Friday, June 8, 2007

The Arab World Suffered The Ultimate Humiliation 40 Years Ago

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Now it seems that white supremacists want to share in this humiliation. I guess some people thrive on being humiliated. The Arab world hasn't gotten over 1967, and the Joooo paranoid white supremacist internet circus freaks only know humiliation. They bow down to the Joooo internally, but try to pretend otherwise.

I still love the fact they make a big deal about FREE SPEECH, but they don't allow comments on their blogs. Fricken priceless.


Gert said...

This is quite a ridiculous post, BEAJ. To compare the "Arab world" with the clownesque variety of anti-Semites is an analogy that simply doesn't fly.

For starters, what Arab world? It is possibly as a culture even more diverse than Jewry (considering it's much larger), yet you sweep them all up together into one nefarious concept. The Arab states that were humiliated in 1967 were those who were immediately involved. Do you really think most Arabs lie awake hating Jews? To most Israel is rather far away from their beds, you know?

If the Arabs lack anything it's unity, the term "Arab world" therefore really only has proverbial meaning.

And that T-shirt? I wouldn't be seen dead in it, whether I'm Jewish or not (I'm not to be clear to the others). It looks like something Faux Noise's Horn Shammity fans would buy...

Over at HearOIsrael we've got a bit of homophobia going on...

BEAJ said...

Gert, I have seen countless articles regarding the shame and humiliation the 6 day war has caused the Arab world.
When I say Arab world, I am talking about the Arab world that doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist, whoever that is.

Gert said...

Listen, all groups have their own nationalistic myths, of course. Israel isn't short of people that believe G-d (and not the IDF - lol) gave the Judea and Samaria to the Jews, either. The dream of a renewed Jewish empire (from the sea to the Litani and beyond) also lives on in the hearts and minds of the more moronic Ultra Nationalists. I find these people difficult to take serious, as I do Sentinel's wet dreams of a White Inge-land.

Did you get my facebook confirmation? Not sure how it works. Will see, I guess.

Patrick Grimm said...


You are quite gung-ho about Israel, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You would support the world's premier terrorist nation, a state that has even committed acts of terror against the United States. I can predict your knee-jerk answer to the USS Liberty attack, but you can't deny that Israel committed treachery against America in the Lavon Affair.

Your love of Israel shows what a bigot you are. It is ILLEGAL in Israel for a Jew to marry a non-Jew, and a Cohen can't even marry a Jewess if she has one drop of Gentile blood in her. Yet you want anti-miscegenation laws in this country and you are big on multiculturalism and diversity for Gentiles, aren't you? Jews like you need to take the hate out of your own hearts before you lecture anybody else.

You see, beaj, unlike you, I am capable of discussing issues. I haven't called you a "circus freak" or inbred. I haven't suggested that you are fornicating with your mother on a regular basis. It is you who are unwilling and not able to engage your critics. I have yet to see a post from you that does anything but lash out with third-grade insults. And then you wonder why people delete your comments and don't want perverse language littering their blogs.

You and I both know you don't have the balls or the guts to post this comment because you are scared to death of the truth. But I believe that deep down, you know that your anti-Zionist critics are correct. Otherwise, you would argue issues instead of throwing out playground insults. In fact, I dare you to begin an intelligent dialogue with me on the issues at hand. You aren't smart enough to, and the truth is not on your side. You know it and I know it, so let's just lay our cards on the table.

-Patrick Grimm

BEAJ said...

Grimm, you will notice that I won't delete your comments. I have nothing to hide, unlike you internet circus freaks.
You lie when you say you will discuss things since I have proof you deleted my comments quite a few times. But all of your ilk delete my comments.

USS Liberty, yeah knee have no concrete evidence that it was anything but an accident.
Lavon Affair.....50 years ago, regardless, every country is guilty of not being perfect and all have skeletons in the closet. You have to go back 50 years for dirt on Israel.
I support Israel because anti-semitism is alive. If Israel existed prior to the Holocaust, there would probably not have been a Holocaust.
I do not support everything about Israel. I think rules about not being to intermarry within the country are bullshit. But you are a hypocrite, because there isn't even a church in Saudi Arabia, yet almost every single post of yours attacks Joooos and Israel.
You deserve to be mocked and humiliated. Not to be taken serious because you are worthy of 3rd grade insults. You've earned them.
I have no problem posting your shit. I am not an internet circus freak like you, who deletes comments because they can't handle the truth. Keep it coming. You are my internet clown. Keep making me laugh you Joooo paranoid blamer and whiner.

