Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Is Mark Glenn Part Jooooish and Curtis Maynard Part Black

Since paranoid obsessed Joooo haters tend to think that everyone who is successful has to be a Joooo, I took it upon myself to do some research on a couple of imbecile internet circus freaks. It was pretty easy to find the pictures of Mark Glenn and Curtis Maynard, so I decided to see what My Heritage comes up with when it comes to celebrity look-alikes.

It seems that Mark Glenn closely resembles Israeli born Joooo Itzhak Perlman. Robert Altman is claimed to be a Joooo by the paranoid freaks, but his ancestry seems to miss out on that front.
My theory is that Mark Glenn's mom needed to pay the rent, so she got a Joooo businessman to pay her rent for her one month, in return for sexual favors. How else would one explain the fact that Marky looks so much like a Joooo.

Now what about Curtis Maynard? It seems Curtis strongly resembles black soccer star Patrick Vieira from Senegal.

I wonder if Stormfront knows about Maynard's black genes. They will probably have to throw him out now. I'm sure his mom knows about his heritage though. She probably thinks it is kind of kinky when she sleeps with Curtis, since he is part black, like his father. Or maybe his mom is the one with black genes. It wouldn't surprise me if both his parents were part black if you look at the resemblence between Vieira and Maynard.

I wonder if Curtis is going to see Doctor Phil now that the truth about his ethnicity has now been uncovered.

Gregory Peck, once played a white guy pretending to be a Jew in the 1947 movie, Gentleman's Agreement. It seems Curtis Maynard is a black guy trying to pretend he is white.


Chris Womak said...

Good stuff BEAJ, I just might post this one myself

Chris Womak said...

Yep, I blogged it. It's up at the PC Apostate now

BEAJ said...

I'm glad you posted it for two reasons. Internet circus freaks like you, Mark, and Shmurtis should be exposed to as many different sources as possible so that intelligent people can have a good laugh at your expense. You and you ilk are there for my enjoyment, and I intend to ridicule you whenever I get a chance.

Second reason is that whenever anyone does an internet search of "Mark Glenn" or "Curtis Maynard" they may wind up getting to see one of my posts so that the searcher can see how ridiculous both freaks are.

Thanks for playing.

southfield_2001 said...

LOL...beautiful post, beaj.
Those two morons will be shitting themselves for weeks after seeing that.

Bugtussle Reporter said...

Curt Maynard is my dad! Are you sure you're not a nigger or a kike?I am homeschooled so I know about you niggers and kikes. BTW I am 9. If I could I would say you're a *****.

BEAJ said...

Curt Maynard is my dad!
I'm really sorry to hear that your dad has offspring. He should have done the world a favor and got a vasectomy.

Are you sure you're not a nigger or a kike?
The rotten apple doesn't fall to far from the stinking tree does it?

I am homeschooled so I know about you niggers and kikes.
You won't have a chance to be a functional human being unless you either become an orphan or you run away from home.

BTW I am 9. If I could I would say you're a *****.
I'm not sure what ****** is, but there was no need put a blank there. Guess away. Ask your dad, he will tell you I'm an atheist Jew.
But your dad sure does resemble a that black guy. Maybe one of your relatives was a slave who knocked up a white woman.
Oh, I must say you're grammar is excellent for a 9 year old.

Bugtussle Reporter said...

Yes it is true we have a few niggers HANGING in our family tree. BTW I am german,irish,english,french,and spanish. As you see there is no black.

BEAJ said...

Hey Bug Boy, nobody would have told you if one of your great great grandmas had sex with a slave and produced one of your great grandpas.

Your dad does have negro features. Maybe you should start playing basketball, you might be a natural.

Bugtussle Reporter said...

First of all I am a girl!!!!!!Second of all I am to short to make goals in basketball and I play soccer and I am a natural at it.

This class is over. My dad is teaching me about jews.You are part of my class.

BEAJ said...

Oh, I'm sorry Bug Girl, I shouldn't have assumed you were a boy. That is very prejudicial of me.
I thought "white genes" were superior. How come you are so short?
But you might get your soccer excellence from the black genes of your great great grandfather. Lots of European countries import black soccer players because they make good soccer players.

You have to have black blood, just look at how similar your dad is to the negro in the picture.

Oh, and tell your homeschool teacher that you spelled "to" wrong. It is supposed to be spelled "too" in the way you used it.

Anonymous said...

I mean, come on beaj, at this point I see no difference between the things you say here and what the white biggot says.
There's nothing wrong with taking a strong stance in defence of the Jewish people but then you turn around and say ignorant things about black people. I love the tongue in chek comments you had for bugtussle but you have to be careful....you're walking a fine line when it comes to being nothing but an ignorant biggot yourself.

BEAJ said...

Meade, I'm not saying I'm not bigoted. I think all of us are to a degree.
I'd like to know exactly what you find erroneous in my statements though.
But keep in mind, I'm ridiculing the circus freaks in this post, and I'm just throwing their black stereotype descriptions at them (sort of lowering myself to their levels).

forks5 said...

Curtis Maynard is indeed non-white.

However, he is a Muslim. He uses a false flag of white-nationalism.

No surprise really!

Check out his handle "Mathaba".

Mathaba is a political website belonging to none other than Muammar Gadaffi.


The link to Curtis Maynard's PCApostate blog, is dead, btw.

the_last_name_left said...

BEAJ - is that a pic of curt maynard tho?

on his blog he uses a different picture - that of a certain Mr Brody


I wonder how redpoint and mr brody feel about maynard using the picture as a face to his ridiculous racist bile.

say_it_aint_so said...

I think he goes by another name on that site called VNN; help me folks; what is that name? M something

starfish said...

Last night, Curtis Maynard shot his wife to death, shot his step-daughter, attempted to shoot his other daughter (bug girl) as well as his 2 year old daughter.
Bug girl was a very brave girl. She grabbed her 2 year old and ran to the neighbor next door.
These poor girl's have been throught hell....