Monday, June 11, 2007

National Vanguard Leader, Kevin Alfred Strom's Computer Full of Kiddie Porn

What is it with white "supremacists" and kiddie porn and meth? I wonder what is on the hard drive of Patrick Grimm, Shmurtis Maynard and Chris Wombat? What a bunch of losers. They'll find a way to blame the Joooos for this. LOL

More charges for white supremacist

Feds seize another hard drive, allegedly full of kiddie porn


Dressed in the standard black and white prison stripes and girded in shackles, Kevin Alfred Strom strode into the U.S. District courtroom with a beatific smile, and then noticed an elderly couple amid the 10 or 15 people in the audience. “Thanks for coming,” he said to them. “I love you. Tell the kids I’m staying strong.” He then took a seat as U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon strolled in to consider the arguments before him.

Strom—a well-known white supremacist and leader of the National Vanguard—was arrested in January of this year and initially charged with two counts of possession of child porn and witness tampering. In April, the prosecution brought forward more charges, including a count of child solicitation.

At the May 30 hearing, prosecutors revealed that they will soon be adding more charges as the result of new evidence gained from a computer hard-drive. In a motion to sever the new evidence from the current case, Strom’s attorney, Assistant Federal Public Defender Andrea Harris, disputed whether the images seized from the computer are of children under the age of 18. “There is no evidence that the images referenced in the superseding indictment from the 40 GB depict minors, and other evidence indicates that those images in fact depict adults,” reads the motion filed by Harris.

The motion also took issue with the government’s contention that Strom solicited a minor identified only as “A.A.” Strom sent gifts to A.A. and pictures of A.A. were found on one of Strom’s computers. Harris explained that A.A. was a friend of one of his children. Strom also allegedly sent A.A. a sonnet. “There is not a shred of evidence that such ‘sonnet’ was ever conveyed in any way, shape or form to anyone, much less to A.A.,” the motion states.

As the trial was originally scheduled for late June, Harris requested a delay to view some of the new evidence, which includes videotape interviews of two minors. Deferring a decision on the motion to sever, Judge Moon indicated he is likely to grant the delay. The new trial date would likely be set no sooner than the fall.

More on the charges:

Supremacist harassed child, prosecutors say

By Liesel Nowak / | 978-7274
May 25, 2007

A self-proclaimed white supremacist facing child pornography charges previously harassed a local 9-year-old girl, according to a revealing pretrial motion filed Thursday by federal prosecutors.

The filing comes a month before Kevin Alfred Strom, 50, is set to go to trial in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville on charges that he possessed child porn, enticed the girl for sex and tampered with a witness.

Between September 2005 and December 2006, Strom got to know, contacted and eventually harassed the girl, according to the court filing.

Strom went to the child’s school, prosecutors said, and on one occasion hid behind a tree so the girl’s parents would not see him.

The student transferred to another school because of the repeated attempts Strom made to contact her, but the defendant researched and discovered the girl’s new class schedule, prosecutors allege.

Using a pseudonym, the document states, Strom sent the girl gifts, including a CD, a DVD, an angora sweater and a bouquet of roses.

Mark Potok, the director of the Intelligence Project, an arm of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center that researches and tracks hate groups, said Strom has been involved with the neo-Nazi movement for 30 years.

In 2005, Strom split with the National Alliance - formerly the largest white supremacist group in the country - to form the National Vanguard, which he ran from his Greene County home, Potok said.

According to the prosecution’s recent motion, a search of Strom’s personal computer revealed poems, “to be sung to the tune of ‘Here We Come a-Wassailing,’” written by the defendant, including the phrases “my love for [the girl] is not a sin.”

In addition to the prose, hundreds of pictures of the girl and hundreds of images of other children, some unclothed and in sexually suggestive positions, were stored on Strom’s computer, according to the court papers.

An unidentified witness in the case, prosecutors said, caught Strom naked at his computer looking at pictures of young girls. Paperwork filed by the defendant indicates that the witness is the defendant’s wife, Elisha Strom.

As a result of the his wife’s discovery, the couple signed a one-page notarized contract, prosecutors allege, in which Strom agreed to see a counselor until he is “free from being sexually drawn to children.” Prosecutors attached a copy of the document to their motion.

At one point, however, Strom labored under the mistaken impression that his wife had gone to authorities with her allegations against him, according to the prosecution’s motion. Consequently, Strom “accelerated a campaign to intimidate and discredit her,” which included physical assaults and verbal threats, prosecutors claim.

According to defense filings, Strom’s contact with the girl had nothing to do with the pornography charges against him and that it would be prejudicial to try the pornography counts with the enticement charge.

Defense attorneys say that there is “no evidence to suggest that Strom actually touched [the girl] or that she ever touched him.”

“He is essentially charged with attempting to make an attempt to commit sexual battery,” a defense motion states.

A judge will hear arguments on whether the charges against Strom should be divided into separate trials on Tuesday.