BEAJ said...

One more thing Grimm, you have no idea about my stance about religion in Israel.
Here is a post I made recently to get you up to speed.
The thing is that Israel is very secular, but obviously not as secular as Canada. I won't even say the USA, since religion is such a big thing in the Presidential election and there is no way an atheist can be voted in as President in the US today. In Israel though, an atheist (of Jooooish ethnicity) can become leader.
Israel has gay parades, and I commend them for that. They have churches and mosques as well. How many churches in Saudi Arabia again?

Gert said...


You are a pompous, pretentious git and a Joooooooo obsessed hater without substance or real argument. Like your buddy Jayne Gardener, you should get a life and a hobby. In your case I'd suggest philately, that's about your level and won't get you into trouble.

"Zionist Warch: The Writings of Patrick Grimm": could you get and more pretentious? This blaghgh of yours, you're just making this stuff up as you go along, aren't you? You've found a new "ideology", anti-Zionism, it's got 5 adherents and one of them is David Duke.

You're an asshat supreme. All you deserve is scorn, ridicule, tar and feathers. Anyone wasting time on rebutting your arguments is indeed wasting their time: it's a bit like playing tennis with a very bad tennis player; annoyingly you never now how high the ball is going to go, where it will go and whether or not you'll have to march half a mile to retrieve it.

You're an arsehole, like few I've met before.

Patrick Grimm said...


Of course you can't refute my arguments and that is the very reason you won't even try. Like all the rest of the Zionists and their pliable philo-Semitic minions, you are incapable, utterly incapable, of rational discussion. I have never attacked you, yet you unleash a predictable and yawningly boring barrage of insults in my direction.

It doesn't phase me. I am correct in what I say about Jewish supremacists (and I don't include all Jews in this category) and their crimes against us. You can't refute one iota of the info on my blogspot.

And as for pretentious, if you don't like what you see on my blog, start your own and do some research yourself. You could try writing your own work, but your kind never do. You would rather try to tear down the endeavors of others more clever than yourself. If you were clever, you could at least insult me with some distinction and originality. But you can't. You are so reflexively perturbed by what you see that you won't even bother taking a few minutes and researching the facts of the matter. Very sad indeed.

By the way, what exactly are you so angry about? I am not angry, but you seem to be full of rage and hatred. Your ilk are the real haters in this world. You have nothing else on your side, certainly not the truth. Keep on talking and proving who and what you are. Insults are all you have.

-Patrick Grimm

BEAJ said...

Lets see the pathetic whining blaming Joooo paranoid bitchboy stops by here again. I bitch slapped him by refuting his ideas and preconceptions of me that he was so sure of and proceeded to ignore it but instead insult another commenter, Gert.
It is funny when he says Gert is full of insults, when he provided nothing but insults himself.

Grimm, you don't allow refuting on your blog. You delete comments. Or are you going to lie about it.
I have all my comments to you saved, so I know you can't handle the truth.

Your idea of Jooooish supremacists is laughable. You have nothing, you go back to 1904 quotes to try to prove your points. Why not go back to the bible....oh yeah, your ilk does that too.

Both Grimm and Sentinel know Gert is a Joooo. ROFLMAO. They sure as hell know a lot, don't they.

I'll refute you anytime on my blog, Grimm. I know you won't go for it, because it means you can't delete my refutations.

Grimm, there is a Jooooish boogeyman under your bed. Now go pump back to work and pump some gas.

Patrick Grimm said...


I never stated gert was a Jew. In fact, I know him to be a phony pseudo-Christian who has been Judaized to support the very people who hate his religion.

It's funny too that you talk about comments being deleted. You deleted a complimentary post I made last week praising you for the humor piece on Curt Maynard and Mark Glenn. I will give credit where credit is due.

If you are for the free flow of ideas, why do you monitor your comments? You do it because you delete some comments, don't you? I don't monitor my comments, but I will delete posts by you that are filthy and discuss incest and other sick insults you dish out. Anyone else would do the same.

I insult someone's ideas, and gert has yet to post anything but personal attacks. He has no ideas to speak of. You are much the same.

But I should know that I am wasting my time with the likes of you. You are incapable of understanding truth because there is no truth in you. There is nothing but lies, as you prove with the USS Liberty comment. If you call the strafing and napalming of a ship with a huge American flag on it "mistaken identity" then you are a bald-faced liar. That's all there is to it. And the fact is, you know you are lying. But I would expect nothing else from you.

-Patrick Grimm

BEAJ said...

Gert is an atheist or agnostic. Not a Christian. Ex-Christian perhaps.

