Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Finally, there is proof that Jew paranoid self loathing imbeciles, who are members of Stormfront have a guideline. Their commandments if you will. Apparently David Duke wrote them while he did his latest stint in prison. He obviously found some time, in between servicing Bubba to complete the Stormfront Manifesto.

Organized Jewry Headquarters (OJH) in Moose Jaw has sent me a copy for blog review. I am honored to be the first person allowed outside of headquarters to read and to comment on the Manifesto. The Manifesto pretty much tells all Stormfront members how to think, act, and react, and most importantly, how to attempt to gain control of the world from the Jews.

This chapter outlines things like food, drink, and sex. For example, "never order out from a Chinese Food store because Jews order out a lot." And "never eat inside a Chinese Restaurant because the Chinese Restaurants that aren't owned by Jews, give big discounts to Jews who eat there." "You can only eat Chinese food in food courts in non business sections of cities. You can't eat bagels, not even plain bagels with bacon and cheese."
When it comes to sex, "you can only have sex with white women." "Most white women will give you a hard time for being a racist, but there is always a special white woman who will be your bride. She'll probably weigh a lot more than you like, but she is white, and you have to keep the race pure. Of course, in the mean time,practicing on your mom and sisters is always advisable, just don't tell anyone, and if you sister or mom threatens to open their mouths about it, you can punch them in the face until they forget about it. If you get your sister or mom pregnant, put the child up for adoption as soon as it is born, and make sure that a white couple wind up adopting it."
"Whatever happens behind bars though, stays behind bars. You may grow very close to a black man, or two, or three, in prison, but remember, that it is because you weren't allowed conjugal visits from your mom or sisters. That black man will rob and steal from you once you are out of the can. Just remember that. He didn't love you."
"Beer is very important. Make sure you get a good factory job away from Jews that will at least keep you in beer money. Unfortunately, many Stormfront members lose their jobs because of their love for beer. Welfare doesn't allow you to drink as much beer as you'd like, that is why God Almighty invented Meth and airplane glue."

This chapter defines Jews as anyone who is in power, anyone who supports Israel, anyone on TV who isn't black, anyone who owns a store, anyone who has an IQ over 100, and/or anyone who turns you down for a loan.
"It is important to understand that all Jews are brought up to hate non Jews, and especially Aryans. Remember, they are all taught the Talmud by their parents and their Jew teachers. Parents tuck in Jew children to bed by reading them chapters of the Protocols of Zion every night." "All quarter and most one eighth Jews are taught the same thing."

David Duke admits this is tough one because most of the time Stormfront members are too drunk or high on meth to be an affective cohesive group. "What is most important is to blame the Jew for anything and everything nasty that goes on in your personal life and the entire world. It doesn't matter if you can't find a Jewish connection, you must invent one. And you must stick with it. Never blame anyone else. Even if you see proof to the contrary, it is best to ignore it, or you will eventually become putty in the Jew's hands." "Example: 9/11- The Jews, Iraq- The Jews, Kennedy assassination- The Jews, Global Warming- The Jews, High gas prices- The Jews. See? It is easy once you practice a little. You don't even have to present proof, and if you need proof, Stormfront has agents on the internet who set up websites to back you up. Again, ignore contrary evidence, the more you question, the more you become a Jew."
"Eventually, if you blame the Jews enough, the world will believe you, and the Jews will no longer be in control."

This chapter gives the OK to loathe Arabs, but not in public, not until Israel disappears. Until then, the Arab is to be supported. Use quotes from Arab websites to blame the Jews. They will use quotes from Stormfront too. "Once Stormfront gets rid of the Jews, the Arabs will be easy to take down, because they think we are their friends."

David Duke is very paranoid that the Stormfront Manifesto would fall into the publics eye. He devotes an entire chapter on telling his readers to deny it exists, or if shown it, call it an obvious forgery of Jewish fantasy. Even though, what is written in the Manifesto is impossible to deny, "you must deny that you read it."

Oh, and us Jews can laugh our asses off at the Stormfront imbeciles very easily. They are to be laughed at. That is their purpose on this planet. They are our court jesters. We own them big time. We are on their "brains" 24/7:


Andrew Brehm said...

It is always good to remind the left of who is on their side.

The left will happily accuse George Bush and Israel of racism, and the white supremacists will be on their side. :)

Glen said...

That video is hilarious! I do agree that western civilization is under attack but not from the Jews.

The culprit is made up of political correct idiots in general, and the antisemites are just as bad as the PC idiots.