Final Solution.

If I was to buy into racial theory, based on Sentipoop, I'd really have to conclude that some in the White Race are a few sandwiches short of the full picnic. Definitely a few MIS (Moronic Idiocy Syndrome) genes in that gene-pool... But I don't believe in racial theory, so with Occam's razor in hand, I have to conclude Senti is just a plain old idiot.

Gert said...

Off topic:

Scotty's telling me to shut up.... Aaaahhh, now I have my full name in the title of a blogpost. Joy!!

The Sentinel said...

That's right, insult away. You always know your close to the truth when you get a knee-jerk reaction like this- I remember your favourite technique is to say that dissenters are mentally ill and gert's is to say they have been sexually abused as a child, and then you call me hateful.

I have quite a few readers, not that it really matters, but most seem to agree and have no need to comment.

And if you haven't already figured it out, i am not really after attracting you and yours to the blog.

And trust me I am not part of any lunatic fringe, there are many, many people that think the way I do, more every day with each machination and each step closer to the next manufactured proxy war.

Keep laughing and shouting, before you know it we will be in charge.

BEAJ said...

Lost on you, because you are such an imbecile is the fact that I insult you because your mindset is laughable.

You are a Joooo paranoid creep. You will die a pathetic loser and your mind will only become more numb as time progresses.

You idiots are a dime a dozen. An impotent cretin who knows how to lie on a blog.

Oh yeah, I'm really shaking that retards like you are gonna rise up.

Whitehood is a dead concept. You can't even accept facts of evolution. You are nothing but a retarded primate.

Gert said...


Well, over here we're waiting for that "uprising" with baited breath.

On your political platform you'd get one vote: yours.

I jokingly ONCE said I thought you were sexually abused. I knew it would hit the spot, and boy, did it do just that.

For a potential "strong man" you're rather a cry-baby, aren't you? Them White genes, I guess...

You're one of the biggest imbeciles I've come across in a long, long, long time. Congrats!!!

southfield_2001 said...

sentinel, I won't say you're mentally ill and I won't make any charges about you being molested as a child...but, damn, you are a moron.
gert, it seems more likely that sentinel was dropped on the head as a baby. You find that a lot in Joooo-obsessed dimwits.

The Sentinel said...

I love it; I must be all of these things becasue I help expose and publicise the corrupt, underhanded and dangerous games the Zionists play with us all, ordinary Jews included.

I suppose there are no conspiracies in the world of the initiate or the world of the naive.

The Freemasons don't exist; Watergate didn't happen; the Iran-Contra affair never took place; the Gulf of Tonkin incident didn't spark Vietnam; there really were WMD's in Iraq , etc, etc, Ad Infinitum

We live in a free, open world where every action and decision is pure and motivated only by the best possible interests of those involved and no other considerations are taken into account- that would be wrong.

Bush and Blair are the very models of morality, decency and integrity and never a lie has passed their lips.

All of their decisions are made solely by them.

Gert said...


"The Freemasons don't exist; Watergate didn't happen; the Iran-Contra affair never took place; the Gulf of Tonkin incident didn't spark Vietnam; there really were WMD's in Iraq , etc, etc, Ad Infinitum"

I could point to many other incidents that really did happen, as could you: they are well proven and documented, but no ad infinitum list of such events exists. There are also loads and loads of crocs out there, including "9/11, t'wos the Mossad wot did it" and many, many others.

What all these though prove about the "Jewish Conspiracy" is what I'd like to know.

The origin of anti-Semitism is religious in nature: without that root cause AS would almost certainly hardly exist at all. You're buying into an old hatred and interpreting everything you dislike about Jews from that old hatred.

BEAJ said...

Yes Senile, politicians do lie. Yes, lobby groups who donate big money have a large influence on the government.
Lobby groups in the US like the Christian evangelicals and the drug companies, and the tobacco and oil companies have a heck of a lot more influence than the Joooooooooos.

You are a conspiracy nutter. Just like you wilfully ignore all the evidence that you trace back to Africa, you also will believe anything that implicates Joooos. Facts and reality are not part of your pathetic world.

The Sentinel said...

"It has been widely assumed that modern humans—Homo sapiens—first traveled out of Africa and settled in central and Western Europe before heading to Eastern Europe. That may not be the case. Recent finds from a site in Russia about 250 miles south of Moscow suggest that the first humans in Europe were Eastern European...

Radiocarbon and other dating methods also helped establish that the artifacts—stone blade fragments, scrapers, shell ornaments, a bone awl, and various digging and carving tools—are an astonishing 42,000 to 45,000 years old."

southfield_2001 said...

"We live in a free, open world where every action and decision is pure and motivated only by the best possible interests of those involved and no other considerations are taken into account- that would be wrong."

We live in a free, open world (those of us in the west, anyway) where morons can buy a computer and spew bullshit all over the internet, witness sentibull.

BEAJ said...

Yes Sentinel, the early European humans who left Africa around 100,000-60,000 years ago were very clever.
But they came from somewhere. They didn't just spout up in Blue Danube forest.
And evolution is fact, so your ancestor is still a stinking primate, the same stinking primate as every Joooo and negro on this planet.

I can handle it. You can't.

The Sentinel said...

The article and the new find is saying that these people did NOT leave Africa, but were distinct and unique.

And nowhere does it mention primates either.

Probably because of the 'missing link.'

