Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Let's Talk About Jews and Elections

Note: Of course, if all the people this Judeophobe claim are Joooos, then Joooos make up a heck of a bigger chunk of the population this twit is giving us credit for. Take Nicholas Sarkozy for instance, from Wikipedia: His grandfather, a Sephardi Jew by birth, was a convert to Catholicism, and Sarkozy was, accordingly, raised in the Catholic faith of his household. Nicolas Sarkozy, like his brothers, is a baptised and professing Catholic.

If everyone with a Jooooish ancestor was considered Jooooish in America, maybe 50% of the US would be considered Jooooish. That would make WHITEY with no Joooish connections the minority. No wonder they don't run anything. It is tough for minorities to run things like the media and the government. I love it. Such imbeciles.

The bottom line is that Joooos are generally better educated and usually wind up with white collar jobs. Joooos don't prevent WHITEY from doing the same thing. The West is about capitalism, and whatever Jooooish entertainers, Jooooish politicians?, and media moguls do must be liked by the overwhelming majority of the population, or they'd be out of business.

WHITEY (and by WHITEY I mean the folks at Natall and David Duke) can WHINE all they want. The truth is the majority of the population knows they are social and intellectual outcasts worth next to nothing. Joooos occupy their tiny little "brains."

You gotta love it when these idiots quote the Protocols. First off, it is a known fake, and secondly, the assertion being made, that even people with one Jooooish grandparent are part of the big conspiracy. Hilarious!!!!

Update: Welcome you imbeciles from the Vanguard News Network message board. It is 6:16 PM EST and I've got quite a few hits from your site. Still no messages. Didn't the comment you are responding to say this?:

Please consider leaving a message on this kikes website as it relates to the article "Let's Talk about Jews and Elections"

Any hoot, I'm sure you are now dumbfounded because by your own logic, you figured out that Joooos are the majority if include people like Sarkozy and Kerry. That is why you guys aren't in control, you dumb ass WHITEYS are the minority.

Enjoy the idiotic spewing of Curt Maynard:

Let’s Talk about Jews and Elections

By Curt Maynard

I’ll make this short. Jews dominate the media period. This is not an anti-Semitic canard, a false accusation, a bigoted remark, or an uninformed opinion. This is an empirical fact. For those out there still in doubt, please read “who rules America.”[1] Deconstruct and prove the article wrong if you can, I encourage you to; it will only reinforce the fact in your mind once you realize it’s true. I’ve been accused of anti-Semitism by many different people for refusing to omit the fact that Jews dominate the media in my writings, some people say I should be blaming Zionists, not Jews, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t know whether or not all of the Jewish owners and CEO’s of the major networks are Zionists, but I do know they are ethnic Jews. I’ve been accused of racism [nee white supremacism] for saying that blacks commit more than 50% of the murders every year in the United States, despite the fact that United States Department of Justice statistics prove the same. In other words, I am accused of anti-Semitism and racism for writing the truth. So be it, if telling the truth means that I am a racist and an anti-Semite, I can live with that.

France has a population of sixty million. According to the Jewish Virtual Library,[2] France’s Jewish population is less that 500,000, meaning that Jews compose less than 1% of the French population. Despite this fact, a Jew, Nicolas Sarkozy is now France’s President. His opponent in last week’s election, Segolene Royal, is the “life partner” [meaning unmarried anywhere else] of the Jewish François Hollande, leader of France’s socialist party. To break it down simply, despite the fact that Jews compose less than 1% of the French population, a Jew and a woman married to a Jew composed 100% of the candidates France had to choose from in regards to the final Presidential election. In any case, Sarkozy’s win is being celebrated by Jews worldwide.[3]

Oh come on Maynard, it’s just a coincidence, right? Wrong! In the 2004 US Presidential election, the very same unlikely sampling manifested itself among Democratic candidates – pay attention – this is important. The only real viable choices for Democrats in the 2004 Primary elections were the following:

Howard Dean [Married to a Jewish woman, Judith Steinberg, his children are being raised Jewish.[4]]

John Kerry [Entered the race claiming to be a Catholic until it was revealed that he’s actually Jewish, a “surprise” according to Kerry, but nonetheless a FACT]

Wesley Clark [Jewish according Wikipedia.[5] Clark actually addressed a Jewish group during the election stating "I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son -- at least five generations, and they were all rabbis."[6]]

Joe Lieberman [Orthodox Jew][7]

What this means is that 100% of the viable Democratic candidates in the 2004 primary were either Jewish or in the case of Dean, married to a Jew. Now wait, it gets worse.

