Sunday, May 6, 2007

Jew sends Paris To Jail, Negro Brandy No Go To Jail

I couldn't tell at first, if the blog named Black Monitor was a lampoon site or serious. Unfortunately, it seems serious. The site "master" usually picks on blacks, but haters have a tendency to just hate, and if you are a hater, you just gotta hate the Jooooos too.

Jew sends Paris To Jail, Negro Brandy No Go To Jail

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of Paris Hilton. But I can’t help but think why does this white woman go to jail for a relatively minor infraction while negress Brandy has not even seen a cell yet. Negress Brandy KILLED someone for hell’s sake while driving recklessly and no jail for that? WTF? Sniff Sniff. Wait a minute… I smell a kike.

A judge sentenced a shocked and tearful Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail on Friday, ruling that the celebrity hotel heiress violated her probation for an earlier alcohol-related traffic offense. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer sternly rejected Hilton’s story that she did not knowingly disobey the law by driving while her license was suspended and ordered the 26-year-old socialite to report to a county detention facility on June 5, or face 90 days in jail.

Sauer = jew name! Think about it for a minute. Paris Hilton has way enough money to hire round-the-clock drivers if she knew her license was expired, right? So maybe the idiot probably really did not know her license was expired. The jew was aware of this possibility. Not only did the jew send her to jail for 45 days, but the jew sent her to a negro jail (Lynwood, CA is gets its negroes from Compton da hood). That is where negress Brandy should be!


Gert said...

Yep, this guy is a plain old racist. Now his blagh will be "New! With a good dollop of anti-Semitism added! Washes Whiter than White!"

Black Monitor said...

I do focus more on niggerology but as you observed, every so often a joooooo will slip into the picture. This is due to the 'strange bedfellows' relationship between jooooos and negroes. Perhaps you can explain it? Apparently, you don't think much of the slave trade connection theory. So you 2 jooooos just did the typical thing and bellowed out the R and H words, taking the low road and of course not addressing the real issue at hand.

Do this BaconButt. Leave your cozy Canadaland and go down to Detroit for awhile. Take a 'holiday' down there. Walk around among the apes and see if they do you any favors because you're jooo-ish. I always snicker when some joooo gets knocked off by a gang of terrorist negroes. I can imagine his final scene: "Oy ve.. but I'm jewish, I'm on your side" (flailing his hands around). Let me save you the trouble: the hook nose won't get you off the hook. To them, you're white and to them all whites are targets.

Do you have any negro friends? Oh and how is your 'laryngitis' that turned out to be crossed vocal cords? Is that some joooooo disease brought on by wailing and bellowing too much? Or did the vocal cords get crossed from telling oh so many lies? Will you even post this comment Mr. Brave Jooo?

Black Monitor

BEAJ said...

I've been to Detroit. And yes, it is scary for non whites to be a black district, though I didn't hang out long enough to find out if my fears would be realized.
Blacks and Jews are bedfellows only because of the minority factor.
I find blacks in general to be anti-Israel and anti-Jew a lot more than whitey when you look at the percentages. Again, it has to do with blaming the well to do minority.
They actually share this with the Stormfront gang.

I don't wail or bellow or have a hooked nose, so none of that is related to my vocal cord problem.