We know that Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal coexisted simultaneously, with some evidence pointing to Homo Sapien remains in Australia over 117,00 years ago, long before the rise of the Neanderthal- man did not 'evolve' from this species.

BEAJ said...

The article states that the first human beings may have settled in Eastern Europe first instead of settling in Western and Central Europe first.

Read this about common ancestry

We all have "spearchucker" blood Senile, whether you like it or not.

And Neanderthals branched off from homo sapiens and are distinct, though interbreeding may have occurred, just like our ancestors did with chimps 5 million years ago.

You should really try to look at an evolution branch chart to see how it works.

Gert said...

Aaaahhh, but at least the dreaded primates weren't mentioned; that makes that "theory" all the more attractive to Sentinel and many other White supremacists. I mean, how could the original Herrenvolk have evolved from an ape-like creature?

This is the same argument that was used against Darwin, of course. These people don't really move on, do they?

Over at Sent's he's sporting a pic of two negroid looking monkeys (with glasses!).

The Sentinel said...

They are clearly Uran Utans,and it is clearly a a parody of evolution-I find it absolutely amazing that you believe that these monkeys look like 'Negroids' and I think it reveals a lot about your real attitude to blacks- when you link blacks to monkeys with absolutely no reason other then your own perceptions- you have to wonder, who is the real racist here?

Gert said...

Nice try, Sent!

The Sentinel said...

Its a serious observation.

You looked at the image of two Uran Utans and saw "Negroids"- blacks.

There was no suggestion of it either implicitly or explicitly, in text or in image, but that YOU what you saw.

Monkeys = blacks.

I would revaluate my position and consider my intrinsic beliefs if I were you.

Gert said...

Considering the accompanying text tries to justify the theory of White racial supremacy by cloaking itself in pseudo-science borrowed from EB, that connection was easy to make. Monkeys = blacks is an association many racists make, that's what I was pointing out.

But you knew that too, you're only playing games...

The Sentinel said...

No, you were not pointing that out at all, in fact what you said was "Over at Sent's he's sporting a pic of two negroid looking monkeys (with glasses!)" which is far removed from pointing out any prior monkeys=blacks stereotyping, you were saying that the monkeys LOOKED like blacks (or Negroids, as you put it) by YOUR OWN perception.

That is what you saw when you looked at two Uran Utans.

Wriggle as much as you like, you said it, you thought it, the game is up.

Gert said...

What I saw was two monkeys with glasses, above a text that tries very feebly to use a made-up concept ("Differential Human Evolution") to try and prove that White racial superiority can somehow be proven by evolution and genetics.

Whoever read your piece and agreed with it would probably also have come to the conclusion that you were ridiculing Blacks as underdeveloped "ape like" evolutionary losers. That is after all the tenure of the piece.

The Sentinel said...

If you say so, but the fact is that you said the the two Uran Utans were negroid looking.

That is, you said to your mind these monkeys looked like blacks.

I can understand why you want to back-pedal now, given your apparent stance, maybe it was just a very revealing Freudian slip who knows, but its out in the open now.

BEAJ said...

I just ventured out over to Seniles blog. Besides feeling very dirty from reading the post in question and superior to him because of what he is, I left a comment.

What a paranoid Jooo obsessed creep.

Anyway, I really don't care about the comment about the apes. In Gerts defense, when going to Seniles blog you go there with a mindset that Senile believes if it aint white it aint right.

A three year old know Amadjihad wants to blow up Israel. Senile wants to blow it up too.
But to make a post contrary to it, is just too laughable.

The Sentinel said...

You managed to read and comprehend that post, and the other one in 1 min 36 seconds, quite an achievement!

What does it matter if you care about the ape comment- can you absolve people at will? Do you have some special moral standing above others? Your word is final judgement?

Did you think those Uran Utans looked like "Negroids" too?

Understandably, despite your bluster (and limited time frame) you didn't comment on the President Ahmadinejad propaganda lie post- it would be a little difficult given the facts.

Seeing as he has never said it,how do you know he wants to blow Israel?

Seeing as I have never said, I how do you know I do?

The truth is, if all the Zionist's moved there and lived peacefully I would be the biggest supporter on the planet- well one of them anyway.

BEAJ said...

I skimmed your article because I rarely read your quotes. But I did read the commentary in a separate window, again skimming through most of your bs.

I have no interest in reading your spew on Amadjihad. I know that you don't have a grip on truth or reality, so it is a waste to even spend this much time on you.

For sure, not on your blog with its 5 readers (if that).

I don't mind shooting you down here, because I have nothing to hide and I don't need to lie or be deceptive to make a case by selectively cherry picking material for an argument, which is usually a meaningless argument coming from you.

You could sum up all your spew in 3 words, instead of writing all the bs you write.

Try it "I hate kikes"

That is your message, you fool no one.

The Sentinel said...

Yeah, righto- you didn't read it but you know its not true; which is odd because you friend gert agrees with it.

I have told you before I don't hate anyone, ordinary Jews included- its the warmongering Zionist manipulators that I (and most other people) have a serious problem with.

Ted Heath said...

Emergency Preparedness

There is a larger perspective to the involvement of jewish financiers and zionists in collusion with wall street gois, Henry Ford, and the Bank of England in financin the National Socialists.

To get the background that has been missin, in most circles, til about last year search for Leo Zagami and Eric Jon Phelps. Their material abounds.