On the Republican side there was never any doubt that Bush would retain the party’s endorsement. Few would argue today that George Bush is without any doubt, the most Philo-Semitic president this country’s history. Bush has cast aside American sovereignty by stating publicly that he, and therefore the United States [you and I] will back Israel under any circumstances in a mid East war. Bush’s administration has placed more ethnic Jews in highly sensitive positions than any other President in American history, with the possible exception of Clinton, who by the way endorsed another crypto-Jew named Madeleine Albright, who hid here Jewish ancestry[8] in exactly the same way John Kerry and George Allen[9] did. Albright of course was once the Secretary of State where she predictably coddled Israel and did her best to suppress the extent of Israeli crimes committed during the Clinton years.

In regards to Bush and the number of Jews he has appointed to high positions within his administration – see here.[10] Of note is Michael Chertoff, who has what amounts to as one of the most powerful positions in the US government today, he is the Director of Homeland Security,[11] an assignment that places him in a position to do just about anything he likes and then to effectively cover it all up. Chertoff was the primary force behind the illegal arrest, and unconstitutional detention and rendition of the world’s foremost political prisoner today, Ernst Zundel.[12] Chertoff is of course Jewish and a dual citizen of Israel.

George Allen was once considered to be one of the strongest Republican candidates[13] for the 2008 Presidential run; that is until it was revealed that he too is a Jew pretending to be something else – see how Allen responded to a reporter that asked him about his Jewish ancestry – talk about angry][14] Why was Allen so angry? Did the reporter reveal something that ruined years and years of careful orchestration? I think so.

The point of writing this short article is to highlight the very unusual fact that ethnic Jews are over-represented by tens of thousands of times in positions of political importance in the United States. Consider that they represent only 2.5% of the United States population and you’ll understand how it is that I find their disproportionate representation in Presidential primaries highly unlikely. All of us have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the idea that Jews are indeed special and highly ambitious and this is suppose to explain their large showings in politics, academia, sciences, the media, etc… I personally think it far more likely that a Jewish stranglehold on OUR media better explains these discrepancies, I am not particularly impressed by their alleged abilities, after all, look around you; is the world really a better place with Jews at the helm?

In the beginning of this article I noted the fact that France now has a Jewish President. I did this solely to point out in the end, that this phenomenon is not isolated to America, it has plagued Europe for decades and is the real reason Europe has passed draconian “hate crime” and “hate speech” legislation which has resulted in the imprisonment of thousands of European patriots. Jewish politicians are the primary force behind the passage of these laws, just as they are in the United States. These Jews hide behind the cloak of other minorities by using them as if they were the crux of concern, but in fact, these laws are designed for no other reason than to prevent exposure and criticism of ethnic Jews and their Supremacist policies/agenda.

Consider the words of Patrick Grimm, noted Internet author, webmaster of Zionist Watch and political dissident as he comments on an excerpt from the Protocols that cannot be conveniently explained away with cries of anti-Semitism and bigotry:
“Below is just one excerpt from the Protocols that will illustrate to you just how well the Jewish laid plans are progressing along their dire course, the consequences for the rest of us be damned. Oh, but I suppose all the little Jewish civil rights groups would simply label these truths as a "canard", one of their favorite terminologies that they fetch from the bag of tricks when someone turns the heat up. No, it would probably be a "blood libel" as every other foray and examination of Jewish wrongdoing is conveniently named. To read the entire disgusting Zionistic display simply go HERE (and I do advise doing that). Well, here is the excerpt promised”:[15]


4. NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

5. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the GOY communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses; if already now there is not a single State where there exist for us any barriers to admittance into what GOY stupidity calls State secrets: what will our positions be then, when we shall be acknowledged supreme lords of the world in the person of our king of all the world ....

6. Let us turn again to the FUTURE OF THE PRINTING PRESS. Every one desirous of being a publisher, librarian, or printer, will be obliged to provide himself with the diploma instituted therefore, which, in case of any fault, will be immediately impounded. With such measures THE INSTRUMENT OF THOUGHT WILL BECOME AN EDUCATIVE MEANS ON THE HANDS OF OUR GOVERNMENT, WHICH WILL NO LONGER ALLOW THE MASS OF THE NATION TO BE LED ASTRAY IN BY-WAYS AND FANTASIES ABOUT THE BLESSINGS OF PROGRESS. Is there any one of us who does not know that these phantom blessings are the direct roads to foolish imaginings which give birth to anarchical relations of men among themselves and towards authority, because progress, or rather the idea of progress, has introduced the conception of every kind of emancipation, but has failed to establish its limits .... All the so-called liberals are anarchists, if not in fact, at any rate in thought. Every one of them in hunting after phantoms of freedom, and falling exclusively into license, that is, into the anarchy of protest for the sake of protest....”