Daily Progress staff writer Rob Seal contributed to this story.

No wonder white "supremacists" get along so well with Islamists these days. Mohammed was into 9 year old girls too.


Catherine said...

"What is it with white 'supremacists' and kiddie porn and meth?"

Maybe they become " white supremacists" in a feeble, transparent attempt to mask their guilt over their depravity. They probably tell themselves shit like, "Okay, maybe I *am* a pedophile, but hey, at least I'm white!"

This guy looks like a total perv. He gives me the creeps.

The Sentinel said...

What ever happened to innocent till proved guilty?

The evidence seems a little flimsy and the media coverage somewhat excessive, with CHILD PORN blazing out as headlines about an unspecified crime regarding an unspecified age of a girl, but amazingly, or not, almost complete silence about a real, horrific, quantifiable and undeniable criminal occurrence (trial pending) in Knoxville involving two innocent young victims being subjected to the most debased treatment imaginable, from the same media networks.

And Catherine, if people were sent down by the appearance of their photographs, you would be doing life.

BEAJ said...

Wow Sentinel, you hate women as well as Joooos, blacks and gays.

There seems to be a ton of evidence against him here.

But you are a joke, as you will impose guilt on Joooos by using non existent evidence and the flimsiest of ties.

Do you realize how mentally ill you are? Probably not.

The Sentinel said...

How the hell have you gleaned that I 'hate' women from that comment?

I am just pointing out to that gormless specimen that she lives in a glasshouse when it comes to looks.

I am not saying the man is innocent, time will tell, but how is this more newsworthy then that poor young couple raped, tortured and murdered in knoxville- why is this all over the news but that horrific crime is not?

BEAJ said...

Sentinel, I don't anything wrong with her looks. You really have to stretch to make your statement.

I watch CNN and Fox news probably way more than I should, and I have not seen a report about either story. Not one.

In fact, I had no idea about Strom's trial or pedophile charges until yesterday when I did a "white supremacist" search in Google news.

Gert said...


"What ever happened to innocent till proved guilty?"

That works both ways: it applies also in the case of the Knoxville murders.

But when this Strom-wanker gets sent down you'll claim he has framed...


"No wonder white "supremacists" get along so well with Islamists these days. Mohammed was into 9 year old girls too. "

Gratuitous and uncalled for...

BEAJ said...

Gert, Joooos are guilty and don't even require a trial in Sentinel's world.

As far as the comment goes, I think it is funny, you may not. Many will agree with me. I'm not out to win a Nobel Peace Prize with this blog.

The Sentinel said...


"That works both ways: it applies also in the case of the Knoxville murders...But when this Strom-wanker gets sent down you'll claim he has framed"

Gratuitous and uncalled for...

You will notice that I already said trial pending, regarding the knoxville case- but are you going to tell me that a horrific crime hasn't been committed here? Clearly it has, my point was that this was a real crime of huge proportion, the other story is an alleged crime, an uncertainty, of relatively minor proportion yet has gained more media interests.

And unless you now claim to be clairvoyant too, you have no idea what I will say or do in the future, just baseless speculation.

Gert said...


Almost certainly in both cases crimes have been committed, although only a just and fair trial will show that.

"[...] yet has gained more media interests."

Entirely your perception. I, for one had to come to this blog to learn about Strom's tribulations. Or even about Strom, full stop.

And yes, it's always a little hilarious when the righteous (whether they are of Strom's variety or whether they are of any other proselytising denomination) get caught with their pants down... I'll be following that one....

Gert said...

Off topic:

Sent's just posted the funniest video, well worth a laugh...

BEAJ said...

From Netscape comments re my blog post:

PsychoHosebeast said:

Why would any of this surprise anyone? Clearly anyone like this is pretty much nuts; the fact is, nothing they do should surprise anyone, because they're friggin' sociopaths that should've been culled from society before they were born. These are the people who are the absolute finest candidates for forced sterilization that there is, along with any progeny they've spawned (assuming they could find someone of the opposite sex to engage in intercourse with).

Gert said...

I think you might like my new "Are you a Jooooooo obsessed paranoid Internet circus freak?"-test...

Gert said...

Yep, he's a meta maroon!

MillTownAtheist said...

I burst out laughing when I read that comment in bold at the end.

Mark said...

What is it with Jews and pornography? The porn industry is almost exclusively controlled by Jews yet they whine the loudest when something like this happens to Strom.

Does anyone ever consider the torment and anguish visited on these young girls lured into pornography. Very sad and the Jews get almost no "credit" for ruining countless lives.

BEAJ said...

I'm not in the porn industry, and most Jews that I know aren't either. I know a white guy who is though.

Strom is typical of the white supremacist ilk. I'm just reporting it.

Not too many Jews are involved in drug deals, pimping etc. either. Lots of Jews are doctors, lawyers and dentists though. I know quite a few of them.