Sunday, June 17, 2007

Anti-Semitism As A Moral And Intellectual Defect

I just found the following post which was translated from Spanish. It actually goes to the root of why Joooo paranoid internet circus freaks devote so much of their life obsessing about Joooos.

It is pretty clear upon reading the post that anti-semitism is in fact a pathological disorder which most likely derives in individuals who are self loathing blamers and whiners who are living a pathetic life, looking to invent a way why their lives are so shitty:

Sunday, 17 June 2007


Anti-semitism as a moral and intellectual defect

First published in O INSURGENTE on April 25, 2007


1. Anti-semitism, like any other xenophobic mania, is a sickness of the soul because it corrodes and undermines our feelings of human solidarity.

2. Anti-semitism is, however, the worst of these sicknesses because it is the oldest and the one which has caused the most damage both to its victims and to its authors.

3. Prejudice against the Jews originates in the persistent hatred of pre-industrial society for capitalism.

4. The Jews, having been expelled from their land by the Romans in punishment for revolting against the empire, spread all over the known world and survived through trade.

5. Being a literate people they were very successful in commerce.

6. Being a monotheist people with their divine scriptures they had a powerful cement for conserving their identity and links among their communities.

7. Peasants generally hate and envy traders and intruders.

8. Unproductive nobles devoted to hunting and war always sought loans where there was money, that is to say among the Jews.

9. The debtor generally dislikes the creditor.

10. The best way to liquidate debts was to incite the peasants (who also had their own debts) to plunder and expel the Jews. Hence the frequency of pogroms.

11. Marx himself said that the Jews took to capitalism like ducks to water.

12. It was the flowering of capitalism that brought emancipation to the Jews.

13. Nostalgia for the pre-capitalist Middle Ages often goes hand-in-hand with anti-semitism.

14. The expulsion of the Jews from the Iberian Peninsula was one of the main causes of the decay of the two once-great powers: it signified the expulsion of its middle class. Those who benefited were the Netherlands and England.

15. The material, moral, cultural and scientific contributions made by the Jews to the progress of humanity in proportion to their number far exceeds that of any other people.

16. The disease of anti-semitism, when encountered among educated people usually has its origin in a sentiment of envy and consciousness of mediocrity. These atavistic impulses explain the anti-Jewish hysteria of islamists.

17. The expression anti-anti-semitism is nonsense. What exists is aversion to anti-semitism, a perfectly justified position and one that is shared by all people of good sense. Which is not to say that it is desirable that this aversion be translated into legislation. It is impossible to legislate about prejudice and imbecility.

18. Jews everywhere are the best immigrants, with the lowest rates of criminality and the highest of productivity.

19. Israel is a tiny island of the western world in a medieval ocean.

20. It is the duty of all people of good will to defend Israel and its people.

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