Grimm concludes with the following:

“There it is, folks. The 'We Control the Press' dictate has already been achieved. In fact, it is now axiomatic that media is a Jewish domain. Their control of our thoughts and "ways of thinking" is a foregone conclusion. When they state "If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the GOY communities to such an extent that they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses," we can now safely proclaim "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" for our Jewish kings, lords and masters! Most Americans see events, people, places and things through Jewish eyes and think "Jewishly" in ways that are probably more subconscious than explicit.”[16]

Wake up America, you are being deceived!

Some good news, according to an article I read this morning, ABC News is reporting quietly, i.e. on their website, not on their television network, that 2.5 million Americans are no longer watching television as they were one year ago.[17] This is indeed a good sign – it reveals that 2.5 million Americans have already woken up!


Louise Norman said...


To find out, Yahoo "The Earliest 'Hate' Criminals" while it is still legal in America to read it! Louise

BEAJ said...

Louise all religious books are full of hate crimes. Even the ones that "improved" on the Old Testament.

Go figure. Maybe it has to do with religions being intolerant.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

BEAJ: I just found out about your newest enterprise while skimming Gert's blog. As we Israeli Joooooooooos say, kol ha'kavod!

I will now be tuning in to your reports on (hopefully) a daily basis and will be linking to you and I am sincerely sorry for taking you the wrong way when we first crossed paths.


In hope, Eitan.

BEAJ said...

Hey, don't worry about it, many people take me the wrong way. Usually it takes reading around 3 or 4 posts of mine to get me.

Chris Womak said...

Thanks for posting Maynard's article, he'd appreciate it. You do understand that the winds of change are blowing dontcha?

The Jews aren't always so clever as they would like themselves to believe. Whenever they are in danger they prove to be the stupidest devils.[3]Goebbels Diaries. Louis Lochner. [1948] Pg 183.

The only way out of this for you BEAJ is through the truth and the truth is going to hurt you.

The future isn't going to bode well for the Jew - Richard Warman is your worst enemy and yet you support him. Abe Foxman will be the end of you, yet you love him. When Bush or whatever Jew President makes his move, i.e. initiates a draft or attempts to confiscate guns in this country, it's all for you.

shlemazl said...

Even if Sarkozy was 500% Jewish, so what? He was elected.

Does it matter what is the ethnic background of a businessman running a newspaper or a car dealership?

ONLY certain types of people will ask this kind of questions in the way Kurt does. He is a racist moron. By the way, what's his grandfather's ethnicity?


BEAJ said...

Womack, every successful person on this planet is a Joooo according to you retards. Of course Maynard appreciates me posting this. He is too retarded to realize I burned his ass with this post, and he is too retarded to ever know.

Oh btw, there is a Joooo under your bed. LMAOAY you imbecile.

BEAJ said...

Shlemazl, he was elected because the Joooos rigged the ballot boxes. Nobody in France would vote for a Catholic with Joooo blood, especially today, because the TIDE IS TURNING and "the winds of change are blowing, doncha know"

ROFLMAO, these Joooo haters are too fricken much. Pathetic twerps that they are.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

chris: what winds? those constantly coming out of your ass? Try and not light your house on fire by using matches while in bed jerking off...You might fart your way into hell. On second thought, go for it!

The Sentinel said...

Sarkozy is a placeman, and the muslims in France know it,

"Of Jewish-Spanish ancestry, Cecilia’s foreign roots match those of Sarkozy, whose father is a Hungarian immigrant and his mother of Greek Jewish origin."

In fact, she spelled out the position of her common lineage with Sarkozy out when:

"In 2004 she made a point of saying she did "not have a drop of French blood in my veins."

And neither does Sarkozy.

And this is the French patriot nationalist, as he bills himself?

Do me a favour.

He is as French as Ehud Olmert; as French as goulash and tzatziki.

"French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy received a higher percentage of votes from French citizens in Israel than from expatriates in any other country, according to the French Foreign Ministry.

It said 90.7 percent of French citizens living in Israel outside of Jerusalem voted for Sarkozy, significantly higher than the 53% percent of the vote he garnered in France. According to Israeli diplomatic officials, Sarkozy was viewed by expatriates here as being pro-Israel."