I never deleted any of your comments here Grimm. That is a lie.

I only monitor comments because of one cyber stalker, who writes ridiculous inane bs over and over again. Other than that, I only delete spam messages.

You deleted posts that did not include sick insults. Would you like to see them? You are a liar and a fraud Grimm. Nobody is buying your bs here. But keep digging a hole for yourself.

You just insult and lie here Grimm. I haven't seen a fact yet. Only lies and insults.

There is absolutely no evidence that the USS Liberty was anything but an error. At worst it was a decision made by one or two people, and not the collective state of Israel. That is at absolute worst.

What happened most likely was confusion during war and miscommunication.

People of your ilk have to go back 40 or 50 years to find dirt on Joooos and Israel. That is all you got. The rest is bullshit based on the bibles, which is just laughable as Jesus never even existed, and Joooos are not taught world conquest from the Talmud.

You are a paranoid internet circus freak. Just my clown.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that with every post, beaj and gert just make our points for us.

You don't refute anything we say because you can't refute it. You know it and we know it.

To claim that the USS Liberty attack was an error is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in awhile. The testimony of each and every survivor of the Liberty will tell you that you are absolutely wrong and the fact that they were threatened with court martial if they ever told their stories publicly is definitely proof that the powers that be didn't want the truth coming out.

I don't even need to go back 40 years to point out Israeli false flag operations. Does 9/11 ring any bells, folks?

But I know I will get flamed for this post again because insults are all you people can handle intellectually. If you could refute our claims with hard evidence you would have done it by now. So continue in your intellectually lazy and completely predictable behaviour, I expect nothing less.

You have no debate and so you simply fall back to what you thinks will make us back off and that is insults and character assassination.

Hopefully the two of you will grow up eventually and learn how to have a rational adult discussion. I for one, won't be holding my breath.

Jayne Gardener

BEAJ said...

Israel admitted to screwing up in 1954.
There have been numerous inquests about the Liberty, and yet no proof that it was any sort of false flag operation. There was no reason for Israel to attack the motive. Without motive it was an accident or temporary insanity by one or two people who gave orders at absolute worst.

To imply that Israel was behind 9/11 makes you unworthy of the truth. It was done by Muslims and the brainchild of Al Qaeda. To believe Israel did it is insanity.

Yes, Israel intelligence warned Bush that an attack was going to happen. They did not know when. And they had agents in the US at the time who were questioned. Bottom line, is that like what happened to Pollard, if Israel was guilty, we would know.

You are not worthy of intellectual debate. You are a conspiracy imbecile who looks for ways to blame Joooos and Israel for you miserable life.

Jayne, you are an internet circus freak and a certifiable nutjob. Do you weigh more than a baby elephant? Just curious.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for making my point yet AGAIN.

It's pathetic that you people have nothing but insults and believe that they pass for intellectual discussion.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel, I tell ya.


BEAJ said...

Anyone ridiculous enough to think 9/11 was done by Israel doesn't have a point.

You are a joke. When you are a joke, expect honest people to point it out.

Anonymous said...

And you are naive if you believe Israel didn't at least know about 9/11 before it happened and didn't prevent it. It was Israel and Israeli interests within the US lobbying for the war with Iraq and they needed something to sell this war to the American people. And 9/11 "just happens" a few months after Bush takes office? How utterly convenient. I thought you were smarter than that.


BEAJ said...

You have no proof for your nonsense.
Israel is on the record for warning the US of something big to happen involving Al Qaeda.

They warned as late as August.
No wonder they had agents in the US, perhaps to try to stop it.

If Israel were to pick a country for the US to go to war against, it wouldn't have been Iraq.

Iraq is not about Israel, but about the US showing they are not all bark when it comes to fighting Islamic dictators. It was inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, of course Iraq is about Israel. Why do you think AIPAC and other Israeli lobbies as well as the mostly Jewish Zionist neo cons in the Bush administration were pushing so hard for this war? Iraq was funding Palestinian suicide bombers and Israel wanted it stopped. Now Iran is next and then most likely Syria. It isn't rocket science, folks.


BEAJ said...

Yeah Jayne, lobby groups exist. Insurance lobbies, oil lobbies, tobacco lobbies, Saudi lobbies, Arab lobbies, Aipac, etc.

You are deluding yourself if you think the US went to war for Israel because of Saddam's funding of terrorists. That is a good one.

The thing is, that Israel represents Western values for the most part, and usually what Israel wants, is what most people in the West want. Except for loons like you with your pedophile leaders like Strom.

I guess America entered WW2 for Israel and the Joooos too. LMAO

Oh wait, you probably believe that.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. You might try reading history sometime. Fascinating stuff. And the bonus is, you wouldn't remain so pathetically ignorant.


BEAJ said...

Thanks for proving my point. You are an internet circus freak.

Anonymous said...

And thanks for once again proving my point. You can't debate like an adult because you are ill educated and misinformed. Sad that you can't put up a coherent argument but I'm not in the least surprised. Jews supposedly have the highest IQs among us. What happened in your case?


BEAJ said...

Debate? I don't debate nonsense. I don't debate some as ridiculous as you. It is like debating someone who says the earth is flat and the sun revolves it.

Lets debate facts, like the fact that one of your leaders, internet circus freak, Kevin Strom, is going on trial for kiddie porn. The Joooos must have planted it in his computer.

Anonymous said...

One of my leaders? Hardly. I have no affiliation with his organization and I never had. Delusional much?

As for debating the issues, if you could, you would have by now instead of relying on your sophomoric insults.

I should have known better than to try and have a rational conversation with someone incapable of rationality. Mea culpa.


BEAJ said...

Of course you are now distancing yourself from him. But he does share most of your views about Joooos, blacks, and gays.

You have not even given me anything to debate. Just unsubstantiated conspiracy theory bs.

Like I said, it is like debating the sun revolves around the earth. Why bother?

Anonymous said...

Because you're afraid to, that's why. You know we're right but you have too much pride to admit it. If we are so wrong you would be able to prove it but you refuse to do it claiming it's a waste of time. But posting "you're a retard" is a valuable use of time? Give me a break and either put up or shut up.


BEAJ said...

You are as right as those who know that they right that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth.
You take everything major that happens in the world and instead of looking for the truth, you look for the flimsiest ties to blame the Joooos for it, on no evidence whatsoever.

You are an internet circus freak. You've said nothing here that you can Nothing worthy of debate. And your comments back to me show sign of an immature 12 year substance whatsoever.

Honestly, I see your posts and I see someone who is mentally ill.

Gert said...


Listen, you stupid reptile, I'm an atheist, not even a lapsed X-tian.

Looks like I missed most of the fun here...


Your arguments are so ridiculous, so bigoted and so risible they doesn't really bear thinking about, never mind refuting. I don't sit down and argue with flat-Earthers either... That's about your level. You are a sanctimonious, pretentious nincompoop non-event of a human being and a liar to boot. I know what comments BEAJ made over at yours and there was nothing obscene about them. YOU ARE A LYING TOERAG.

You belong to that subcategory of Homo Sapiens, i.e. Homo Nonsensiens...

Anonymous said...

Wow, gert, you make my point for me even better than beaj. If you could refute me you would have by now instead of engaging in your non stop blustering and insults. But I expect nothing less from your ilk. Insults are your stock in trade simply because you lack the intellectual capacity to think outside the box.

Hugs to you too,

Gert said...


Like so many in your camp you're a self-aggrandizing cunt, Joooooo obsessed, a Holocaust minimizer, homophobe and racist to boot.

But you are the defender of the West's "traditional family values"? Not on my watch, baby, I'd have you for breakfast any day, darling...

Now crawl back under that rock that you came from. You have quite a nerve commenting here on a blog whose comments over at yours you mercilessly delete. You were blatantly lying about the nature of BEAJs comments: I saw them.

You're a hypocritical scumbag. There's nothing righteous about you. You're a lying, slandering idiot, pompous and full of pseudo-factoids. I pity your children to have a pathological mother like you. Now piss off...

Anonymous said...

gert, sweetie. Thank you once again for proving which side all the hate is coming from. You are the perfect example of the liberal loonies who don't have a clue what's going on in the world but want to denigrate and insult anyone who points out the truth to them. Don't worry about my kids, they're amazing human beings and productive citizens who can think for themselves unlike you, who just accept what the liberal media feeds you and never learns to think for yourself. My work is done here. I've proven you and beaj to be the ones with no knowledge, no human decency and no respect for those who don't think exactly like you. Hate away, boys. It will eventually eat you up.


BEAJ said...

Jayne, I just showed your comments on this thread to my right wing Aryan wife, and she says the only thing you proved is that you lied about the nature of the comments that you deleted on your blog, and that you are a Joooo paranoid lunatic.
She said she wouldn't be surprised if you are getting internet access from a lunatics asylum, and that you must be a very lonely woman who is crying out for help.

I must admit, I agree with most of it.