And of course he was welcomed into the fold with open arms:

"Nicolas Sarkozy is "a friend of Israel," and his victory in France's presidential election on Sunday heralds a more balanced French approach to the Middle East conflict, said Israeli leaders.

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, who said he counts Sarkozy among his personal friends, told Israel Radio that the French president-elect "wants to help Israel achieve true peace, and he understands our security needs well."

And then of course, Sarkozy affirms his allegiance to the fold:

"France's president-elect vowed to support Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said Tuesday that he had spoken by phone with Nicolas Sarkozy to congratulate him on his victory in Sunday's second round of voting to succeed Jacques Chirac.

The statement added that the conservative Sarkozy "thanked Prime Minister Olmert and said: 'I am a friend of Israel and Israel can always rely on my friendship.'

But the real cherry on the cake, the real top off is Sarkozy's choice for the new Minister of Immigration and National Identity to be- an Israeli !!!

"Israeli may join Sarkozy's cabinet

Arno Klarsfeld, the son of renowned Nazi-hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, is rumored to be the top candidate to become minister of immigration and national identity when French President-elect Nicholas Sarkozy chooses his cabinet in the coming weeks."

You couldn't make it up: A French President without a a drop French blood in his body appointing an Israeli cabinet minister to oversee 'national identity!'

And of course, the crucial immigration post- the device of fifth column control, admixture and division.

"“Should I remind you the visceral attachment of every Jew to Israel, as a second mother homeland? There is nothing outrageous about it. Every Jew carries within him a fear passed down through generations, and he knows that if one day he will not feel safe in his country, there will always be a place that would welcome him. And this is Israel.”

Nicolas Sarkozy

From the book “La République, les religions, l’espérance”, interviews with Thibaud Collin and Philippe Verdin.)

BEAJ said...

Another pointless and trivial post by Sentinel. Of course French Israelis would vote for him. He is against Islamic terror and pro-Israel.

I'm surprised 10% didn't vote for him. But in the scheme of things, the Israeli vote didn't make him a winner, the French vote did.

And if you concede he is a Joooo, then you must concede that there are a heck of a lot more Joooos out there than 1-2% of the Western world. You might even be a Joooo:)

Lots of Joooos converted to Catholicism in Germany in the early 1800's (up to 25% of them).

Gert said...

I think Sentinel should simply republish the entire "Protocols" over at his and be done with it. He's also convinced himself that the Holocaust didn't happen either.

BEAJ, one suggestion. Why not publish simply the worst highlights of people like Curt: these entire tracts are simply too boring to read completely.

And off topic: did you see that funny creationist (Kirk Cameron or something like that) on Bill-O, with his "crocoduck"? Hilarious...

BEAJ said...

Gert, the purpose of this blog is to expose imbeciles and also allow normal human beings (Sentinel not included) to leave comments on posts that most likely would never get published on these idiot's blogs.

Yes, I saw Kirk on Nightline last night, but I am also a member of the Rational Response Squad forums. I've also wrote about Kirk and Ray Comfort on my Atheist Jew blog a couple of times. My lying for Jesus post got a lot of exposure.

Gert said...

Anyway, I'll be looking for Kirk's latest farce (the Bill-O one) on youtube. It wasn't there earlier yet.

southfield_2001 said...

wow, beaj, you're really getting the anti-semitic yahoos all in a tizzy.
I love Maynard's line about Bush being the most philo-semitic president in US history. ROFLMAO! Easily the president least friendly to Israel in about 40 years and the first one not to have a single Jew in his cabinet in that time frame.
In fact, Bush spouts of all the time about spreading freedom and democracy as the goal of his presidency and then holds hands with Saudi Arabian princes while tying Israel's hands through his lapdogs, Colin and Condi.
Nice to see the virus known as sentibull has found its way back to its usual home :-)

southfield_2001 said...

oh, and you have one of the "tide is turning" morons, too. Sweeeeeet. They're my favourites...the tide is turning, Americans are waking up, blah, blah, blah...
amazing how many people can ignore reality. After all, if the tide was turning, Sarkozy the Joooo would have lost, non?

BEAJ said...

Roses are red
Violets are blooooish
If WHITEY is right
Half the world must be Jooooish

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

*Applause* for BEAJ's latest poetic interval.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Whoops...I meant "interlude." Must mean I'm Joooooooooish and apt to making typos...hahahaha...